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Dream About Alum meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I need as many words as possible containing the following letters. GO!?


The numbers are the amount of points I get every time I use that letter, so please use those a lot!

2-letter words
ad, ae, ah, al, am, an, ar, as, da, de, eh, el, em, en, er, es, ha, he, hm, la, ma, me, mu, na, ne, nu, re, sh, uh, um, un, us

3-letter words
ads, ale, als, amu, and, ane, are, arm, ars, ash, dah, dal, dam, del, den, des, due, dun, ear, eau, edh, eld, elm, els, ems, emu, end, ens, era, ern, ers, had, hae, ham, has, hem, hen, her, hes, hue, hum, hun, lad, lam, lar, las, lea, led, leu, lum, mad, mae, man, mar, mas, med, mel, men, mud, mun, mus, nae, nah, nam, nus, rad, rah, ram, ran, ras, red, rem, res, rue, rum, run, sad, sae, sal, sau, sea, sel, sen, ser, sha, she, sue, sum, sun, uns, urd, urn, use

4-letter words
ahem, ales, alme, alms, alum, amen, amus, ands, anes, anus, ares, arms, arum, auld, dahl, dahs, dale, dals, dame, damn, dams, dare, darn, dash, deal, dean, dear, dels, dens, derm, dhal, dram, drum, dual, duel, dues, duma, dune, duns, dura, dure, durn, earl, earn, ears, edhs, elan, elds, elms, emus, ends, eras, erns, hade, haed, haem, haen, haes, hale, halm, hame, hams, hand, hard, hare, harl, harm, haul, head, heal, hear, held, helm, hems, hens, herd, herl, herm, hern, hers, hued, hues, hula, hums, huns, hurl, lade, lads, lame, lams, land, lane, lard, lars, lase, lash, laud, lead, lean, lear, leas, lehr, lend, lens, leud, lude, lues, lums, luna, lune, lure, lush, made, mads, maes, male, mane, mans, mare, marl, mars, mash, maud, maul, maun, mead, meal, mean, meld, mels, mend, menu, merl, mesa, mesh, muds, mule, muns, mura, mure, muse, mush, name, nard, near, nema, nerd, neum, nude, nurd, nurl, rads, rale, rams, rand, rase, rash, read, real, ream, reds, rems, rend, resh, rhea, rhus, rude, rued, rues, rule, rums, rune, runs, ruse, rush, sade, sale, same, sand, sane, sard, saul, seal, seam, sear, send, sera, shad, sham, shea, shed, shul, shun, slam, sled, slue, slum, slur, sned, sued, suer, sura, surd, sure, ulan, ulna, unde, urds, urea, urns, ursa, used, user

5-letter words
admen, alder, almeh, almes, almud, alums, amend, amens, amuse, arles, armed, arums, ashed, ashen, aures, dahls, dales, dames, damns, dares, darns, deals, deans, dears, deash, demur, derma, derms, dhals, drams, dream, drums, druse, duals, duels, dulse, dumas, dunam, dunes, dural, duras, dures, durns, earls, earns, eland, elans, hades, haems, haled, haler, hales, halms, hames, hands, hanse, hards, hared, harem, hares, harls, harms, haulm, hauls, heads, heals, heard, hears, helms, hemal, herds, herls, herma, herms, herns, hulas, human, hurds, hurls, laden, lader, lades, lamed, lamer, lames, lands, lanes, lards, lares, larum, lased, laser, lauds, leads, leans, learn, lears, leash, lehrs, lehua, leman, lemur, lends, leuds, ludes, lumen, lunar, lunas, lunes, lured, lures, madre, males, maned, manes, manse, manus, mares, marls, marse, marsh, maser, mauds, mauls, maund, meads, meals, means, medal, melds, menad, mends, mensa, menus, merls, mudra, muled, mules, mural, muras, mured, mures, mused, muser, naled, named, namer, names, nards, nares, nears, nemas, nerds, neums, nuder, nudes, nurds, nurls, nurse, rales, ramus, rands, rased, reads, realm, reals, reams, redan, reman, renal, rends, rheas, rheum, ruled, rules, rumen, runes, sadhe, sadhu, saned, saner, sedan, sedum, selah, seral, serum, shade, shale, shame, shard, share, sharn, shaul, sheal, shear, shend, sherd, shred, shuln, slued, smear, snare, snarl, surah, sural, uhlan, ulans, ulema, ulnad, ulnae, ulnar, ulnas, unarm, under, unled, urase, ureal, ureas, ursae, usher, usnea

6-letter words
alders, almehs, almner, almude, almuds, amends, amused, amuser, ashler, ashmen, aulder, damner, damsel, darnel, dasher, demurs, dermal, dermas, desman, dhurna, dreams, dunams, elands, halers, haleru, handle, hansel, harden, harems, harmed, hauled, hauler, haulms, hausen, herald, humane, humans, hurdle, hurled, ladens, laders, lamedh, lameds, lander, larums, lashed, lasher, lauder, learns, lehuas, lemans, lemurs, lumens, lunars, lurdan, lushed, lusher, madres, manure, marled, mashed, masher, mauled, mauler, maunds, medals, medlar, medusa, menads, mensal, mudras, murals, mushed, musher, naleds, namers, neural, nurled, nursed, realms, redans, remand, remans, remuda, rheums, rumens, rundle, rushed, sander, saurel, sendal, shader, shaled, shamed, shared, shmear, snared, suldan, sundae, sunder, uhlans, ulemas, unarms, unhelm, unlade, unlash, unlead, unmade, unmesh, unread, unreal, unseal, unseam, unshed

7-letter words
almners, almudes, asunder, damners, danseur, darnels, dhurnas, duramen, handler, handles, handsel, hardens, haulers, heralds, herdman, humaner, humeral, hurdles, lamedhs, landers, lauders, launder, lurdane, lurdans, mandrel, manured, manures, maulers, maunder, medlars, medusal, medusan, numeral, remands, remudas, rhamnus, rundles, serumal, shauled, slander, snarled, surname, unarmed, unheard, unhelms, unlades, unleads, unleash

8-letter words
duramens, handlers, herdsman, humerals, launders, lurdanes, mandrels, maunders, mensural, numerals, surnamed, un

Example: Sorority life and questions?

I am a community college transfer but I did not get into my dream school and am planning to transfer in a year or 2 (whenever I get accepted) but I got into my 3rd choice and will be attending in the fall. I have a few questions about sorority life, and if it's worth it.
1) how much do sororities cost to be in one, if you don't live in the house?
2) if I join a sorority at 1 school can I join the same sorority at a different school?
3) is there a number of years I can be in a sorority? Or a max number?
3b) if there is a max number of years did I loose 2 years by coming into the school/sorority as a junior?
4) when rushing do the sororities judge on looks?
5) is there a minimum gap needed to rush?
6) is there time to be in a club as well as a sorority?
7) at my dream school that I want to transfer to every club is called a sorority, does this mean I can not join a sorority after I transfer?
8) how easy is it to leave a sorority if I don't feel it's a good fit for me?
9) is joining a sorority worth the time/money?
10) can you tell me your experence as a sister, or as a student not part of the Greek life?

I just don't know anyone at this school, and want to get over being shy. In community college and high school I met people by playing a sport but this school doesn't have my sports team and was thinking this would be a great way to meet people instead.

Example: What does this Islamic dream mean?Islam?

Yesterday I saw beautiful dream and I want to know if this dream has meaning and why would I see it?Normally I dream stupid and bad dreams and seeing this dream it made me think.
I saw in my dream that I was sitting in chair and looking at the palm of my hand because there was engraved Allah name inside my hand palm skin and I also saw big smile on my face seeing Allah name engraved inside my hand palm skin.Next thing I did in my dream I was running to my Family to show them that Allah name has been engraved in hand of palm in Arabic but thats how dream ended,I didn't see anyone of them.What could this mean,this dream seems so special for me.I woke up in morning and I looked at my hand palm and there was nothing,but in my dream it felt like reality,like in true life not in dream.

Example: What are my chances at UCLA?

Please just stat me to the best of your knowledge, UCLA is my dream school!
UC gpa: 4.14
SAT score: 2050, gonna take it again.
SAT 2s: 740 and 720
Extra-Curriculars: Relay for Life, captain for four years, committee member for one, top fundraiser once
Volleyball, jv for two years, captain for one; varsity for two years, 5 seasons of club volleyball
president of peace and justice club
member of MUN
member of NHS and CSF
went on two service immersion trips, one to aid homeless and one to aid native Americans in south Dakota
volunteer at a hospital, aprox. 15 hours a week
wrote and published a novel online
I haven't written the essay yet but I will definiteley make it kick- &#%

What do you think my chances will be at admission, please be honest!

Example: Does Syracuse accept people who did horribly their Freshmen and Sophomore year?

Syracuse is my DREAM school. But the problem, is my freshmen year I did horribly and this year(sophomore year) i did no where near okay. But I heard they like kids who do extracurriculars.

I've done these extracurriculars:

Drama Club
Paws Club
Key Club
Muslim Club
Grief and Healing Group
And I plan to start my own Key Club at my new school next year.Another problem is I hear they prefer kids with 3 years of language, I only have two years of Latin.

Example: What are some misconceptions about Harvard University?

i want to study there i dreamt of studying there,i mean a lot. i think of it as the best school in the world *aside from Cambrige*

Example: Dictionary definitions of these words...?

i read the book called, you remind me of you, for a book report and we needed to find a bunch of words we didnt know the definitions to but i cant seem to find the correct ones. it needs to go with the word but also match up with the sentence...

Illicit - A wad of gum on the video monitor, then a riot of illicit activity - laura tumbling egg noodles into her boot, spilled juice, my chocolate pudding sunken under the potted rubber tree.

Cutlery - Allison, who wasn’t allowed cutlery.

Terse - Cots of abandoned boys and their terse and hurried nurses.

Thorazine - those pretty infants of the thorizine dreams scattered briefly

Alum - They're mingling in the garden - content alum

Encroaching - and thickets still shield that river where we hid from the encroaching world

Novenas - and then the answering machine novenas, those mailbox invocations finally worked.

plz help!

Example: Two HORRIBLE dreams in one night? Help!?

I don't really remember the order it was in though...
In my apartment. It's raining heavily outside. So my boyfriend(age 24) and I(age 22) decide to play board games. We play things from star trek monoply to spades. Well... Then we get into an argument. He is wearing nothing but briefs, and I am fully clothed, minus shoes/socks. He is standing next to my three bookshelves with my college books and other stuff on it(I'm graduated already but keep all the books i needed for memories of horrible Rice Uni memories;D)... He starts yelling. I am NOT a violent person at all. Neither is he. He is the typical shy nerdy quiet type. Really thin, very smart, glasses, used to have braces in highschool, also an alum of the same college, different years. I am outspoken, very outgoing, and against violence of any type... I might yell when I get VERY upset, but to get from point A to B will take a few weeks of putting up with the same poo-poo. Anyway... I can't stand him yelling, so I brace myself, and run in after him. He defends which makes me even angrier. I grab him in a choke hold, and he turns his head... SNAP! His neck snaps. Horrified I still hold on, and ask if hes alright. Nothing, I lay him down, still holding him, looking into his big blue eyes, I ask again... I see a sparkle in his eyes fade, and then litterally he glows light blue(I guess to signy that hes 'turned cold'?).. I drop his head, and back into a corner. I scream as load as I can, and start crying... I then wake up because I screamed in real life... It has been haunting me all day.. I have no idea why... I still remember looking into his eyes, and I tear up just remembering... why would I dream something like this...

DREAM TWO: Me and five of my dream friends(people i dont know but were in this dream as my friends) are exploring an old abandoned farm. Its the works. Ratty walls, falling apart roof, dead grass, no pavement for the road/driveway. We are having fun, then suddenly Freddy Kruger shows up. We notice that it gets dark outside, and we think "this is odd"...So we run away, splitting up. Two people die like this: We're running in a corn field, and we slip into a hole. Its me and this girl. For some reason theres several holes in this area to fall into... Inside of the hole, the walls have holes in them. I try climbing up, and she stays down saying she fell down here for a reason, must mean shes safe. Idiot. I climb out using the holes. On the opposite side, I see freddy. He says, "I found you!" and sinks into the ground. the walls then get spikes and well... spike her to death. I run leaping over every hole. The second person, is a little boy. He is bleach blond no older than ten has glasses, a blue shirt, and jeans. He is hiding behind a dumpseter by the house... I find him, as does my two other friends, some black girl, and some sort of spanish dude. We are talking about finding the old mans gun and using them to hit the barrels of oil, to cause explosions. We decide that its better to do this, then cry and die. Freddy is by the old house, and we charge after him(having the guns... even though we never found them wtf...) he stretches his arm out like a mile and starts waving it around. he knocks the dumpster over, notices the little kid and then tears him to peices. shocked i dive in at him, we strife for a few seconds, then i hear,"use this!" and i suddenly have a pair of scissors in hands. I then try cutting him up. I take off one of his hands, and it grows back... but to normal freddy hands. just his hand and the glove with knives. I leap out of the way as hes in pain, and then we rolled the dumpster down the hill, and hit the barrels, and a explosion of evil and fie errupts and we smile saying we did it. Then a shard of metal from something hits the spanish dude, and he falls to his knees coughing up blood. I wake up.

Thing is... I have never seen a freddy movie. didnt even know they were making another one until fifteen minutes ago... I have seen pictures sure, but I never watched the movies. And I am not an angry sadistic person. I would gladly give the shirt off of my back for anyone in need... Why is my body torturing me?

Example: What Can You Tell Me About UCLA?

I'm 13 years old and it's my dream to go to UCLA for film making and music. What can you tell me about the campus, people, dorms, cost, academics, etc? Thanks for helping.

Example: Anyone That Has or is Going to UCLA!?

Well I'm a freshman right now, but I'm the type of person that likes to have a goal so I know what I'm reaching for. I have a very big dream of going to college in California, especially UCLA. I love California very much, and I've heard UCLA is an amazing school. I'm just wondering if anyone out there that has gone or is going currently can answer a few questions. 1. How are the classes and teachers? 2. What are the people like there? 3.Have you met really good friends and just enjoyed yourself? 4. I'm interested in Psychology (like a Criminal psychologist) and Photography, are there any classes or Majors that would help with that? 5. Also I'm curios about living situations, which would be the best, dorms, renting a apartment, or I'm also kind of interested in possibly being in a Sorority...so if you know anything about that, that would be great! Really I just want to know how it is over there over all! Or is there possibly a better school in California? Thank you!

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