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Dream About Airplanes meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream about an airplane crash?

Last night I had a dream that an airplane was flying & it got really low. & crashed into the other side of my neighborhood the crash shook my house. I went in the backyard & saw one of the wings. So I decided to drive over there. I got into the plane & there were people who were injured. Im a student athletic trainer so I decided to help them get out of the plane & save their lives what does this mean? & ive never flown in an airplane before.

It means you were asleep, absolutely nothing more.

Example: What did my dream mean? Airplanes and skyscrapers...?

I was on an airplane but for some reason it wasn't a normal plane. There were no seats, we had to wrap our arms around a railing and hold on for dear life. The pilot started making turns and I started slipping off when we were way high up in the air.I finally got my grip back and just laid on the railing and held on. It was nighttime and the sky was beautiful and so were the lights on the buildings below.

Then I was in a high rise building with lots of people. I looked across to another building and there was a meeting and someone was getting yelled at by their boss. The boss saw me and came over and pulled the curtains closed forcefully.

Whats did this dream mean?

Example: I always dream airplanes crashing, what does that mean?

I often dream planes crashing right in front of me or near me, and I really wanna know what this means!

Example: Airplanes in dreams...?

what does it mean when you dream about airplanes crashing?

Example: What do my weird dreams mean? Airplanes, Europe, small spaces...?

Recently (past several months) I've had several recurring dream themes.

-Traveling to Europe, especially Greece. Last night I dreamed that I went on a cruise to Greece and swam all the way across the Mediterranean, and the water was really warm.

-Having to squeeze through small spaces, especially staircases that are so cramped they're more like tunnels.

-Being naked in public, but this is a theme I've had for many years, not just recently.

-Airplanes, and these are usually scary or stressful dreams. In at least two of them I've had to try to jump into a plane while it was taking off, and I missed and the plane had to come back for me. One dream was really scary because it involved watching a 747 crash in a field right next to me.

Example: What does my bad airplane dream mean?Help please?

Over the last couple months Ive had a similiar dream..always involve an airplane crashing..the last two were very vivid and scary..

One last night Im in a house with seems to be twisting on the ground towards an airport landing area,My mom (who has passed in real life) and I are in the house and we are watching out the window as the house goes towards large jets,which are for some reason exploding.As we are getting closer my mom says start praying because we are going to die..we do and the last thing I see is the house crash into an exploding plane.
Then I wake up..the time before this was almost the same except I watched as planes crashed into houses around me,but again I was watching from the window..Ive had the same type again where my Mom was in those too..
What could this mean..I wake up very scared..

Example: What do dreams about airplane falling on the roof of my house means?

I used to dream this two or three times already and my sister also has this kind of dream too.

Example: What does my dream about an airplane crash mean?

Ok. Long story short. I'm going through a very sad breakup. In my case, I had very little say and my ex husband called for a separation and claims to not be happy with me or in love with me. It was so out of nowhere and devastating for me. I keep praying that he will change his ways and not throw away everything we've built. Through the breakup, he has been very manipulative and even leading me on sexually and it's been really messing with my head. I've been very sad, pushing away friends and family. He has been out of the home and seems to forgot about me.

Last night, I had a very vivid dream about a plane crash. I was in an office building and it was by an airport and I saw other planes taking off, but this particular plane was "sketchy" and it crashed right in front of me in the building next door. Right before my office building got on fire, I quickly ran and left with not even a scratch. I ran as fast as I could. I stopped and looked back to see the building is fully on fire and people running out on fire. I was quite surprised that I had made it out safe and sound.

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