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Dream About Annihilation meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I dreamt of falling in Love with a guy in a hospital and supporting him ? what's that means?

I dreamt I was in the hospital even though I wasn't ill or something and there was that guy I was secretly in lve with. This one was " played" by actor " Rory Culkin" and was wearing the kinda of pajama that I saw in american movies when there were hospital scenes, but I didn't know why he was there. I remember there was a party in the hospital, there were lots of adult people, , I was wearing a little black dress , I was with him, then he went to sit in a yellowish armchair and I sat next to him, he put an arm around my neck and with the other hand he opened up a book where there were numbers like 2.896754645 2.9899790 like that.. and he was explaining me mathematical calculations. In the second part of the dream , I remember I was coming back to the hospital and then I saw him with two male nurses that were holding his arms taking him to the room where he was going to have a surgery operation. I run to him before he was gone and said " don't worry, everything's gonna be fine" making a fast caress in his hair .
In the last scene of my dream, we were outside in front of a black clothes shop, I remember there was some black mannequins too ( they were females) and he was sit in one of the black chairs in front of the shop holding his head with one of his hand and crying, he said he could'nt take it anymore with his surgery operations and I was comforting him. when As soon as I woke up, my thoughts went straight to Rory culkin and to the first boy "I fell in love with " in the elemetary school! ( !'m twenty now) that never had any kind of surgery operations then I think that the actor rory doesn't have nothing to do with my dream because I think he's just a "symbol" my unconscious uses to represent this guy in the hosiptal even if this reminded me a little bit the caracther he played in the night listener " who was ill that I saw years ago. what'd you think?

Our dreams may be seen as sort of digestions, transfigured further mental elaborations of our wishes, of our events and vicissitudes in our life. So your dream may have been elaborating your wishes to more concretely love and to help. The elements of persons and of things and of care in your dream are derived from reality about you and within you.

All those elements of black (black clothes etc.) in your dream may be touching upon your fear of death.

Ailment and hospital-stay and surgical operations are aspects in your dream that you do want to approach with more hope, with the wish that they never did occur about your life.

This explains why "the first boy that you fell in love with" never had any kind of surgery operations!

So ... your elaborating and transfiguring dream wants to make you more aware of your wish to help and to love; it is a dream of more fierce hopeful life against the possibility of annihilation ever looming near.

Example: What does this dream mean?

hi I had this dream where the sun kept on getting bigger and bigger until it got massive.then a massive cloud of ash and rubble buried us alive.Can anyone tell me what this means please

Example: Redeem Team vs. Dream Team?

Here is an article that actually brings up some interesting view points if the 2 teams were to go head-to-head. Are these point of views more factual or fictional in your opinion? Thoughts?

BEIJING – With each successive blowout, each complete manhandling of competition exponentially greater than Magic, Michael and Larry could have fathomed, the question about the current USA men’s basketball team isn’t about redemption, it’s about greatness.

As in, is this the greatest basketball team ever assembled?

Could they even take the original Dream Team?

Immediate reactions of blasphemy aside, the debate is certain to heat up if Team USA continues its blitzkrieg of the Beijing Olympics and wins the gold.

The team play has been extraordinary, the defense suffocating and even the outside shooting precise. On top of its game, the 2008 team is a tour de force to behold, its 119-82 annihilation of world champion Spain being the finest indication that this, at the very least, is the best Olympic team since 1992. And that includes a rather dominant 1996 U.S. club.

“They wanted to show everyone they are superior, and they did,” shell-shocked Spanish center Pau Gasol said.

Superior even to the original squad? Here’s why the argument, first broached by Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post, is at the very least a valid one.

The 1992 team didn’t need to bring its “best” team to Barcelona to roll through the Olympics. USA Basketball selected it in part based on personality, marketing and even lifetime achievement.

Magic Johnson had been retired for a year. The Larry Bird of ‘92 was long past his prime, six years removed from his final league most valuable player award.

John Stockton was chosen over Isiah Thomas because Michael Jordan didn’t want Thomas around. Twelfth-man Christian Laettner, the NCAA player of the year, was selected as a nod to the past days of collegians representing the country.

Those four players averaged the fewest points on the team. Not that any of it mattered. The U.S. outscored opponents by an average of 43.8 points per game and became a phenomenon in the process.

In 2008 there is no such luxury, not with the improved play of the rest of the world.

The final players on the current U.S. team are Tayshaun Prince and Michael Redd. Prince is a defensive stopper with his pterodactyl-like wing span. Redd is a dead-on outside shooter.

All 12 of the current American players are either in their prime or about to enter it. This team is younger, quicker and certainly more focused, mostly because it needs to be.

Comparing results at these games is almost futile. The 1992 team could party the night away in Barcelona, roll out of bed and still win by 40. There have been no reports of such a thing here, where preparation is paramount.

“We realize that we made a sacrifice to come out here, and part of it is our bodies need to sleep,” said Carlos Boozer. “This is what we signed up for. Let’s go do whatever it takes to get it. If it takes leaving the arena at one in the morning to get the gold medal, we’ll [do it to] get the gold medal.”

The thing is, had they needed to be, the 1992 team would’ve been just as focused. Jordan would have assured that.

If anything tilts the balance forever in the original team’s advantage, it is MJ. In the summer of 1992, he was 29 years old and in the middle of winning six NBA championships and five NBA MVPs, numbers that could’ve been higher had he not chosen to play baseball for a season and a half.

He is undeniably not only the greatest player in the history of the game, but arguably its greatest crunch-time player and, along with Bill Russell, the best at simply finding ways to win. If it came down to a final shot, who’s betting against him?

The current team, as talented as it is, would have no logical answer.

Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, considered the three best players and outrageously gifted in their own right, are all a step down from MJ.

However, the idea of Kobe defending Jordan, his idol, would be intriguing.

Conversely, the 1992 team has nothing quite like the physical freak that is the 6-foot-8, 240-pound LeBron. Scottie Pippen on him would be a hellacious matchup, though.

As good as the perimeter talent on the 1992 team was – especially Jordan, Pippen, Clyde Drexler and knock-down shooter Chris Mullin – the current squad is deeper and certainly capable of its own fireworks.

It is inside where the 1992 team would hold a significant advantage and likely determine the game.

The Dream Team’s post combinations were breathtaking – Patrick Ewing and David Robinson at center and Charles Barkley and Karl Malone at power forward, all in their prime. The current group of Dwight Howard, a tender 21 years old, Chris Bosh and Boozer would be overwhelmed and perhaps systematically fouled out. Carmelo Anthony, an uninterested defender, would have to be counted on here to help.

The only way for t

Example: Does my dream mean anything?

In my dream, I was in my own room and my heart was beating abnormally fast. I started panicking and tried to count my beats per minute with the clock, but that started moving really fast, too. That's when I really freak out and my whole body starts shaking uncontrollably for a while, like some sort of seizure. I try to scream, but throw up instead, and that's when I woke up. It was so real, I couldn't even believe it was a dream.

Example: Had a really strange dream what does it mean?

What happened first was i saw a well dressed man on a podium speaking to an audience of angry people And i saw myself in the audience. And then i saw a great white building with literally 10s of thousands of people surrounding it hating it and protesting it
I then saw other various rallies and protests but after that i saw a mountain with a crying face on an unrecognisable penninsula
After that i saw an army on a desert mountain and the dream closed with a scene of thousands of bodies. But the strangest part is i heard a voice that said

And what a sight it was to behold when out of the dens the burrows and the caverns arose the thousands to march upon the shining city with locked hands to form the world

But a sight it was in the days following when the heathens rose up in the thousands screaming with the voices of lions meeting deaf ears and roaring voices in return
War plague famine death
Trial by fire

After hearing the message i woke up and i couldn't stop thinking about it all day

Example: What was the strangest dream you have ever had?

Example: Iran, Israel, USA conflict: Is there a way to make this dream come true?

I keep having a reoccuring dream:

I'm having a chat with the President of Iran (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad), I'm telling him he's backing the wrong horse (nuclear power & missiles), and he's listening attentively cos he really wants to know / understand how to meet Iran's energy needs, easing poverty... so that Iran can become a model for the world.
It doesn't take long to convince him. The advantages are clear - who would opt for the very real risk of annihilation when clean, safe, free, abundant energy can be had by all? Only mad-men!

He kindly offers me a cuppa, whilst I draw him some little diagrams - see, this is how to build it, this is how it works... tra la la...
He smiles - no, it is a beam - as bright as his teeth. And I'm feeling quite pleased myself.

Then he mentions Israel - the dark cloud begins to descend once again over his furrowed brow... and now it is my turn to smile.
I say to him: "Worry not, your neighbours all need clean, safe, free abundant energy. Take this design to all your neighbours - placate and eradicate their aged old problems with this peace-offering. And offer it to Mr Obama too - for Mr. Bush has emptied the bank accounts and he is surely going to need this most precious / invaluable new, limitless resource. And all of you acknowledge it is the power of the Lord I am giving you - so harness it wisely, that peace grows throughout the nations, forever.

Mr. Ahmadinejad looks a bit puzzled. "What if they think this is a trick?" he asks. "Ah!" say I. "Then you need to have it working to show them - then you will know what I say is true."

And there the dream ends! When I wake-up, I feel... a bit... puzzled - unsure what to do next... civilians really need peace... but politicians have their own agenda - HELP!

Example: Naga dream need advice?

I have recently had extreamly weird dream. I was trying to escape this place running around and finally reached a boat and went full speed to get outta this place. The other people that were partying and swimming in the mout like in Paris.Finally when I thought I got out of this island I end up in this infinite loop kinda thing where one door kept leading to a new smaller area which I could not escape.I went up to a local hotel which was in dismay and some angry people and other manner of furries(anthromorphs) tried to get me out. After failing many times I finally gave in and a snake like creature that somehow got in and I fell onto her body and let the snake have her way with me. just before she bit me with her fangs she said if you ever rise up against me it would lead to my total annihilation. her niddle like fangs were large and pierced me easily. Instantly I felt my neck swell up and my body grew very numb. I wanted to ask a question but my words were muffle because my tongue was stuck and couldnt move. Than I woke up and a little sad that I could not find out more about the naga.
Anyone have a dream like this before?Dose it mean I made a pact with the snake?

Example: What is meaning of life?

what is meaning of life is game

Example: What does it mean when you are unable to picture things in your mind?

So apparently when people think of a color in their head, for instance, they can see the color.

I can't picture things in my mind. Rarely do I and when I do it's like a distant foggy image. I can picture things, dreams, when I'm sleeping or half-asleep however.

My head is a constant monologue, as if I'm talking to someone in text form, but not directed to anyone in particular and it's not my intentions for it to be that way.

Is this normal or common?

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