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Dream About Anal Sex meanings

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Example: Serious dream.. Anal Sex? What could this mean?

Okay, now I don't remember specific details about this dream, but at one point,

I was literally being F'ed in the A. not my vag, but my butt. It was in front of people, but I dont think they were paying much attention. It 's like I was watching it happen to me, but I still felt it..

Like, it hurt at first, like the first few .. "entrances" but then it started to feel good afterwards o___o
I'm a virgin, and I've never experienced this dream before.

OH and it wasn't by a male, I think it was a female, but she was .. pushing it inside of me, she didnt have a strap-on. from what I felt, something just told me that it wasn't from a penis..

It happened TWICE in the dream, I think at one point I came back in my dream and went through it again.. it was in an open space too, not in a bed or a room, but in open space.. there were tree's around too, like a camp ground!

I really need someone to explain this weird... very strange dream..

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream of me having anal sex, i think it was with a dog or human cant remember.

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