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Dream About Answering Machine meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do dreams like these mean?

I had a dream about my friend, but in my dream we were more than just friends. I was wondering what it could have meant. Does it mean that i have feelings for my friend deep down but I just dont know it? In my opinion i dont think i would have had that dream if i didnt have feelings for my friend. Can someone tell me what such dreams could mean and why they come up? Please and thank you

Dreams are merely the expression of the subconscious interacting with the conscious mind during R.E.M. sleep (well, kind of). Sometimes, the human mind (an amazing machine, to be sure) is just doing routine 'house-cleaning' of random memories and events that don't mean anything coherent. Dreams don't necessarily mean anything, but it is possibly that you have desires for your friend buried deep (or not so deep) within your subconscious. So the answer is maybe. It would be best for you to explore your conscious mind during the day to see if those potential feelings have risen to a more significant state and decide where to go from there.

Example: What does my dream mean?

ive been sleeping for 13 hours straight and just woke up (its like 5 in the morning right now) and i couldnt help but ask about a crazy dream i had while i was asleep. i woke up in a hallway, there was a machine gun in my right hand and a grenade in my left. the hall ways were lit quite poorly, everything had a shade of black on it due to the lack of light. a man was in front of me, he looked like doctor, he had a gun too. he was talking to me about something and then ran off. suddenly, these monsters came out of no where...they were covered in exstatic vines that were red, they looked like veigns almost. the monsters themselves had the bodies of beetles (these monsters were bug-like but coated in these stringy maroon vines) and they were attacking me. i had a weapon so i walked down two all ways, fighting these things but suddenly my dream took a turn. i kept walking, down, down, down the hallway, the flourescent lights dimly revealing my path. there was these painting to my left, coated in the maroon vines. the vines, or paintings were speaking to me. near the end of my dream, i was confronted at the end of a hallway by one of the beetle-like-creatures, it was standing up right, its belly revealed (layers of exo-skeleton sapped over one another and a mustard seed yellow but dauler) i threw an explosive at it and it then disenegraded while the vines around it clung to a painting next to it. i looked directly at the painting the vines clung to. the vines were throbbing and beating like a heart while a voice echoed in my head "the vines spoke to me as i curled my fingers around the 100 year old stairway". i woke up in pure awe. the dream was so authentic and odd. im 14 and ive never had a dream like this (or one i couldnt remember)...can you help me analyze it?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

Dream 1: I was in sunday school with people I have not seen since kindergarten. That's basically it. Dream 2: we were in a car and beside us, following us, was a tornado. Not what you'd imagine a tornado to be, it was cartoonish, right beside us and not even in the clouds. It was following us. Then, a thing that looked like a tornado (a cartoon tornado, where you can see all the spinning rings and dust and blah.)that looked like the Eiffel tower! But it wasn't spinning! It was so weird! Dream 3: there was a tornado heading towards my church and there were these HUGE claw machines we climbed in to be safe! What do these dreams mean? And I have dreams about tornados often, why? Please help!

Example: Marilyn Manson dream...what does it mean?

I was recently dreaming that I lying on the floor in a dark room, where the wooden floor was wet because of a storm that was in the dark room. Only the blue flashes of lightning would illuminate the room briefly. Then I see, with the help of a lighting flash, Marilyn Manson lying next to me. I saw his facial expression. He seemed disturbed about something, because he jerked around on the floor like as if he was having a seizure or something. Then suddenly it was starting to rain blood in the room. I remember seeing my right arm turn deep red-black with each falling drop. I turned to see Manson, only to see that half of his face was covered in blood, his long hair looking like a bloody mop. Then I remember that there was cold wind or something that was moving us around and around the room, like being inside a washing machine. Then, I wake up.
What does this dream mean? I've had other Manson dreams before, but none so vivid as this. I do listen to his songs, but have no obsession

Example: What do you think this dream means? Serious answers only please.?

I had a dream that my deceased aunt who just passed recently was in the hospital. She was hooked up to the machine and the doctor said she had passed and he started to move her away and I went down to hug her and just hold on and she came back to life. I think there was more but that is all I can seem to remember.

Example: What does my dream mean? I need a answer!?

Ok i can barely remember this one
So i was hanging out with some girl (i think her name was pink?!not sure)
and then a explosion happened and she died i went to the funeral
and put in a video of me dancing for the funeral
then a few days go by and she came out of hiding or something and i found out she never died
and then i was all shy (but i did hug her tightly and said don't leave me)
then i walked in the other room and sat on a washing machine and she came in hoped up there with me
i looked away shyly and she said aww your shy! i said no I'm not and looked away once more
she then had to go and i gave her the video for laughs got her number and she drove off i realized she took my phone accidentally so i caught her and got it back said bye then woke up

she had long light brown hair
for some reason i think she was popular
I'm 15 idk about her
this dream after i woke up left me dazzled and in love with this fictional character
come to think of it i have a friend with brown hair who is kinda popular i have a crush on
and i had another dream before i knew this girl about a bad girl named Russia but i wont go into that (i remember none of it except what i told you)

Example: What does my dream mean? --BEST ANSWER 10 Points ;)--?

I am reposting this question as i didn't get an interpretation before and am hoping that someone will...
I usually remember my dreams every night, for the last couple of days i haven't. But last night i had a very, very vivid dream.

- I was playing football on a huge green field with people that i know, but this was weird football, i was wearing a motorbike helmet while playing (no one else had to but i had to as a part of my safety). In the dream i was centre midfielder but i was missing the ball every time it would be kicked toward me because the helmets visor was muddy and it was very bulky on my head so i couldn't see my feet easily..
- Another part of the dream.. I was being chased by this large group of men and one of them wanted to sexually abuse me (the man told me he wanted to - that is why i was running away from him).
- I also had another dream the same night that i was going to be home alone in this house at night time. And i turned on ALL the lights in the house just to be secure..

Please interpret - i am really confused.!

Cheers! :)

Example: What does this dream mean? Please no smart-alek answers!?

Okay so I was in the woods with a couple of the folks I went to high school with and we went to my favorite hotel up in the mountains to go bowling. I was curious to see what the bowling alley looked like because I never been in this hotel in a while. The bowling alley in my favorite hotel was a hanging place for those folks that I went to high school with but I wanted to bowl though while they hung out and trashed the place. I went to the lady at the desk who is in charge of the bowling for pop-corn but it was stale and this lady was rude so I was looking for the vending machine I saw when I walked in. I had very little money on me and that stale pop-corn was expensive. I wanted to explore the rest of the hotel but I couldn't tell where the exit to the bowling alley was. I asked this man who worked there where the bathroom was/plus the exit to the bowling alley and he pointed and gave directions to me. Just as I was about to go and leave the exit, this girl yelled at me who was supposed to be in charge of me or something like that. She stopped me from exiting the bowling alley and we got in trouble for hanging out there just like tresspassing. Do you know what this dream means? Please no smart answers I'm begging you

Example: What does my dream mean?serious answers please.?

okay so first what happened was my dad was making seafood soup (it didn't look that good) and i had to de-shell the shrimp but how we digit was to put them in a machine while they were alive and it would rip the shell off for us i felt really bad about doing this because i could hear them shriek when the shell came off we also put these other things in the soup (which i cant really describe they looked kinda like on the emperor's new groove the things they had at the restaurant they went to but grey and about football size) that i found disgusting.Next i went to a camp with my two friends and i changed in the girls locker room there. After a man (i didn't really get a good look at him) made a speech about the importance of not going into the wrong change room but of course i did. When i was in the rooms my crush at the time (and in real life the night before) came up to me and sort of stroked my cheeks with his hand and the left. once he did i went to the change room for girls and was naked 5 high schooll boys accidentallly came in and i cover myself with my hands i wasn't embarrassed i just covered my self everyone but one left so i got up (i was sitting down on the ground before) and put on a black dress and went to a park that was there i was dangling from a ledge and there was a guy he was green and had a tail like a lizard and he was saying how he'd help me up if i agreed to date him or something like that he kept asking but he was persistent when i kept refusing he moved out to my friend Anika (who was one of the friends that had came with me in the beginning) and i was standing where she was and now she was on the ledge (still in the park) I was sitting on a tire and i got jealous an i told a different person that was with him that should be me and that he must still love me if he just cast me away like that so he passed on the message and Anika and i switched places again he offered help and i took it when he helped me up this time though i accepted help up and when i got up i made out with him then there was a sort of siren and another girl standing by a nearby tree he ran to her and i ran beside them when he picked her up it was winter now and night time too while we were running eh gave her a glowing golden ring and said 'you are the true guardian' i felt unwanted like a third shell. When we got to the place it was a big theatre with red velvet chairs i sat down unaccompanied and looked behind me he was holding hands with the girl and two children stood beside them and i turned back and i was holding two scripts about us. but after he said he chose me and we went back to the park there was lots of children playing and going down slides so i went down one too and fell off it everyone laughed and so did I (they were laughing with me) and then the came to me and kissed me again. he was charming and had a voice like honey, i was in love with him in the dream but in tea life i had never met anyone with a voice close to that or looked anything close to him he was very handsome, for some reason in the dream at the beginning i saw him as a demon but near the end i could tell he was good and loved me and i loved him as well.
what do you think it means? Sorry its really long.

Example: Please Answer: what do you think this dream mean?

when i was 5 yrs old i have dreams of a big machanic motor engine thing. its the inside of those big machine. and i'm inside and the machine is getting bigger and im getting smaller. it scared me.
i thought i was getting crush. weird dream.

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