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Dream About A Blood Disease meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream where I was at work and my two back teeth were loose and then they broke , then following all my teeth on the top became loose and broke and I was spitting out beads, pieces of my teeth and blood. What does this mean?

Hmmm,your dream has a significant "POSSIBLE***" meaning.
Falling teeth in a dream means longevity, or living past one's contemporaries. Collecting one's lost teeth in a dream means longevity, or it could mean having a large progeny. If one cannot find his teeth in the dream, it means that his family will die before him, or that a member of his clan will emigrate to a new land. If one finds a lost tooth in a dream, it means the return of an immigrant to his homeland. If the upper teeth fall into one's hand in the dream, they represent profits. If they fall in his lap in the dream, they mean a son, and if they fall on the floor in the dream, they means death. If the lower teeth fall in the dream, they mean pain, sufferings, sorrows and distress. Falling teeth in a dream also mean paying one's debts. If a tooth falls in a dream, it means payment of a loan, while the number of fallen teeth represent the number of debts to be satisfied. If one's teeth fall without pain or a cause in the dream, then they represent worthless deeds. If they fall because of a gum disease or cause pain in the dream, then they mean being forced to part with something from one's house. If the front teeth fall and cause pain and bleeding in the dream, they represent one's incompetence or inability to complete a project. If the front teeth fall without pain or bleeding in the dream, then they mean losing one's property. Falling teeth in a dream also denote a long illness that may not necessarily culminate in death. If one collects his fallen teeth in a dream, it also means that he can no longer conceive children. If one's teeth fall into his lap in the dream, it means having a large progeny. If one's wife is pregnant, and if he pulls out a tooth without difficulty or pain in the dream, it means that his wife will give birth to a son. If his gums bleed, it means that he will forsake his family, except if he owed someone money, then it means that he will be asked to pay, or that he will be forced to comply. Collecting fallen teeth in a dream also means saying something one will regret. If a religious person loses his teeth in a dream, it means that he should be more assiduous in his devotion, and votive fasting will surely help him as a start. If one loses his teeth and finds himself unable to eat properly in the dream, it also means poverty. Falling teeth in a dream also denote spending one's money to acquire spiritual knowledge, then recuperating one's investment through a new and a blessed business.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that some one i loved more than my life died. i was so upset and depressed i wanted to talk to a preist so i could let out everything cry my eyes out and feel better becuase i couldnt talk to anybody i had to keep the way i felt to myself and be strong but the preist was busy until i couldnt take it anymore and started crying so bad when i was by myself. a while later some girls came to talk to me but i didnt tell them why i was like that or how i felt because they couldnt make anything better i wanted to yelled at them so bad bt i stayed quiet and after i went to look for my bestfriend to talk to her but i couldnt because she was all druged out at school so i had to help her out take her home and on our way i woke up crying and i still have this feeling that i cant describe but i know its not good what does this mean?

Example: Ramadan: Dream meaning?...?

Okay, you probz already know my dads in hospital due to a blood disease. It was kidney before but thankfully thats not the case, I keep having dream of him being at home and it takes place after hes come back from hospital, and hes telling everybody of what happened in the hospital

What does this mean?

Example: What does this dream about blood mean?

I had a dream about women whom were incarcerated and got diseases from eating fruit, it caused them to bleed a lot of blood out of their vagina's. I know it's kind of a weird dream but what is the meaning?

Example: What does blood mean in your dream?

i had this dream an i was standing naked in the bathroom an my arm was cut in half, i was bleeding an blood was pouring all over the floor. my body started getting muscle cramps an i was feeling weak. i tried laying down in the bath tub but i felt so sick.i thought i was gonna die from bleeding to death. what could this dream mean?

Example: What does a dream of a hole in body gushing blood mean?

Last night, I had a that I was at my grandmothers house. I was hanging out with my close friend, and two people I have never met before. We had just come back from hanging out with the person I currently like. We were all hanging out on the couch, and than all of a sudden, my leg started bleeding, so I went to go look in a mirror, and it was this big hole in my knee, and it was gushing blood, and the hole went like all the way through my leg. My grandmother came home, and I told her about it, and she said there was some disease with dogs biting people, and than these big holes coming up as a result from dog bites previously. What could this dream mean?

Example: What could these dreams mean ?

For quit some time, I've been known to having really horrific dreams.Reoccurring ones. Majority of the time, they're dreams about natural disasters or world disasters such as a nuclear bomb going off, atomic bomb, tsunami waves, or simply the world all of a sudden being empty with just me left.

Then they're the dreams where an outbreak like a disease occurs and I am barricaded inside a house waiting for someone to find me, and I am either alone with someone, or I am just by myself waiting.It's always day light though not to mention.

But lately I've been having reoccurring dreams where either a nuclear bomb goes off and I feel helpless or I find myself in an elevator with some people and we're going up. I feel fear that the elevator will drop while our way up, and just when I feel this fear, the elevator drops. I also feel fear before stepping onto the elevator expecting only the worse to happen.

Awhile ago I had had a dream that I was throwing up blood and I remember feeling pain.

I've went to many sites to try and figure out what my dreams could mean, but i guess I need a little more than that.
Any suggestions? Interpretations please ? Thank you ~ Sarah

Example: Does this dream mean anything?

In the dream I was at a hospital in England (I’m not from England) and there were no spare ward room things so i had to sit in the waiting rooms. A nurse came up to me and started scratching my arm with this thing and told me to carry on because I would be having blood tests later on. I sat in the waiting room with my mum and my friend(?!) and we waited. For some reason the hospital did not have toilets so I had to go outside and use the the museums toilet. I went to that toilet a lot. On the last time I went to the toilet, this girl was standing outside and she was being really mean to me and laughed at me and said “you’re wearing lycra!” and then she disappeared. I don’t even know what lycra is. After that, I finally got in to the toilet but there was no toilet paper so I did not pee. I then somehow got to a supermarket and picked up a stethoscope that was in one of the aisles, I accidentally stole it, in my mind I kept saying ‘I have to return this’ but I never did. I was diagnosed with a disease but the lady mumbled it and I couldn't understand it, it was some kind of energy deficiency disease. I was then woken up, but this dream is very odd, could it mean anything? Or should I just ignore it? haha

Example: What does dream mean? Please help?

I had this dream where i somehow became Bella and had this daycare in which they all got this disease but one little girl became a vampire and Edward had to kill her. And then this little boy was next to be a vampire. They all had this little timer on their shirts to tell when they were going to become vampires. please no mean answers.

Example: What does it mean when I dream of this?

Last night I dreamt I had lukemia and I was telling my friends over AIM, and they didint believe me...what does this dream mean?

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