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Dream About Ant meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Ant dream what does this mean?!?

okay so i had this dream this morning after i woke i fell asleep again but i never realized i had i fallen asleep again b/c i dreamed i was lying in bed still with my eyes open. (so it was a false awakening) so i thought i was still awake. anyways i felt a tickle on my stomach and looked down to see ants crawling on me! and i saw that they were coming in a line down a crease in my sheets and i followed it with my eyes and saw they were coming from this bag of cheetos on my bed to the left of my head! and all of a sudden a wave of ants came from under my sheets (randomly and started to crawl up me. at that point i freaked out and woke up and looked around for the ants and realized it was just a dream when i saw there wasn't a opened bag of Cheeto's on my bed -.- nor any ants.what could it mean it was a really weird dream!

i found this on the internet and coppied it for you

Ants are very organized and industrious. What does it mean when you are dreaming about ants?

First, were the ants very orderly, going about their business? This would be a sign that things are going in a certain order in your own life, working their way along towards a purpose. Make sure you stay on track to reach the goals you have set.

Are the ants instead running around, chaotic, disturbed by something? This would indicate that your own goals and plans are being disrupted by something, that you need to get back on track. You need to get that organization and control back into a smooth pattern.

Is an anthill involved in your dream? The anthill is the center of activity and control for the ants, and would again represent your own organization of your goals. If the anthill is being demolished, look to your own plans, and make sure they are solid and secure.

Example: What do ants and dogs mean in dreams?

Ok more specifically I had a dream I had a dog (I don't) It was a big dog and it had puppies, except the puppies weren't dogs they were ants, like bull ant size, but they were growing (as babies do) but two of the 'puppies' (ants) died & there was a smaller ant that stayed alive. there were only 3 'puppies'

Example: What does it mean when you dream about ants crawling on your arm in a big pile?

Example: Does anybody know what's the meaning when you dream ants on your body?

Last night i had this weird dream, and im dying to find out what it means. thanks!

Example: Could you explain meaning of this dream?

Could you explain meaning of this dream:
Ants run into two bottles of sugar, then two rabbits go round….

Example: What does it mean to dream that ants are crawling out of your leg?!?

Example: Dream Meaning? Ants eating my leg.?

Ok so it goes like this:

I wake up in a back garden and in the garden there are knomes (that being the first thing i notice when i wake up). Then my attention goes to an itch on my leg. I try and scratch it through my jeans. And when i itch my fingers go deeper than usual. In confusion i lift up my trouser leg and there are all these ants eating my entire leg below the knee. And i mean most of my leg has been chewed to the bone. and when i try and scratch them off and their so deep in my flesh that they wont budge. When i try and run away i cant stand up beacuse my leg hurts so much so i crawl...And the ants keep trailing back to me until im literaly covered in ants. Then i wake up :]

Lol any ideas?

Example: What does it mean to dream about ants?

is their something wrong with me? what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about ants?

I dream about ants last night I was in a car driving by and i looked out the window and they were going about their business and eating food on the ground.

Example: What does it mean to dream of ants, snakes, and rat?

I had a dream of walking into a room and there were ants walking from the floor to the ceiling. Then there were snakes after them overlapping each other, too. Then this black rat fell out of a little hole in the ceiling onto my leg and ran off. I remember i killed the ants and then my dream just totally changed to something else. Can you tell me what it means?

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