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Dream About 42 Forty Two meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: 2 Part Letter my friend sent me of a letter that a dying dad wrote to his son and baseball?

Son, my beautiful Son,
I never thought a day would come I would be writing you this.
There were two things I wished for in life,
I’ll start with you, my first wish that came true.
Everyday I dreamt that one day I will raise a Son,
A Son that will be strong and loyal, compassionate and loved
Well the time has come but I won’t be along.
I received the news today I won’t be here for long.
Too hear your footsteps and to sing you a song.

My life has run short for the sickness I have.
I’ll never carry you in my arms or hear your beautiful laugh
I will be in heaven looking down on you and mom
Pacing in heaven until the day that you come
I leave this Earth with a wish that was never complete
To hear the roar of a Cubs World Series sweep
I just leave you one demand to prevent the pain that I had
Don’t ever be--a loyal Cub fan
Forty-two years I waited to cheer
Losing and losing year after year
I don’t want you to endure the pain and the frustration
Of joining the love.

Dude, I'm 42 and had to cheat death several times to keep my son safe under my wings. I've had 2 open hearts, 9 stents and a defibrillator/pacemaker placed under my left collarbone to keep my heart pumping and to shock me back alive if it ever stopped. My son turns 7 in December and I've been fighting for 10 years now, which means I have scars older than he is! I fought through 15 heart attacks before my first bypass because the doctors said I was too young to be having the episodes I "claimed" to be having. But they were real. I survived for a child that hadn't been born yet - to a mother I hadn't met yet.

I grew up in a town that was split between the Cubs and Cardinals. If not but for the Grace of God and a loving family, I could have very well slipped into the blue coma you wrote about. Instead, I followed the path of goodness and righteousness. I prayed at the alter of Stan Musial outside Busch II. I was saved by the Holy voice of Jack Buck!

If your letter was meant to be inspiring, I apologize.
If your letter was meant to be a joke, I'm not amused.

Example: What does the number 42 mean?

My daughter had a dream and she is wondering about the number

Example: What is the meaning of life?

Lol OK OK I guess no one wants to think outside the box. all im gettin is god this, jesus that... bla bla bla. Hokey pokey! u know why i like that? cuz its funny. and it has multiple meanings. and is a deeper thought in its self. BAM! funny guy is gonna get this one lol. its ok to b serrious and all. but lets take god and jesus and the devil out of it for once.

Example: So I want to publish a book when I'm done writing it.?

I need a publisher for one
and two I need a professional editor that's free
I'm only 15!
anyway...I really really really want to publish a book
and I want to be a writer
but I don't want people thinking I'm retarded because I can't write
which I can but I put sentences how I would say them.
Also, I use Microsoft Word to help me on misspellings and what not.
My dream is to at least have one book published
I just don't want them to turn my book down. I also need a publisher that does it online because I'm only on chapter 7 and there are 42 pages! that's a lot of computer paper wasted.
My friends that reads my story's say it's really good
but I think some paragraphs could need some editing but I know my whole plot and what not and I do not want to ending to be changed at all! I love the ending I just need to write the story first
Also, I think at times I go off subject because like I get distracted easily and I forget what I write some times and I get writer's block also.

Example: Why was Matthew 1:17 written?

What does "So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations." mean?

Does it mean that there were 14 + 14 +14 generations from the birth of Abraham until the birth of Jesus.

What does 14 + 14 +14 equal ? Does it equal 42?
So would 42 generations be the same as 14+14+14 generations or would 42 generation be the same as "Forty and Two months" ?

Are the 14+14+14=42 found in Matthew 1:17 speaking of the same time and event spoken of in Revelation chapter 13.

It this is TRUE than Revelation Chapter 13 TOOK PLACE BETWEEN THE BIRTH OF ABRAHAM AND THE BIRTH OF JESUS, and Revelation chapters 14 and 15 should be about the time Jesus walked the earth or ascended back to heaven.

What if there was one chapter that was out of place like let say Revelation chapter 20, what if Revelation chapter 20 was supposed to be right after Revelation chapter 13 and before chapter 14.

Revelation chapter 20 is about the time Jesus walked the earth. This new line up would make Revelation chapter 16 next and is speaking about the 6th earth age (6th seal)..

Example: Is anyone in the same boat as me here **frustrating job search** GRRRR!?

hard to keep a job because they suck. hard to get a job because your expereince is minimal and how are you supposed to gain if no one gives u a chance?
struggling through college in the mean time.
ok, tell me that i am not the only (fairly [i'm 24]) young person going thru this?
i guess now a days, getting a job is more-over who you know, but what if you really don't know anyone to help you get anywhere?
and since when are retail jobs soooooo hard to get into?
when i graduated high school, you filled out a PAPER application and were hired the next day, now everyone has to go online to fill out an hour application which just wastes your time.. grrrr *frustration**

wut is up with society and the economy today? y is it so hard for some of us to get thru what our parents have successfully gone thru? at my age my parents had jobs i could only dream of. it's no wonder they call this generation - 'generation x' and it sux ***.
ok i realesed my aggrevation LOL...

Example: Why is Qur'an 57:3 & Rev.22:13 speak of Alph & Omega first & last the same ? who is this speaking of ?

The first of these Two Books given by the SAME angel was the FIRST that fell from G-D Most High grace and will be the LAST for he shall PERISH.

This spirit is the PRINCE that came with first MAN the sons of G-D.

Psalm 82:6 I have said , Ye are gods; and all of you are children of The Most High. 7 But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the PRINCES.

In the earth is the PHYSICAL WORLD, flesh. These MAN and PRINCES came to earth in the spirit body. First MAN entered the VESSELS of flesh of male & female they left their spiritual DNA and in you all have it. Now the PRINCE also entered the VESSELS of flesh f male & female and left their spiritual DNA and it is NOT in the mankind of earth.

They were the children of Cain that were removed from the FACE OF THE EARTH Gen.4:14. they have grown under their fathers a mighty nation a ancient nation cruel nation that can RE-TURN FROM THEIR CAPTIVITY off this earth. Jeremiah 5:15-17 and Jer.6:22-23 and Jer.50:41-42 and Isaiah 18:3 down read.

Out of all seeds G-D has redeemed them He in His great mercy passed over all pieces and put down HIS SPIRITUAL DNA in them Gen.15:17-18. Jeremiah 31:27 the House of G-D is in TWO pieces and only HIS SPIRIT will WEAVE it together ONE CURTAIN that hangs in the UNIVERSES HIS HOUSE that HE looks out . Jeremiah 32:27 all flesh is HIS alone.

The children of PRINCES war on the children of MAN for the WHO G-D will chose. Psalm 82:8 Arise, O G-D, JUDGE the earth: for Thou shalt INHERIT all NATIONS.

There are TWO children being BEGOTTEN Psalm 144:11 and Hosea 5:7 and Jer.1:5 to 10

Sons of men having ONE breath due to PRINCES not letting them KNOW about the LAW of G-D over their lives by making RELIGIONS in the earth Hosea 4:6

And SEEDS sow in HIS HOUSE He planted and set aside for HIMSELF to grow back STRONG the BRANCH of RIGHTEOUSNESS. Ps.80:1 and Jer.1:5-10 they rise up in the MIDST of you all Micah 5:7-8.

WHY to uncover in the earth the lies and deceits of many generations...MANY ...are given HIS SPIRIT to grow back and seek out G-D who is TRUTH. TRUTH will set you all free. Isaiah 30:1 they have covered the earth in lies and deceits to DESTROY you all. Isaiah 28:15. They hate you and do not want the FOUNDATIONS of this earth BACK on COURSE. Ps.82:5 and Ps.18:15 to 20 note verse 17 they hate you.

They hunt you down: Ezekiel 13:20-21-22-23 and keep you enslaved to them Isa.36:6 the MARK they spiritual leave in you MAKING you grow and remain like BEAST Ecc.3:18-19 & Hosea 4:6 having one breath. YOu in this earth are YOKED to them, they bring all your hearts desires in this earth to KEEP your hearts from the DESIRE of G-D in your life. Jeremiah 51:21-22-23 they war on G-D and HIS anointed in the earth. The righteous branch will RISE UP in a GENERATION G-D has chose this DAY and this TIME Jer.33:15 is what once was PLANTED to GROW back Ps.80:15.

They are the SEEDS from the FIRST MAN and will grow back Ecc.1:9 under the shadow of the Almighty Ps.91:1 a new thing a new creation, a WOMAN is in the INWARD PARTS Ps.51:6 & Jer.31:33 & Prov.20:27 of male and female the LAST WOMAN .

Only G-D HIMSELF is the BEGINNING and THERE IS NO END ...His people will walk with HIM forever Micah 4:5

PROVE ALL THINGS ! Let us come together and THINK they are real and have covered our world and do you want them to RULE over you again ? read Jeremiah 33:25-26

In reading Jer.33:25 note: the TWO__if___if__you do not put on the GARMENT OF LIGHT and grow in the APPOINTED day THIS DAY is the EIGHT day the LORD made after you labor SEVEN you spiritual walk in it with HIM Deut.29:13-14 note THIS DAY G-D embraced you all in HIS mind & heart verse 15.

Now note: Jacob & David G-D'S servant in Jer.33:26 this is THE RIGHTEOUS BRANCH of HOPE your free-will chooses your LIFE or DEATH in this world. Deut.30:15-16-19-20

Will you PERISH with them ? Micah 4:5 THINK who is the LAST.

Example: Pisces man's decision -did he change it?

I am sorry for this long question and all the charts.
Those of you who don't believe in astrology or women around forty having feelings or sex, please, refrain from responding. I will appreciate it.

I have been dating a Pisces man, we're both 38 and divorced with kids. After two weeks he retreated, as Pisces often do, and then came back after another two weeks. We apologised to each other (I was pushing too hard in order for him to communicate with me at first, so I felt it was my fault too).
He explained to me all his life situation, how often he could see me, asked if it was ok by me (it was). In the next days he was the best. He said he was in 100%, commited, that he's made up his mind about me, that we have a future together, that his heart was mine. He said nothing I would do could change his mind and all I had to do was be totally myself (whch I was). He claimed that kind of situation (retreat) would never happen again and that I should trust him (he never explained what happened the first time around and I didn't want to push him for an answer, but he said it had nothing to do with me, and that he would explain one day when he was ready).

He called me many times a day, sent texts, planned long weekend with all our kids, organised me being informed in case anything happened to him (we don't have friends in common yet). We cuddled a lot, kissed, had great passionate sex, laughed and joked a lot. He was great with my daugther, really likd her and played with her a lot.

Things moved incredibly fast and we both aknowledged it, but decided to go with the flow of feelings. We live at this moment 500kms away, as he moved for work recently, so we could see each other only once a week. After a short time of this fairy tale relationship, when he left again for the week, I got one message a day for the first two days, the second one explaining why he couldn't answer my call or text. And that was it.
I sent him like one msg a day, never pushing, only wishing him a good day, or hoping the job is not too tiring, one time asking him to maybe find a compromise between his need of personal space, which I understand and accept and my need of a mental hug on a bad day.
It has been going on for five days, three days complete silence.
So my question is: is he gone forever this time?
Is he regrouping?
Has the situation become too much for him, and my feelings (or his too strong)?
Or was he just playing me to get laid?
And the main question: if he was legit in his "commitment" (if you can commit after such a short time) then is it possible he changed his mind again as a Pisces?

Useful data:
Sun Taurus 28.59 Ascendant Libra 20.32
Moon Virgo 28.08 II Scorpio 16.40
Mercury Gemini 20.24 III Sagittarius 19.22
Venus Cancer 12.02 IV Capricorn 27.27
Mars Pisces 29.28 R V Pisces 2.14
Jupiter Aries 14.30 VI Pisces 29.37
Saturn Cancer 15.45 VII Aries 20.32
Uranus Libra 29.15 R VIII Taurus 16.40
Neptune Sagittarius 10.45 R IX Gemini 19.22
Pluto Libra 6.42 R Midheaven Cancer 27.27
Lilith Pisces 11.38 XI Virgo 2.14
Asc node Sagittarius 1.01 XII Virgo 29.37

(sorry for how I put it together, I tried to copy a table)

Sun Trine Moon 0.51 170
Sun Sextile Mars 0.29 281
Sun Trine Pluto 7.43 4
Sun Sextile Midheaven 1.31 124
Moon Opposition Mars 1.20 -256
Moon Conjunction Pluto 8.34 57
Moon Sextile Midheaven 0.41 149
Mercury Trine Ascendant 0.09 118
Venus Square Jupiter 2.28 -71
Venus Conjunction Saturn 3.43 194
Venus Square Pluto 5.20 -9
Mars Opposition Pluto 7.14 -27
Mars Trine Midheaven 2.01 45
Jupiter Square Saturn 1.14 -50
Jupiter Trine Neptune 3.46 37
Jupiter Opposition Pluto 7.48 -16
Jupiter Opposition Ascendant 6.02 -33
Saturn Square Ascendant 4.48 -6
Uranus Conjunction Ascendant 8.43 15
Uranus Square Midheaven 1.48 -21
1194 -489 705

Chiron Aries 25.59
Ceres Taurus 6.32
Pallas Pisces 26.40
Juno Gemini 10.26
Vesta Pisces 18.33
Fortune Aries 0.00
South node Aries 0.00

Sun Pisces 16.15
Moon Capricorn 15.55
Mercury Aquarius 19.02
Venus Aries 14.49
Mars Aquarius 3.11
Jupiter Pisces 27.18
Saturn Cancer 11.59 R
Uranus Scorpio 2.05 R
Neptune Sagittarius 11.47
Pluto Libra 8.30 R
Lilith Pisces 3.22
Asc node Sagittarius 4.38

Sun Sextile Moon 0.20 244
Sun Trine Saturn 4.16 46
Sun Square Neptune 4.28 -31
Moon Square Venus 1.05 -64
Moon Opposition Saturn 3.56 -72
Venus Square Saturn 2.51 -28
Venus Trine Neptune 3.02 39
Venus Opposition Pluto 6.20 -33
Mars Square Uranus 1.06 -73
Mars Trine Pluto 5.19 24
Saturn Square Pluto 3.29 -15
Neptune Sextile Pluto 3.17 11
364 -316 48

Chiron Aries 21.45
Ceres Aries 7.09
Pallas Pisces 4.44
Juno Aries 27.09
Vesta Aquarius 15.02
Fortune Aries 0.00
South node Aries 0.00

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