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Dream About A Permanent Skin Mark meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Im scared, I think im pregnant? help! 10pts.?

Please help, I think I'm pregnant, what do you think, omg am I over reacting or what I'm so scared? Me n my bf were playin around with underwear on but his. *** got on the outside of my vagina not in it, but on the lip. What do you think here what I. Been having. I've missed my period its almost 2 weeks late, everyday all day I feel like I'll gonna vomit, I've been having some back aches, if I crouch down or somthing that puts pressure on my stomach it then starts to hurt really bad, I've been getting headache like everyday, I'm tired all day, I've been having moddy swings, I'm starting to break out all over my face, my boobs are soar and hurt to touch (where the nippe is) there pointy, my lower abdominal hurts and keeps feeling weird, I recently started peeing alot through out the day, my hands are getting swollen, my complextion is pale, I have a white discarge I get every day on my under wear, I've been craving odd things like ketchup pizza and chocolate on doritos, and I'm always hungry, I've gotten really bloated mostly in the stomach area, every day ill feel very warm while everyone else is fine, increased disire for sex, odd dreams, just feeling pregnant, gas, sharp pains every now and then in lower stomach, etc. I'm only 15 I don't wanna be pregnant and I can't get a test because I don't want my parents to know I was even just fooling around they'd have a fit and never let me see him again what do I do helpp! Am I? Omg please help I'm freaking out right now, so is he :"(

Adoption is a temporary solution to a permanent problem.
Abortion is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.
Keeping a baby you can’t afford and/or aren’t ready for is a formula for disaster

The government has deemed minors (teens) incapable to have the mental capacity to be legally responsible for themselves, so WHY would it make sense to allow a legally irresponsible teen to be responsible for themselves AND another human life?!

Any idiot can have sex, but it takes much more to be a responsible, mature and financially stable parent. Age DOES matter! Maturity is gained through life experiences and life experiences are obtained over time.
Getting knocked up doesn't magically make you mature or a responsible adult!

Girls 5yrs old and up can give birth, but that doesn‘t mean they SHOULD! So don’t even think for a second that “age doesn’t matter”
I would LOVE to know what 5yr old is a fit mother?
(honestly, just google "youngest mother" and you'll find it!)

abortion is simply a medical procedure to remove a parasitic organism
$200-$1,000 (abortion) will save your life/future, the father’s life/future, and keep your parents from humiliation.

Having a knocked up teen daughter is a failure on your parents.
Do you realize that you're a direct reflection of their ability to be good parents, right?
People will judge THEM by what YOU do.

Keeping a baby YOU can't afford or take care of is NOT "brave", "mature" or "responsible" but it is in fact irresponsible, selfish, and just plain dumb!
If your PARENTS wanted another child then THEY would have had one. If you can't care for a baby independently then you have NO business having one! Sometimes the “responsible” thing to do IS to have an abortion.
Studies have shown that the MAJORITY of women/girls feel relief after abortions (I know I did!) and that guilt, complications, and regret are NOT common.

Did you know just giving birth in a hospital costs thousands of dollars alone? Teens just don’t have that kind of money. YOU do not have the necessary assets to raise a child. Your mother/father is NOT responsible for you or your baby, so think very hard about this. They CAN legally kick you out on the street with a new born baby. If you want to play grown up then go play grown up in the real world like the rest of us.

Fun and TRUE pregnancy FACTS about most females: You will poop and pee on the delivery table (in front of everyone) during birth. The area of skin between your vagina and anus will tear open to allow the 8lbs of baby to be pushed out. You will lose 85% of your current friends. You will gain at least 45lbs and only lose about 5lbs after birth. You will have stretch marks. For the next 2 years you will average about 3 hours of sleep a night.
Basics for being a successful parent
(the ideal situation)

be at least 21 (25+ is best)
be married (or have life partner)
have at least $5,000 just for the baby
able to spend at lest $350/month on the baby in addition to normal bills
both own cars
both have careers (not just jobs)
both have degrees
both want kids

I’m adopted, and the system is flawed! (I was lucky and got adopted into a wealthy and loving family, but that’s rare. Adoption is like dropping a pet off at the shelter, getting a family is NOT guaranteed) The world already has TOO many unwanted kids, so don’t choose adoption either. At any given time there are OVER half a MILLION kids in need of foster/adoptive parents in just the USA. Chances are you’re kid will end up abused or on the streets if you go with adoption.

I had an abortion when I was 18 and it was the best decision I ever made for myself! (I had plans and a future ahead of me) I challenge anyone to make me regret it too.

(Remember- abortions are legal in the USA until 24 weeks in all 50 states, because the fetus is not viable)


Example: I hd a dream that a UFO was dropping bombs on the US what does this mean?

So a UFO, ya know the average looking one that looks like a metal plate was outside of MY window dropping missiles or bombs or something. It was weird how real it felt. Anyway, what does this mean? I would like to know. What if I can tell the future? What if Aliens are coming RIGHT NOW AND I DID NOTHING TO STOP IT.

Example: Stretch Marks.. Is ModeLing out of the question.. Victorias Secret was meant for me ..pLz HELLP?

When I was 13 I went from 123lbs to about 186lbs in a matter 6 months
yes that is about 60 pounds and directly after that i lost about 30 lbs in 7 months
so in ONE YEAR at 123lbs I gained 60, lost 30, and just been around 130-145 since then

that was 6 years ago and I work out.. I mean, thats not a problem. Cocoa butter did something, I've also used medirma*, on and off .. my stretch marks have faded a little on my arms. hey were like purple at first and now they are like lighter than my regular skin.

on my stomach, hips (under my clothes) the stretch marks are darker

I just want them gone.. I would think with all f the botox, and plastic there would be SOMETHING for the freakin little stretch mark

I know I got off topic but as you can see, the modeling is not the issue.. it's the stretch marks. Do I still have a chance.. For some reason it feels like i should be asking is there ANY WAY I can solve this isuue w/ the strech marks so I can work my DREAM?

xoxoThanks for Reading


I will start out by saying that I am a gay man! I really have a serious question and I want serious answers. That being said, here it goes:

Recently I had a dream about this boy that I can't stand but am physically attracted to. In the dream, I thought I woke up in a room and he was sexually involved with this other dude. I was kinda hurt and kinda turned on... (weird I know)... I got up to leave and I noticed i had weird markings on my forearm. I tried to rub them off but they seemed to stay like a tattoo or permanent marker. A female friend of mine (who i guess must hae been in the room the whole time) said to me "thats just the way he is" I was a lil freaked out at all of this but in my head i still thought all of this was real. I left to use the restroom and when I stepped out of the restroom the whole scene had changed. the walls all looked old and rusted like they were made of metal and there as no one around. I then thought to myself "this can't be real" and ran to the nearest door and kicked it open with my foot. There were people outside and the looked as if they had recently been on fire... burnt and cracked black and red skin... at that moment i felt as though i was in hell and i was willing myself to awaken... i did but very disturbed and kind of scared.

I know that was a long read but any knowledgeable insight would be appreciated!


Example: What does my dream mean?

okay so last night i dreamt that... well ima keep it simple.
i got shot in my arm.. the bulletin didn't enter me or anything it like scraped my arm and left a mark and it burnt like hell.
but the funny thing is... i got shot where i already had a permanent scar.
anyone know what this may mean?

lalala. my scar.. doesn't hurt, i was like 1year old when i got it... this stupid thing when they scratched my skin up with a razor to give me a shot cus i was going to africa(nigeria) or back home(sweden) im not really sure... but one of them..

Example: Is this a decent poem?

Im not a depressed person at the moment, this is from past experiences! aha. =D Any help or insight on this poem would be greatt.

Waking up in the morning,
After a dreadful nights rest.
Dreaming of you,
Hearts pounding in my chest.

I think of the moment,
In which I’m sitting in.
And can’t help but wonder,
Why tears are running down my chin.

This is slightly personal,
And I’m trying to get it out.
But the love inside my heart,
Is incapable of a shout.

I get out of bed,
And rinse of my face.
I look in the mirror,
Trying to figure out my place.

Getting ready for school,
Not the best start.
Trying not to think of,
The useless love in my heart.

Once I get to the destination,
My own learning place.
I stare for a moment,
At the most beautiful face.

I wish you were mine,
Though this never could be.
Cause your in love with her,
And one day I will see.

I hope this is your mistake,
And not mine.
And I sure hope that nightmare
wasn’t a sign.

On this day I’ll wait for ever,
It’s a very long time.
I hope that soon,
I will change my mind.

Though this seems like an artwork,
Inked on my skin.
A permanent mark,
Till I go to heaven.

Example: Are tattoos sins...?

This is something Ive always wanted to get a clear answer one. I have 2 tattoos already, i want to get more but i dont want to do it concisely knowing its a sin. So...can someone give me some facts?

Example: Songs that tell a sad story?

I've been obsessed with songs that tell a sad story lately, but what I mean is it tells it in actual events.
For example:
Kiss It All Better - He Is We (about a boy who witness' his lover's murder and avenges her by killing the murderer and goes to jail for it.)
Run For Your Life - The Fray (a girl and her friend (who might as well have been her sister) get in an accident of some sort and the friend/sister dies but she doesn't and is depressed about it)
The Fighter - The Fray (a man has to go to war and separate from his lover and they both know that he is most likely going to die)

I'd prefer a more modern/recent song, not something older. Male or female singer, it doesn't matter. I guess I'd prefer if it was sad in a way that someone looses someone else by death (that sounds so morbid...)
If you don't know any songs like that, maybe something without death like:
Remembering Sunday - All Time Low (a boy falls in love with a girl and she is going to marry her but she does something terrible and leaves him without saying anything)
Into Your Arms - The Maine


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