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Dream About Animal Bones meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do my dreams mean?

Over the course of my life, I've rarely had nightmares. At least, what I would consider nightmares. Most people would consider being chased by zombies, bitten by vampires, etc to be nightmares, but to me, it's the dreams that are most realistic that are the nightmares. Another indicator of these nightmares is that when I wake up I'm usually bawling my eyes out. But they occur maybe once every couple of years, and are always different. Here's a few.
The night after my mom got home from the hospital (she had to have surgery) I had a dream that I was visiting her in the same hospital. Everything was realistic, and there was color. The differences were that the people never looked directly at me, and they rushed around these coat racks full of fur coats in a manner of "Don't talk to me; I'm busy." The other stuff was that as I continued down the hallway to my mom's room, there were these shelves near the ceiling that were full of stuffed animals. When I reached my mom, the whole room was filled with expensive and/or large gifts, like giant teddy bears and bunnies and bouquets of flowers. When I entered, I looked down, and in my hands was a small, light green-blue Frisbee made of plastic. So I go to give it to my mom, who at this point is being helped up by a mean looking nurse, and while the only words I can remember my mom saying are "Go away, I don't need your help, don't touch me," I also got the sense of disappointment and that she didn't like my gift. I woke up almost sobbing, with tears streaming down my cheeks. Not to mention I know my mom isn't like that. Quite the opposite. If you've given her a gift, whether it's expensive or cheap, as long as you meant it she'll love it. Plus the real people at the hospital were really nice.

One day I was hunting with my dad in the woods, in this area where there was a deep impression into the ground, almost like someone had pressed a ball into the dirt, and then let the vegetation grow over it. So we're sitting, and then this huge deer comes. So I shoot, and it turns out to be my dog, who is a) really white and small, so I'd be able to tell the difference between her and wildlife and b) who shouldn't have even been there in the first place, because she is too lazy to do anything hunting-wise. My dad goes over and picks up the lifeless body of my dog, and the whole time I'm telling him that it wasn't my fault and that I didn't mean to shoot her and that she shouldn't have been there in the first place. So we put her body in the truck and go home. Well, we get home and no one is outright saying that it was my fault, but they kept giving me looks and not believing me. Then suddenly we're in this 70s style-ish living room, with my dad in his reclining chair, my mom on the sofa, my dog on her dog pillow, and me just standing there. Then my dog starts hacking and first throws up a plate of waffles, and then starts throwing up her internal bones. I'm on my knees next to her trying to help her, and everyone else is just sitting around. It ends up when she stops, the only thing on the pillow is a plate of waffles, a pile of dog bones, and her baggy skin. Then my parents look at me and are like, "That's your fault. You killed her." I woke up bawling so badly my parents heard me on the floor below. My dog is still alive.

Last but not least. I was on my way to my junior high school, and I was walking. But when i arrived, it was already 3rd hour. So even though I know I'm late, I'm nonchalant when i get to my locker and grab my things. This whole time I'm also thinking, "It's Sunday; there shouldn't be school on Sunday." The bell rings for the end of 3rd hour, and then the halls fill up with the other students. So i'm running around when the tardy bell goes off, trying to find my class. But each classroom i go in, the people tell me that that's not my class. And by this time I'm getting really worried because i hate being super late to things. After running to all of the classrooms, I throw my books on the ground and run out. When I wake up, I'm crying again, though not a total sob.

Also, all of these were realistic, despite the bizarre environments Like the coats in the hospital. While you would never really see those in an actual hospital, there wasn't really anything strange about them. Also, each and every one of these dreams were, like my normal dreams, in color and with sound.
So what do they mean? I'd really like to know if they're my mind's way of getting me to face my (illogical) fears? And if so, why?

Most dreams are messages from the subconscious mind. Typically, you are just processing daily thoughts, feelings and events in the dream. It seems that these dreams are exploring specific fears. The problem is that this is too much for anyone to read at one time and give you a good interpretation. Please repost each dream separately and you will probably get a good interpretation.

Example: What does my dream mean? coincidence or something more?

i dreamed last night that my dogs were barking at something near our fence, when i got close to see what it was it was a fox. upon seeing the fox i held out my hands and it jumped into my arms and was very tame and loving> this morning i thought about it but did not mention it to my husband as i thought it was just a random drea. we are trying to purchase a house so we went to see one today that we really like..walking around the backyard there were some animal bones laying on the ground when i asked my hubby what kind of animal they belonged to he looked at them and said 'probably a fox'
i told him about my dream and he thought it was weird. was it? or just chance?

Example: What does this dream mean?

My Labrador Retriever named Jack passed away on September 16. and on November 9th, I adopted my new dog Salem, a Husky Shepard mix. Shortly after having Salem I had a dream that my dog Jack had "risen from the grave" and my parents and I were playing with him, then all of a sudden he saw Salem and he turned into a deceased type of thing, his flesh was rotting off of him, you could see his bones, he had blood dripping off of him, and he started growling at Salem very viciously, then all of a sudden they started fighting. I started to scream at Jack to stop, then I woke up.

What does this dream mean? It's been really bothering me lately.

Example: What does my dream mean to anyone in this section?

In the middle of a desert , layered by animal skeletons , there was a lion bleeding from his stomach. He breathed heavily as his blood poured over the desert and became floodwaters. It submerged all of the skeletons. Suddenly, many skeletons became complete, living animals again, carried away by the deep blue flood. Then I saw a face. It looked like a man who was crying about the barren desert, but he turned around and saw the flood bringing the desert back to life.

What does the dream mean to you? I think I know what it means. :-)

Example: What does my dream mean?

So I was on a rocket with some of my friends, going to some planet. There was no adults, just teenagers. We started walking around on the rocket ship, but our bones started to not work and we all fell. Then we landed on the planet, and we could walk again. The technology and architecture on the planet was more advanced then ours. The civilization on the planet had a lot of kids, and some adults. They all had a weird bracelet on. The adults were leading us somewhere, but everyone was crying and begging them to let us go. I escaped, and took off my bracelet. For some reason, I still had my phone,(and I had service...) so I called home, but no one answered. For the rest of the of the dream, I was running around, and trying to escape. Sorry for the weird dream, but if any of you understand my dream, and can tell me what it means, that would be great!

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

I've been having this dream since i can remember. i am on a trip to a farmhouse with whoever is currently living in my house in real life. the dream takes place at a farm house that is beside a lake, and mountains are behind the lake. there is an apple tree and an oak tree in the front yard. in the house is a small, old fashioned living room and a large, old fashioned kitchen. i have never been upstairs. the owners of the house are an old couple i've never met, but my mom calls them her grandparents. they never age like the rest of us. the dreams are in full blown detail and colour, and everything seems real. i always feel uncertain about being there, but i can't leave the dream until i get woken up.the dreams are almost the same every time. me and my family arrive in our car, and me and my brother get out and walk to the oak tree. we chase eachother, then go to the house and sit in the living room. we go outside following the elder couple, and pick an apple from the apple tree. i dont know what happened after that, it goes dark. then i wake up.
this time it was different. when we got out of the car with my mom, brother and mom's boyfriend, the trees are dead and the sky has dark clouds. i feel more uncertain, but i still go to the now dead oak tree. when i got there i had a vision. i see human bones under the house and in the lake. i also have a feeling like someone is warning me to leave. i cant, so i go along with it. we enter the house, and sit on the couch. i tell the old couple about the vision, and they just go upstairs with a sinister look on their face. they lock the door behind them. i get up and walk through the kitchen, and out the side door. my mom is looking at the lake and mountains. i stand beside her, and the clouds clear a bit and the sun shines down on the lake and mountains. in a second the clouds close again. i ask my mom when we are leaving and she said "tomorrow morning. its not safe here." we walk over to the animal pen, where the horses are and i feel weird, like something's wrong. the others are still in the house. alone with the old couple.

That is when I wake up. Serious answers only please. But I feel the next time I dream that, something bad will happen to me.

Example: What does my dream mean?

so last night i had like the scariest dream EVER. so there was this hole in my bedroom floor (about the size of a coffin). i got a flash light and looked down it, it was very deep and at the bottom there was bones from other people that had fallen down this hole. so my little sister put a bunch of stuff in the hole one of these objects was a childhood stuffed animal i had. so we went into our basement to get a pole to try to reach the toy by the time we got back upstairs to the hole we looked down it and all the stuff was gone. then i got a text message from an unknown number and it was a video a mans voice said "look how clean my room is" and the video showed my cat walking around in the room in the hole. i woke up screaming "they have lil mama" (my cat). If anyone knows what any of this could mean please let me know.

Example: Dream analysis: what could this mean how true are dreams?

had two completley opposing dreams last night. i dont often remember them but both were vivid...what could they mean? woke up and start stop thinking about them apart from one was good one was bad.

in the first dream, i was with a younger guy (not too much younger) who i quite like and he was whispering sweet nothings into my ear, kissing my neck and making me feel really good even though there were people around...i woke up and was very horny...later i had a terrible dream, it involved a drama group i am involved with and a man in the group who is older , someone had been passing a note around the group writing horrible things about me and this man was denying all knowledge, he wouldn't help me confront the others or find out who did it and just left me sitting there feeling upset and confused. also i never did find who wrote the note,just that i could no longer trust anyone in the group...and in the end the drama teacher left the building and slammed the door. therefore the group fell apart. was all very odd, but very vivid. a girl who i dont get on with denied writing the note...

obviously i enjoyed the first dream but not the latter. the two may not be related and i can pretty much decipher the jist of it but what i want to know is is there much truth in dreams? are they a guiding force? are they instincts coming from our hearts of who we should or should not trust? and can it be possible to feel closer to someone through a dream?

Example: Disgusting cannibalism dream, what does it mean?

I was in a cafeteria with a lot of girls about my age (high school/college age) and we were served this milkshake made out of a person gone through a blender, and ice cream. We were forced to eat it bu this woman as part of our schooling (for what exactly, I don't know) I was disgusted, and pretended to drink it, but spit it out. (It was especially gross since I've been a vegetarian for years.) However she offered a bribe I really wanted to whoever finished it first, so I chugged the rest, leaving only the gristly chunks and bone bits in the cup. The woman came over and was about to give me the prize, but she saw the bit I had spit out, and kicked me out of the cafeteria. I ran to the bathroom, and went to the far end of it so nobody would hear me throw up, and tried to, but I wasn't able to, even putting my fingers far down my throat repeatedly. I left the stall, and outside of it was now a city at night. The woman who made everyone drink the cannibal milkshakes walked over, it seems she was following me. I woke upthen. What could this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of picking cotton out of someones skin?

I had a dream the other night that I keep thinking about. My sister had three weird bumps on her collar bone area that looked like what i have in real life in the same area. (They are just little tiny pimples.) I started to diesect them to figure out what the white stuff was, and i began to pull out cotton from them. Each time I did this more and more would come out and leave holes revealing more cotton. so weird and kind of gross, but i dont think i was grossed out in the dream, mostly fascinated that it was never ending... When I checked out the dream interpretation websites, they offered little help because they only seemed to mention picking cotton in a field. does any one have an idea of the meaning behind this dream?

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