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Dream About Air Force meanings

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Example: What does seeing an air show in a dream mean?

it happened right after a plane crash in my dream.

Dreams are hard to interpret as one doesn't know the person's background, style of living, family, etc. In your case, my opinion is that after the plane crash dream and then you had the air show dream, for some reason you had planes in your subconscious. Some people think they are omens while others think dreams don't mean anything. When I was little, all I wanted to do was fly. Getting older, I used to have recurring dreams about being in a plane and going into a nose dive. Just before hitting the ground, I would wake up. After enlisting in the Air Force and during pilot training, I was in an actual plane crash. After that, no more of the recurring dream. Omen? Foretelling my future? I don't know.

Example: Air force dream sheet?

I only want stateside bases but I like guam and want to stay there too.. If I put Guam does that mean I can be sent to other bases overseas because I don't want to stay anywhere outside the states besides Guam

Example: US Air Force dream sheet?

I was just wondering how I should fill up my dream sheet. Okay I know I probably won't get any of the locations I put down but I was wondering how I should fill it out anyway just in case I get something my way. What if I want to be stationed just in the state that I want regardless of the base, like say California, should I just put down CALIFORNIA in caps in one of the slots on my dream sheet or does it have to be bases only? And what about over sea bases should I just fill out the locations overseas that I want to be stationed at and no more even if there is still more slots left on the oversea bases? And if I put down an over sea base will I more than likely be put there because I put it on the sheet? Meaning should I not fill out the over sea bases if I want to stay stateside?

Example: How accurate is the dream sheet in the AIR FORCE?

I am wondering how likely someone is to be listed where they put down on there dream sheet? Also, if you list ONLY International locations, will you most likely go overseas?

Example: Had a dream I was in the Air Force but have never been in it?

I had a dream last night that I was in the Air force, what do you think it means?

P.S. I don't want to and have never thought about joining the Air force. Not that there is anything wrong it. Thanks! God Bless our soldiers!

Example: Questions about the Air Force?

Decided on joining the Air Force and have some questions about it..

1.) If i request admission into a base near the east coast will it most likely be granted. This is because i want to see my family on weekends and not have to travel so far.

2.) How is the weekend leave policy?

3.) The service period for security force is 4 or 6 years?

4.) And the policy of visitors to base or pets?

Thanks for your help.

Example: Do Air Force Linguists Make "Dream Sheets"?

*this is a question for people who are Air Force/have been to DLI or are going*

I know we are allowed to make language dream sheets where we list a few languages that we would like to learn, but are we allowed to make regular base dream sheets as well (either at Basic Training or DLI)? Someone told me that you are stationed by language only and you don't get to put in your base suggestions at all if you are a linguist. I'm still waiting for my ship date, and if I'll be a grounds or airborne linguist, but I passed the DLAB with a 112 and my ASVAB with a 90, so my recruiter said I'll for sure get linguist. I would really like to be an Arabic linguist and to be stationed overseas for my first duty station, and if had a choice, I'd ask for Ramstein or Osan AFB as two of my top choices, but I hear we don't get a choice. Is this true? Is there any way to request an overseas station?

Example: What should i do, join the air force or follow my dream?

ive been skating for a year and a half now, and i already have hardflips/varialheels/front and backsideflips/ im working on 360 ollies. but anyway...
i mean how cool would that be, skating for a living. It must be awesome to be sponsored by loads of companies, then again my parents want me to join the air force as soon as i graduate, but thats not what i want to do you know? =/ idk i have one more year to graduate, i need to make up my mind soon. My parents tell me "skaters dont make crap", and i sometimes think about it, and i really dont care how much they'd make, i just wanna have fun doing what i like to do best, what if 5 years from now me and my friends get extremely good, and instead im off in the air force, i could be loosing a huge opprtunity on becoming what i want to be in life, not that the air force would be bad, but i just dont know.
idk man, life is sometimes confusing.

but anyways,
"SB's (skate bums) GREEN AS S.H.I.T!"

for everyone out there, keep shredding!

Example: I am only 15 years old but i have the dream to be in the Air Force. I want to be a officer but...?

I want to be a officer but not right away.
I do have leadership. I am in high school and I am in Marine JROTC.
My instructor has told me many times he sees a great future for me in the military and he belives I should go into college first and become a officer in the AF.
I do want to do that.
But not right away.
I want to enlist first.

*My question is:
If I enlisted and then after a amount of time I felt I was ready to be an officer, would they let me do that?
Would they let me go to the AF community college during my enlistment?

How would it work?

Please no rude answers.
I know i am young but I want to at least have my goals on track before I start my 10th grade year this year.
Thank you.
God Bless.

Example: How does the Air Force "dream sheet" work?

Do you list certain bases you want to go to? Or just places. I read on here that if it is state side you list bases and if you want over seas you just put down a country?

My friend is in basic training right now and he said he put down a base that is about 45 minutes from me as his number one, what is possibility of him getting that base? (he signed for six years, if that means anything)

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