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Dream About A Gift From God Almighty meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I can see the future in my dreams?

First example:
I had a dream a store would open a kiosk at the mall.
Then a kiosk did open for that store at the mall.

Second example.
I had a dream my sister would have a miscarriage.
She got pregnant.
And she had a miscarriage.

What does this mean?

You do not get coincidences like that.

This dream(s) means there is someone who knows the future and that soemone has decided to give you a gift by showing the future. This someone knows the future becuase of extensive knowledge. This is prety much similar to the way a teacher can know (predict) whether a student will be able to answere a question or not.

Your dreams are One good reason for you to believe that there is GOD, who knows about every secret and hence knows what will happen in the future. Perhaps you could appreciate this dreams by asking yourslef whether the true God is Almighty Allah.

Example: Who knows a good website to find out what your dreams mean?

Iv been having really weird dreams lately even nightmares my mom tells me that they might mean something and im trying to find out .can anybody help?

Example: What does it mean when you dream of God destroying the Earth?

Example: God came to me in a dream again?

Im still with Satan but after hearing what God said i dont know. God said i will let you choose who to be with. I will not force you or rush you but have patience. I will remind you of the love you felt when you were young and pure. I will remind you of the joy you are after. If you stand with me i will stand for you. I will protect you from harm and fight for you. You must live and rise and see that there is no limit to which you can accomplish. You have love and love is life. What does it mean? I woke up in tears afterwards because i felt that love.

Example: Strange religious dreams?

This is going to sound strange and believe me, I am pretty weirded out by it. I have never been a religious person as religion was not a part of my upbringing but lately I have been having a lot of religion-related dreams. Often in these dreams, God instructs me to do things. For example, in one dream, God told me I must feed 84 people in need soup on the 27th of the month. I have never done charity work and have never given much thought to it so this seemed a strange thing for me to dream. In another dream, God told me I was chosen to understand His word and must use my understanding of it to save mankind. I am worried to share these dreams with any of my friends because they are non religious as well and are bound to think I have gone looney. And maybe I have, I just don't know. What should I make of these dreams and why are they happening all of a sudden? Advice please someone.

Example: What is the difference between a dream and a prophecy?

Example: How significant are dreams to religion?

I think that dreams are something God gifted us with to show his love for us. When you are dreaming the worst possible scenario and you wake up and are so glad that its over.. it is like God putting us through a bad situation and ending it because he does not give us anything we cannot handle. He is almighty and can make it go away. When we are going through bad situations in real life it is like a bigger slower version of a nightmare. Then life is a bigger slower version of a problem. But with God it can all be solved.

Example: Can the devil talk to people through music?

Can the devil communicate to people through music? If so can god do the same, and would they?

Example: Dream interpretation please anyonee..?

So I've spoken to this through text message. Always got a long with him. I know him through my sisters husbands family. And we've spoken on and off. But our families don't really like each other. So recently he asked me out but i told him that i don't think it would be a good idea. And ever since then he's acted very weird with me.

BUT ANYWAYS, in my dream i was in my house cleaning and i had a lot of company over. And everywhere i would go this kid would follow me. Like he wanted to tell me something. Then finally we got alone and he went downstairs. And when i turned my head there was another one of him. Then I woke up. I never actually heard what he had to tell me. Anyone knows what that means by any chance?

PLEASE & thank you!

Example: I saw something in my dreams.?

Hi all i need your help , well i had this dream few weeks ago i saw prophet Youssef idk if its him .
I saw the picture i saw in my dream, but i forgot where i saw it . Please help thank you :)

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