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Dream About Addition meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at a hockey tournament in Florida. I met this girl, maybe a year younger than me. I talked to her a bit, and followed her around at the rink for a while. She yelled at me, then I left. I was really sad. I think I ended up talking to her again. I can remember absolutley everything about her. What does this dream mean?

In my opinion, anyone that tries to give you a concrete analysis of your dreams is full of ****. It's too multi-faceted, relating the the symbols in your dream and their meaning to you on a personal level and on a societal level. In addition to that we'd have to take into account your emotional state, what you did that day, your personality, interests, people you know, and so on. All these things come together in the unconscious to form a dream while you sleep. If you want to take meaning out of it then your best bet is to find it yourself because noone knows your life better than you do.

With that being said. The dream you described is an obvious manifestation of your "additional details" in which you claimed to be rejected by a girl for texting her too much. In the dream you were rejected by a girl for talking to her/following her around too much. See?

Example: Dream mean?

I had a dream? I went to school, and heard some girl and her friend talk to each other in Russian language. I came up to them and asked if they were Russian? But they were to cool for me they were all like did you just say something in Spanish? I got mad because they were so disrespectful. Then time passes and my older brother decides he wants to marry that girl I met in school who was disrespectful and made fun of me. I told my brother all about her and what she did and said. But he still wanted to marry her? That girl had a brother short and a chubby. He was 2 heads shorter than me. Everybody wanted me to marry him but I didn't want to. I ran away to the bathroom and then came back. When they said do you take him to be your husband I said "no" then I explained to him that my heart belongs to someone else and that he will find his true love, but its not me! Then I turn around and I see Samuil he's looking me straight in the eye! What does this dream mean? I know it has a meaning to it!?!?!?

Example: What do running dreams mean?

I had a weird dream that I was leaving a college class and walked out of the wrong door, I did not recognize the street I was on and began to run like a leopard(with my arms and legs) Their were 2 people behind me that I did not know chasing me but I was too fast. I woke up with a bad feeling. Any insights? ( I have been out of college for 6 yrs now)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was on a vacation with my family. We walked by a beautiful creek. There were rocks all around it, so my older sister breana decided that she would climb on the rocks. She ended up falling in the water and the water seemed deep for a creek.

My cousin Loren was with us for some odd reason. He dove in the water and i could see what he was doing from his view. There was a jeep underneath the water and she was trapped inside. Loren couldn't get inside so he had to hot wire the car. He finally got in and brought bre to the bank.

When i saw bre, she was very small...about the size of a new born medium sized dog. I ran over and he started cpr. He told me to press on her chest while he blows into her mouth. She ended up not making it and i started bawling in my dream, as the rest of my family did.
We went back to my house and my friend, whom i haven't spoke to in a while, came to my door and asked to live here because her mom kicked her out. She payed no attention to the fact that we were crying and grieving over losing bre.

I woke up gasping for air and crying.
I can't figure out this dream..

Example: What exactly does this dream mean?

I had a dream a couple of nights ago and it was really weird. Actually, just about all of my dreams are weird but this one was really weird. It was a dream about my high school becoming a high school/partial college/mall. I just graduated from high school and I am going off to college in about a month and a half. The partial college in my dream was for kids who didn't wanted to start off their first year of college there and there were no dorms because it was sort of like high school but a college lifestyle and schedule. Quite a few of my friends were in the dream too and the first class I was in was my Honors French 4 class. Then I moved into Spanish 1. Then I went to this carousel apparently and I saw a couple of my now sophomore friends and the person I like was one of them and he was talking to me while we rode the carousel. After the ride was over, he got up and I noticed that he had his toenails painted orange. This is pretty much what happened in my dream.
The next day, we had a family gathering and my cousin ended up painting one of my fingernails and it was red in color. Before the gathering, I told my mother about part of the dream and she thinks that the additions to something mean that you are going to really enjoy your life coming. However, the way I think is that I might really have a hard time letting go of the past because of the college in high school and this person I like who is still in high school appearing in my dream. What do you think?

Example: Dreams meaning please?

me and my wife are separated for about 5 months now and she wants/filed for divorce , so i dreamt that i went to our house and i saw you did significant renovations , and the guy who was working there was saying he will finish soon , and it looked so expensive made me wonder how she could afford it , like she made additions to the house , replaced all hardwood with stone ! looked so pricey , and in the same dream she tells me there is someone else ! what does this mean ?

Example: WHat does my dream mean? (quick)?

ok, i liked this guy for two years but never told him. And i decided to get over him this year (our friend relationship took a turn for the worse.), but last night i had a dream.

Somehow we were engaged, but i was not sure if i wanted to marry him. So he lift me. I was in my wedding dress! it was soo pretty and the ring was amazing! BUt anyways...i can't remember if he came back but i do remember wanting him after he left. I remember crying on the floor with my dress and looking at the ring...just wanting him back.

What do you thin this dream could mean?

Remember though im in 8th grade only. idk why i was picturing myself married with him.

I really am getting over this guy. so this is why it is so confusing. If im over him why does he always appears in my dreams?

Example: Do my dreams mean anything?

i have always had dreams but only rememberd them about once a week but recently i have had dreams each night. i have worken up screaming and talking. its really scared me. the dreams arnt specificially scary but somethings are weird and little frighning. in addition i have had dreams each night about this guy. do they mean anything?

Example: What does it mean when you dream with rats, mice etc?

i believe that each dream has a meaning . and i want to know the meaning of this one in particular.

Example: Does lighting have a significant meaning in a dream?

What does it mean when you see lightning in a dream? And also, what does it mean when you hear thunder in addition?

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