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Dream About 55 meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my Dream Mean?

K , Yes I do like him, and he is like my best gguy friend. I told him afew days ago i liked him, and last night I had a dream about him...Could someone explain to me what it means...(this is all i remember)

We were at the movies, and watching some movie?(couldn't tell you what it was) and i cuddled up to him [ looked him in the eyes and smiled and put my head on his shoulder] and out of no where... He just kissed me and then ...WOW.!.
55 minutes ago

Kissing = The dream tends to symbolise a desire for intimacy, whether erotic or domestic in nature. More symbolically it can also be a sign that you have accepted or come to terms with something or somebody. For example, if you are kissing a friend goodbye, it could be a sign that you have accepted the need to change something, or to move on to another stage of your journey.

Hope this helps!

Example: I had A dream. What does it mean?

I'm not sure if I believe in the meaning of dreams, but i would be interested in knowing you opinion even if your not an expert.

- I was in school, throughout my day i would see this man. He was around his 50's, like 55. White Caucasian, and with short grey/white hair. He was dressed like an ordinary civilian, grey polo shirt and khaki long trousers.
But when he was walking around i got a sense of a very high status. Although he was important for whatever reason, he he was dressed so ordinarily.

Any ways. When I was seeing him through my day he would be talking quietly to important staff member like the head of years, ect.. Every time he would be in a one to one conversation with someone he would at the same time giving them a small pile of notes of money. He would give it humbly, but no one else seemed interested because it seemed ordinary.

Being curious, at the end I decided I wanted to know who he was. I asked him for his name and occupation.
He didn't answer me, but al he did was pull out his wallet. I thought he was going to give me money ( I wasn't happy about that) I just Wanted to know who he was. He pulled out his wallet, and where his identity card should have been, was a picture of me.

It was a picture of me in the future. And In white capital letters my name was written
'R O C K Y' he then walked away.

And that was the dream. I would really appreciate you feedback guys.

(You might be able to guess why i put this question in this category)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was falling and I knew if I hit the ground I was dead. I hit the ground and next thing I was spiraling upwoods towards this bright light. On the way up I saw images of my whole life (55 y) right back to my children and to when I was born. While this was happening I felt hands trying to pull me back down. Next thingI woke up from my dream but I felt paralised then I dreamt again of telling my sister what happened whilst I was driving then we had a crash and I woke up. This would have to be the wierdest dream I have ever had. Can you tell me what this means please?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok, It's 7:55 am and I just woke up. I just dreamed that my dad's family visited my house because it was Halloween, and before they left, they were taking showers and stuff and then my cousin turned on the tv and I know this is weird but the tv show was something similar to Twilight, and Bella liked Edward, but Edward didn't like Bella. He was just thirsty for her blood. Soon, Edward put Bella on the ground full of weeds and that's when I was Bella. I felt my ankle like being tickled by something (and I felt like Edward was somehow drawing on me to drink my blood). What does this dream mean?

Example: Sex dreams.?! What the hell does it mean.?!?

Okay so i once had this dream where i just woke up and i was in my bra blank tank top thong and cheerleading shorts and i went down stair into the living room and here was a really hott dude on the couch( he looked like he was 55-60) and he told me o sit in his lap, so i did. And he took off the tank top and the short and started to Play with my boob and rub my pussy. I turned around and took orr the thong and bra and put his penis in my pussy. And me made out. And i did hip rotation while the Penis was inside of me. What does this mean?

I also had this other dream that when i saw my male social studies teacher(age38) i ran rown the hall in short ahorts and a tee shirt and jumped on him and kissed him and then did standing 69 then he held me while i put his penis inside of me to ***. What does this all mean? Btw im 13 and im and girl and im in the seventh gradee. Please help me! And i know i posted this like 2O mins ago i just want answerss!

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

From time to time, I will dream that I am taking a final examination for a university class. The only problem: I never attended classes during the term and I did not study. As I am taking the test, I wake up. Any thoughts on what this means?

By the way, I am currently 55-years old, and I am a practicing lawyer.

Example: What do my dreams mean ?

I've been having different dreams about dating different guys.
One was about my best friends ex who got me pregnant.
Another was the best friend of the guy who got me pregnant in the last dream.
And the last one was this guy i've never seen or met. He was tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, and was apparently my boyfriend. I'm so confused. I went to his house and met his drug addict parents ? And I guess I was the first girlfriend he has ever brought home. Help.
This guy is stuck in my head and I want to know why.

Example: ((Okay weird)) what does my dream mean?

Okay so I was standing outside my house with my friend and we saw a light that looked somewhat like a lazerpointer thingy in the sky, it grew and it began to go back and forth through the sky. Soon it became a line and was twisting in the sky, then it became like an atom design and still was going back and forth through the sky. It appeared to be late at night. So my friend went to her house and got her camera, by that time the atom like thing in the sky was huge and rainbowy. Like it was a huge atomy-rainbowy-satilite. So we took pictures and it kept evading the picture because it was moving faster than when it was an atom. So I took the camera and took an off center pic of it. After we took pictures my friend had to leave, so I still looked at the sky, the big rainbowy atom stopped and morphed into a tiger... then it split in half making a lizard... then they both turned into fish. ((This reminded me of an expierence when I was on my boat and we saw numbers in the sky drawn out and then was so a huge flounder... no I wasnyt high... I was 5 and my parents remember it too.)) (in my dream->)So after that I ran inside to see my dad sitting on our staircase in disbelief and angered at me. I showed him the pic and he didnt believe me. Then he yelled at me. I showed my mom and she didnt believe me. I showed my sister and she didnt believe me at first, but then I showed her the real thing... and she did... then I showed my mom and she told me it was an ad for a new band...sorry this is so long but I have more parts to my dream.

My 2nd part of my dream was when I owned a store. I owned a store in my basement and I had a lot of ppl I knew in it. I was talking to a boy I liked and all of a sudden my face started peeling off... like layers and layers peeled off. Then I went in my backyard, the thing in the sky was still there, bigger than ever and it was still late, I looked at my watch 12:55 pm... not am... pm... so I was confused at how it could be noon and its so dark. There was a rollercoaster and it was made out of wood, my bestfriend took me back to my shop and showed the paintings she made of her friends, she made a cartoon of me. It was tim burton style, I was fat, and had stringy hair. I dont remember the cartoon but I remember it was hurtfull, I looked at everyone else pictures and they looked beautiful. After that I remember getting a brand new car for no reason... and it was on my stoop for some reason. Then I took it driving, it was midnight and bright outside. all the houses on my street were covered in toys and the band's name that my mom told me about, finally I looked up at the sky and saw the atomy-thing and it exploded... then I woke up.

Example: What does the number 5540 mean in a dream?

I had the strangest dream. I dream of this number in amount of money or, least I think. Also, in the dream the person bought me and my husband a house. Anyone have any clues to what this means?

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

Okay so I have a dad who lives in Peru (I'm peruvian) and calls about every few months. When we talk we don't talk about much stuff and I've always had a fear of not being able to see him if something bad happens to him. A while ago I had a dream that my dad died at the age of 55 and I kept crying and crying because I didn't have a chance to say goodbye. A day or two after the dream, my dad calls me but it's just to say hi like his regular calls to me. I know my dream was probably just a reflection of my fear but the fact that he was 55 when he died in my dream scares me a bit. Is there a possibility of something happening to him when he turns 55? should I be worried? Does 55 mean something in a dream?

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