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Dream About Adobe meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a bizarre dream. What does it mean?

Ok I had a dream that I went to visit a someone ( I haven't a clue who they are, but it felt relative-ish). I never did see they're face, but I remember spending the night in a room upstairs. the bed faced a different way than I'm used to and it was next to a window ( also not used to) . there was no curtains and I could see a huge tree with no leaves outside. I couldn't sleep.

So next day Im at a festival with my friend Morgan and her husband, we stop at a booth that had neat goth Accessories, but I didn't buy anything because I couldn't find anything I liked.

Then a Christmas toy parade started to come through the festival. After the parade, Santa Clause said he had gifts on a truck (I was like 30ft from it and I notice that there were alot of Mexican kids there and not nearly enough toys. So I book it over to the truck and get a free toy for my son (he was with grandma on the other side the parade). I got a really good one!
Right next to the truck was some cool train sets, but they didn't end up being the free toy. A Mexican lady just happened to be selling them right there, so I bought one. it was only like $8, but when I set down the train to get the money out, another mexican lady snatched it up thinking it was free toy from santa. So I hurry up and pay and go running after this lady and shes acting like she didn't understand.
So I tel her "Este mi huegetes!" ( its my toy!) and I snatch it from her.
I was ready to fight her for it but she walked away.

I go back the the apartment to put it in a safe place. I hadn't noticed before but there was no furniture in it, the walls were all off white, and it was huge. About 3 stories with high ceiling in the living room. the design was kind of "modern adobe" . There were stairs inside the condo, but the weird part was the little adobe flight of stair leading to a crawl space in the living room. there was no door, just an opening.
I went in it because I was curious and it was a little passage inter-connecting all the apts. some entrances had decorations on there opening within the passageway. One had a sign that said "party's in here".
I though that was weird so I headed back. I notice the passage had more stairwell in it and went to other places like the roof and different floors. Anyhoo I get back, and moments later I see a teenager at the passage entrance. he begged for food and I had gotten some tamales at the festival so I gave him one.
I went outside to leave and noticed it was getting dark. As I was getting into the back seat of the (person that im visiting and have no idea what they look like's) car, I see the kid I just fed with like 8 other kids and a mom walking through the parking lot pan handling. I do nothing and get in the car.

Ok , what does it all mean?

This might get complicated real fast.
ok "cracks knuckles and takes a snort of beer"

The first paragraph...is of a guardian... one of your house maybe a Mixture of them.By your house I mean your family members passed on, you may have never even meet them, to me and me alone a empty house and a dead tree represents death, or a meeting place between life and the after.
You where not comfortable and nether weer they.
You manifested allot of your physical reality in the dream signaling discomfort and a inability to relax in your new environment.
The discomfort can also be related to your physical reality in your house a shift in your status.
*your roommate* in reality.
Near death experiences.

Paragraph two...
Your friends, you wont to be with them but are looking for growth in your common interest.

3.Your son means allot to you and you wont him to be happy...at the drop of a hat you are willing to fight for him like a good mother should...

4.I dream of houses and apartments too, again this seams to be part of your past a safe place you have constructed inside your mind when you need a place to retreat. they grow with age.

5.You live in a community in the real world and with in your self.
"party's in here" drugs or sex was behind that sine. You are moving away from that and looking for something deeper in your life or at least at that moment. you seam to be exploring this place and your self, the child was your return to your motherly urges to protect and help your son.

6. I wont to say day care, and a feeling of wanting to help but you are protected and know they will be ok.
Their is a need to move foreword.

ok have a good one...

Example: What does setting a fire in a dream mean?

This was strange, because I don't remember ever dreaming about fire before. I was looking at myself in the dream, I am in some structure, and I say structure, because I'm not sure what it is exactly, I think it might have been a house, but I can't even be sure because I don't see anything in there to give me any indication of what this place is. The place looks like something set in a period long ago, and I think its made of wood and maybe mud, maybe like adobe? Either way, the place burns fairly quickly and easily. Anyway, I see myself going through the whole place and I've got torches, that are lit, and I'm going all throughout, setting them all over into sconces on the walls, and then as they start to ignite and cause the whole structure to burn, I simply and calmly walk out of there. There are two small children outside, waiting for me, and I take their hands and walk away. I calmy set fire to this place and leave, as if not a care in the world...strange?

Any ideas what this means?

Example: What do dreams of change mean?

I had dream i was walking through a apartment neighborhood i grew up in and i was chasing someone through the yards, each street began to change drastically around me becoming more and more desert themed till i got to the top street, that's when it was completely adobe house desert themed with sand everywhere.

Example: If I learn how to use Adobe Photoshop will I be able to know how to use InDesign?

I can use Adobe Photoshop but will I be able to know how to use InDesign or do I need to take courses for it? I mean if i know photoshop will indesign be easy to know and so I can learn it on my own or do i still need to buy books and attend courses to know how to use it?

Example: Adobe Creative Suite 3 Master Collection ?

What do each of these programs do ?

Adobe After Effects CS3
Adobe Bridge CS3
Adobe Device Central CS3
Adobe Dream Weaver CS3
Adobe Encore CS3
Adobe ExtendScript ToolKit CS3
Adobe Extension Manager CS3
Adobe Fireworks CS3
Adobe Flash CS3 Video Encoder
Adobe Illustrator CS3
Adobe InDesign CS3
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Adobe Premiere Pro CS3
Adobe Soundbooth CS3
Adobe Stock Photos CS3

Example: I had a dream about homosexuality and I am freaked out tell me what this means? Please?

So it starts with us looking for a place to hide. We run through a small Japanese garden/courtyard. I look at him and ask “Is this part of your palace?” “Yes he replies” the outside is a modern white look like it is white adobe smoothed around in a circle. The inside has wood floors that are a dark cherry color. There are these kind of see through curtains hanging everywhere. Like in between the couch and another part of the room. (Almost acting as walls). The curtains are colored purple and some a Venus orange color. This place is lit with set in lighting. This is a beautiful place I tell him. Yeah he replies, it is pretty nice and shoots a smile at me. I feel love for him. Maybe this love is more lust but I really like him. He is beautiful. He has black hair hind of shaggy with a natural curl. White skin that is almost a bit tan. He is beautiful. I am enthralled with his looks and intelligence. This feeling bothers me. I feel it wrong that I like him in such a way. I feel we are friends and I really didn’t want to mess that up, but if he felt the same way my life would be perfect. Even though homosexuality is strongly looked down upon and I don’t quite understand these feelings myself. I really want to just lay with him. Cuddling and talking even sleeping. I am fantasizing about it when he tells me that I can sleep on the guest bed across the room. This is a large room like a house with no inner walls just supports here and there. I lay in the bed for a while. The walls that separate outside from inside are glass. There are see through curtains just like the ones that divide the room acting as walls. A strong light peers through the window like the ones on the side of cop cars. I feel hunted so I sink into the bed till it passes. After the light has passed by I run to his bed. I ask him if he is alright and he says yes. He asks if I would like for him to call some hoes/prostitutes. I tell him it is up to him. He goes ahead and calls them. Two black figures enter the room a while later. They step in the light and I see them more clearly. It Is two African Americans one I recognize very well. It is the main bad guy from Daredevil (Michael Clarke Duncan) but the other is just some black whore with a huge booty. They lay in the bed where we are. The bed is just a big circle like the one in last Vegas but even bigger. The sheets where pure silk and very smooth to the touch. We all lay there and the black woman has a bikini on and the celeb has a wife beater and basketball shorts on. I am in no way attracted to him or her. I am not a fan of sexual activities with blacks. The guy I am in love with realizes this and sends them away. We lay for a while staring into each other’s eyes and then finally kiss. This is a magical moment. We are both naked wrapped around each other like a snake does a vine. The planet we are on is small and is like a cultivated moon that is just for royalty.
This is a dream I had yesterday and felt it must be recorded.

Example: Adobe After Effects student discount help plz?

I would really like to get Adobe after effects (Just this program) or maybe Adobe Creative suite.
I understand the Student discounts, how you have to provide ID to Primary, secondary or university schools.
I attend a very big public School District in southern Texas. I'm going to 8th grade after this summer to my 6-12 school/academy thing.
Am I elgible? There are some computer classes everywhere, but those are very basic. My teacher even says I'm very advanced, trust me. I plan to take a career in Multi-media production and Graphic Design when I get older. I want Adobe After Effects to practice color corection and ESPECIALLY Kinetic Typography. All I have is InkScape
So can I get this by submitting my ID. If I do I guess I would have to tell my School District/parents. When I get the program, is it for at home use (If you don't chose the download purchase)
If I CAN get it, doesnt that mean any kid in the world that can understand what these products mean, basically get them?
Im not insulting Adobe but It's my dream to get my hands on stuff like this.

Example: What is mean by Web designing? and what are the softeares are needed?

like Flash,Adobe dream wiver..and ASP..HTML..and what else needed?
what all the courses i want 2 study?

Example: HELP! Alienware or Adobe Flash?!?

I'm going to try and keep this short:

Dad said this to me, and he did mean it, because for the past few weeks he's been reading up on gaming computers and stuff:

"So, for Christmas, would your rather have a really high-end Alienware gaming computer or Adobe Flash?"

Originally, I had only asked for one thing for Christmas; Adobe Flash because I took a class on it at school and I fell in love with it. I'm also a very artistic person... Well... Mostly... Here's where the trouble starts:

I'm almost literally a 50/50 person. I'm 50% artistic and 50% gamer. I spend parts of my day doing all that artistic stuff and the other half playing a lot of PC games (Not including school related things, including school it's self). They're (mostly) not first-person shooter games though. Right now, I've been playing Spore, StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm, Garry's Mod (specifically Prop Hunt), and Terraria. However, I used to play any variety of games on the console, but that was a long time ago.

So what do you guys think I should chose?

Extra Notes:
*I'm only 15 (16 soon though).
*I'm female. Yes, girls do play video games too. 'Nuff said on that.
*I focus on school a lot and I don't just shove it all to the side for the PC stuff. I'm an A-B student.
*I enjoy making video game videos with Fraps (which I do own legibly), however, I can't record most games without lag.
*My current PC set up isn't bad but I wouldn't say it's epic. However, I can run games like Skyrim on max settings.
*Having a really good gaming computer as been a dream for me, but so has Adobe Flash.

Example: Grey-washed dreams?

Why do so many of my dreams look washed-out when it comes to color? I mean, some of them are in normal, vibrant color, but the rest look like… I don’t know, like someone spilled grey paint on it and couldn’t wipe it off all the way. (I’ve got it! Like someone used the grey sponge on a picture in Adobe Photoshop,… but most people aren’t familiar with that program) Anyways, I tried a dream website but it wasn’t much help. Any idea what’s going on?

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