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Dream About 22 Twenty Two meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Did Adam or Eve knew what spiritual death meant when God told them not to eat the fruit?

Basically they understand spirits and heaven and hell if they know what spiritual death means. This means they are pretty smart and probably already knew what good and evil means because one who knows what a spiritual death means they are indeed pretty smart.

The thing is many modern day humans do not understand what spiritual death means. Adam and eve knew so they are smarter than modern day humans?

They deliberately chosen to eat the fruit of mortality. They wanted to die young and does not want eternity.

Sounds like very smart human beings to me. They made the right choices. They don't want to live with a God or creator for eternity. Sound pretty smart beings if you ask me. Who would want to live with God if they can chose to die after 800 Years of live. Living eternity sounds kind of boring.

Yes, definitely. Adam and Eve knew what God meant when He said they will "positively die” if they choose to seek independence from God by taking what was not rightfully theirs. That is, the right to determine what is “good and bad”. Becoming “like God” (Genesis 2:16-17; 3:5)

They were perfect then which means that they could use the full capacity of their brain. They were definitely “smarter” compared to modern day humans who neuroscientists say use only about 1/10,000 or just a small part of their potential brain power.

Did they WANT TO DIE YOUNG so they rejected God’s offer of eternal life by deliberately disobeying?

A doctor wrote in a German journal: “The dream of everlasting life is probably as old as mankind.”

Describing the beliefs of certain ancient Europeans, The New Encyclopædia Britannica states: “Worthy people will live forever in a shining hall thatched with gold.”

And notice please how great the lengths people have gone to satisfy that basic desire for everlasting life.

The Encyclopedia Americana observes that in China over 2,000 years ago, “emperors and [common] folk alike, under the leadership of Taoist priests, neglected labor to search for the elixir of life”.

Indeed, the desire to live, even forever, is innate in all of us! (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

But would living forever be boring?

Astronomer Carl Sagan said that the human brain can hold information that “would fill some twenty million volumes, as many as in the world’s largest libraries.”

Author George Leonard went further, exclaiming: “Perhaps, in fact, we can now propose an incredible hypothesis: The ultimate creative capacity of the brain may be, for all practical purposes, INFINITE.”

Would it be reasonable to believe that having such an “infinitely” creative brain will lead to a boring life?

Our present life span allows us barely to scratch the surface of what we are designed to do.

Imagine what we could learn and do if we could travel at leisure, take an eternity to study subjects that interest us, and develop talents or skills of our choice. What potential for human enrichment might lie untapped in each of us?

Moreover, if you had unlimited time and assets with which to develop your capabilities, could you avoid getting bored?

Yes, by appreciating the Bible’s message that self-gratification and living without a noble purpose quickly gets wearisome!
(Ecclesiastes 2:11)

The Bible’s advice? “Remember, now, your Grand Creator. Otherwise, the days will inevitably come when you will say: “I have no delight in them.”

Similarly, Jesus said: “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.”—Ecclesiastes 12:1, 13; Acts 20:35.

Thus, Jesus reasoned that life has two great priorities, first to “love Jehovah your God” and second to love “your neighbor as yourself.”
This agrees with everything we know about the interdependence of animal and plant life. Since all these lower life-forms are made to depend so much on one another, does it not make sense that we humans with our vast potential are made to cooperate with one another and serve the very Source of life, Jehovah?—Matthew 22:37-39; Psalm 36:9.

Endless loving accomplishments—bonding our relationship with people and with God—will keep our lives meaningful forever. This happy giving is the key to a satisfying life now and in the coming “new earth.”—Isaiah 65:17, 18.

Example: What's the significance of the number $21,500 in a dream (or variations)?

Or just 21 or 43? I dreamt twice last night that I won $21,500 jackpots on some quarter game. Maybe it was $22,500.

Example: I had a dream and woke up at 2:22 and then again at 3:33, what could this mean?

I happened two nights in a row. Is there any significance of these numbers?

Example: What do i do? I need help with a friendemy situation! What does the dream mean?

Okay so about a year ago, my older brothers best friends wife helped me with science. she helped me and then when she drove me home, she drove all around the town just so we could talk. she gave me advice on guys and school and it really helped. i confided in her. when she dropped me off back at my house, she promised me that we would hang out again and she would help me with makeup and stuff.
a week or two later, i texted her and thanked her for the help and advice. then she replied saying " why are you taking to me! i dont even know you! dont talk to me ever again!" ** and plus she is 22 and im 17. ** so you'd think she'd be mature enough not to do that.
so i didnt reply, but now i work at where she does. she has a higher up job then mine but i still see her and its really awkward.

she has no idea that i am mad at her for breaking her promise and completly forgetting about how she helped me out with everything. maybe you'll say she was just busy, but wouldnt she just mention it once? well she hasnt.

that night she felt like a big sis to me.

------- so i had a dream last night - she texted me saying " so hey wanna hang?" and it had been so long since we had last hung out and im wondering what that means ( the dream ).


i was thinking i could write her a letter and explain everything. but when would i give it to her?

Example: What is the true meaning of life? I mean the survival as a 22yo fresh grad with a diploma with an unstable gf?

Example: Can I become more flexible so I can learn Wushu Kung Fu?

I'm twenty two and I want to learn Wushu Kungfu. I don't want to be a professional at it or anything but I would like to get to a good level. It's my dream to learn and I also want to get fit and be healthy. I just want to know if twenty two is too old to be getting into martial arts and if it's possible to become more flexible at this age. My assumptions are that when you're a kid your still growing and can train your body to be flexible but when you an adult your bones "set" and you can't ever become more flexible than you are. But I think of people who take up yoga and they seem to become more flexible so I'm wondering what's true or not. Do I have even a moderate chance of being good at Wushu?

Right now my flexibility level is touching my toes with no bent knees but not much than that.

Example: Is this something my boyfriend should leave me for?

In marriage counseling, me and my boyfriend are supposed to discuss our views on money and religion and children and all that. Well, we're doing fine except for the children part. He wants to have them right away. He'd have them about a year ago if it was up to him...but I'm barely 22 and I'm in no hurry at all to have kids. We've gone over all the reasons we could think of as to why he does want them and why I don't want them in order to see if anything came in handy as for finding a compromise, but I just can't see myself having a kid in the near future. I mean, if it was an accident or something I would keep it, but I'm not about to try for a baby...

I feel like this is unfair to my boyfriend. Most of my girlfriends have at least one baby by now, so it seems like there are tons of girls out there that are willing to give him the baby he wants, so should he have to stay with me even though I'd rather be childless, or is it something that we could maybe get over later in life or what?

We're going to another meeting again next week, but I was hoping I could get some ideas from you first, please. Thanks!

Example: Am i falling for my boyfriends brother?

I have been with my boyfriend for two years now.We live together and everything.I love his family to death. I don’t know wat I would do with out him or his family.
I went to middle school with his brother who is more my age.I am 17 and he is 18 my bf is 22.His brother has a gf that I adore, she is so sweet,I would never want to hurt her.Now I didn’t have a crush on my bfs brother back then, but now, I find myself counting the days til me and my bf hang out with him.I have dreams that we kiss, and I can literally feel butterflies in my stomach.I have never cheated or intend to.When we all hang out I feel weird and shy around him.but I hide it.I went to the store with him so he can go shopping for his gfs bday.I had fun, nothing sexual happened but I had fun drivin with him and listening to music with him.We have gotten a lil overly flirty with eachother when he drink but my bf is always there.I don’t know but when I am with him he makes me feel more feminine, beautiful and alive.

Example: Is my novel good so far?

Here it is:

Chapter One:
In my dream, I am flying.
I am soaring high up, the sky going by as a big blue blur, a woosh! ringing in my ears. I don’t have wings, but I feel just like a bird, free to go wherever I like. I spread my arms wide, enjoying the feel of the wind beating against them. A laugh escapes my lips and I feel all happy and bubbly inside, like I had just downed a soda with Mentos .I point my toes like a ballerina and love the feeling of weightlessness that has overcome my body.
Nothing can go wrong. Those four words run through my mind at that moment. I’m content just floating up here. I don’t care if anyone misses me. I’ll be safe up here, living in perfect harmony with the birds. The sky can fold me up in its enveloping shelter, wrapping me up every night, and rolling me out every morning for a brand new day of flying. I can watch the sunset every day, I’ll wave to every passing plane, and I can dive-bomb hot air balloons. Perfect.
Then, it all stops.
A darkness spreads over everything, covering it in a blanket of black. The sky fades from its bright color, the clouds seem to evaporate, and everything seems empty. The smile fades from my lips and a cool breeze seems to drift by, raising goosebumps on my arms. Confused by this sudden change, I keep flying, struggling to find some explanation. I seem heavier, like I’m laden down with weights.
That’s when I start falling.
Whatever was keeping me up subsides and I collapse, falling down towards more darkness. I want to scream, to wave my arms and hope I will miraculously fly, to do something other than fall. But I am helpless. I close my eyes and wait for that moment when I hit the ground. I open my eyes to see the see a solid-looking darkness about three inches away from my face and I have time to wonder whether the death will be instance and painless.
Then, I stop.
My eyes snap open just before I hit the ground and flatten into a pancake. I cry out and, for a second, I believe I’m still in that dream. When I take in the familiar cream-colored ceiling, I sigh with relief. A dream. It was just a dream. I’m not going to die. But, I should be used to it now. I’ve been having that same nightmare for about a year now. And I always woke up at that part. I wonder what’ll happen after.
I groan and turn around in bed, looking at the alarm clock on my night-table. The green numbers blink back at me: 7:21 A.M. I have exactly nine minutes ̶ no, it just turned 7:22 A.M. Eight minutes ̶ to get ready until Morgan comes to pick me up for school.
“****!” I curse at myself for being so careless and scramble out of bed, abandoning the warmth of my blankets. As I scroll through my closet for something suitable to wear, I try to think of a good excuse for being late. I had a bad dream in which I almost died and I was so traumatized, I had to spend another twenty eight minutes in bed recuperating. My cat ate my homework so we took her to the vet to get it surgically removed because you know how much decimal quotients mean to me. I didn’t feel like it.
Sighing, I pull on the T-shirt and jeans I’ve chosen. Plain, but comfortable. Morgan’s going to have a heart attack. I can almost hear her yelling at me about looking cuter. And then I’ll just have to nod and go, “Okay,” like I actually care.
I shake these negative thoughts out of my head and scrape my hair back into a ponytail. I’ll have to tell Lilly I only want a muffin for breakfast. Of course, the whole you-have-to-eat-more-or-you’ll-become-a-... lecture will probably take up another three minutes of my time. I’m no math genius, but I predict that I will probably get to school at...8:06 A.M. I bite my lip, hating whoever decided to give me Mrs. Thompson as my homeroom teacher. She gets all torqued if you’re even two seconds late.

Please give feedback! Thanks! :)

Example: Name of song?

No, it's not This one's for the girls. I think it came out before that, but it isnt an old song. She has a voice tike martina, it may even be her, but it goes through the ages of girls, like the seven year old just cries and the fourteen year old ..., i just am not sure if thats exactly correct, and thats about all i remember.

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