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Dream About Antibiotics meanings

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Example: What does it mean when you can physically feel what's happening in your dreams?

Hello :)
So last night I had the weirdest dream ever. I wasn't fully asleep, so the dream felt really weird. So I ended up dying (someone threw a grenade at me-weird, I know) and in real life, I physically felt it. Like, I was very stiff for a while and it was hard for me to breath for about 5 minutes. It was really weird and I was wondering if it means anything if you can feel your dreams. Or what does it mean when you die in your dreams?
Thanks so much :) xx

It's normal to feel things in dreams. It means you are still alive. Your mind is incredibly beautiful and powerful and it works for you by the questions you ask it. It will bring information to you very fast from all manner of sources so you MUST ask yourself questions that bring you health, wealth, happiness, stability etc. For example 'how can I find health and peaceful sleep?'

I paste below some info I often give people who are suffering anxiety, weird dreams and visions etc. It's not very well put together but it's all good information.

Are you on any new medication? This includes scripted medication and all over-the-counter medications, anti-fungal creams, shampoos, moisturers, absolutely EVERYTHING you put on or take into your body. The number of chemicals we take in and are subjected to is amazing. New foodstuffs or antacids etc. ALL are suspect. Stop all caffeine consumption including tea, coffee, chocolate. Guarna is also pure caffeine and in a number of these energy drinks. Caffeine causes anxiety, depression and thought and sleep disorders. Get yourself a hypoallergenic body wash and use it for everything including your hair. Don't use conditioners or moisturisers you leave on your hair, if you are chemically sensitive all these things can affect your nervous system. Stop using toothpaste and mouthwash for a time, they have fluoride in them which is deadly poison. This is actually very easy, just use a little salt to clean your teeth, much better for you and equally as effective. Use filtered water if at all possible. If you have one totally CLEAN day, you will see the difference. Be careful with coming off caffeine if you've been on it a long time. It is accumulative and highly addictive so you will get a monster headache if you come off it too fast. Also Google any medication you are on with 'side effects' after it. All medications can have side effects, even over the counter medications and antibiotics eg Flagyl has horrible side effects and can give you panic attacks etc. Don’t ever take medication unless you have a life threatening brain infection or something. Although some studies have shown that antidepressants can help somewhat with severe endogenous depression, the theory behind antidepressants is wrong. SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) for instance are for stopping the reuptake of serotonin once it has been released by the nerve cells on the premise that there is not enough serotonin in the system. However when you take SSRIs, the body registers that there is too much serotonin in the body and cuts productions CAUSING the condition that the drug companies purport SSRIs cure. The side-effects from anti-depressants can be horrendous.
Of course, don’t touch alcohol or cannabis. Cannabis is the cause of the vast majority of admissions into psychiatric wards – ask any psychiatrist.

Example: What does it mean to dream about Zombies?

I have recurring dreams about fighting zombies. They occur in several different settings, but usually happen the same way: I'm trying to protect my family - especially my younger sister - against an invasion of zombies. My husband is always safe on the AFB where he works, but I'm left on my own fighting. I always wake up when my left calf gets bitten off - usually crying. Sometimes I have two or three of these dreams in a row. Can someone help me here?

Example: Questions about what my dreams mean?

Most recent dream: I'm in the main hallway at school using a locker thats not mine. I'm wearing pjamas but I know I have a change of clothes in the locker and i get them out and lose control what I'm doing and start taking off all of my clothes, standing in the hallway in lacy lingerie, not able to do move with everyone staring at me.

few days ago: My dad and I are driving home from volleyball when i ask if we can go to a movie. He says yes and I tell him I'll meet him at the theatre but just have to do something (don't know what) first. He drops me off, I do what i need to do. Then because theres not much time I begin running, really fast. Going up street I don't recognize, up ones I do. I just can't get to the theatre though. My feet won't take me there. Some other stuff happens before I reach my dad (can't remember what) on my cell, the movie has long started so he picks me up and we drive home.

week or so ago: My friends and I are biking, we have a sense of purpose to deliver/sell something and we split up and start covering streets of a huge neighborhood which exists only in my head. i only remember going up to one house where I knock on the door, a child opens it. for some reason behind him is a garage with a bunch of kid's tricycles. a mothers voice yells and she comes to the door we two other little kids clinging to her. I can't remember anything else.

two weeks: I'm part of a battilla or dragon/dinosaur creatures flying over the land (I and other humans each ride one of the creatures). Beneath us are lots of different dinosaurs. We are battling other dragon rider people and in the meantime we also have to pick up these golden spheres off of the ground. I skim along the ground and notice a girl from my school in real life who is having problems with her dragon but I leave her because she's not from our 'army'.

Any one know what even one of the dreams mean? Thanks, it would be really interesting!

Example: What does this dream mean?

iv looked everywhere for what my dream means and couldn't find it on the wiki or on the you-tube not even the Google...
i had my eyes closed and was asleep when i had this weird dream, i was in my house (but it was different but i still new it was my house) and i was rubbing semi-skimmed milk threw my hair (real intensely) then out of nowhere my friends granddad came in and started swinging his claw hands at me i was panicked and frighted because he had this crazy look i his eye that he also wanted to rape me...after realising i didn't want to get ripped up or raped i threw my semi-skimmed in his eyes to obscure his vision, this gave me some time to fine a weapon i grabbed free-view box and smashed my friends granddad in the head with it, he went down and didn't move but i was in a crazed mood and started to rip him apart with my hands when i noticed his blood and guts were green, there was green everywere witch freaked me out and woke me up... i was flustered and sweating but glad it was just a dream, i went back to sleep and woke up in the mourning on Saturday to have my sugar puffs when i smelled my fingers they stunk and it brought the memory of the weird green guts and blood.
im freaked out can anyone explain what is going on? do i have the power to hurt people in my dreams? please any kind of explanation will help my mind rest.

Example: So I urinate w/blood? & I dreamed about antibiotics what does my dream and my problem means?

Yesterday I tried searching online to c wat I can buy so I can use bcuz
I can't go to the doctor and many people said antibiotics was a good thing and I went to sleep thinking wat do I have and I dream of pills antibiotics help n thank yu..=)

Example: What does a dream about mushrooms growing from your legs mean?

Recently I had been experiencing pain in my left leg that hurt so badly, I wasn't able to walk. I went to the doctor, and by the time I'd arrived to the doctor, a red spot had shown up when the pain was occurring, about two inches long, an inch wide. When I went to the doctor, they weren't quite sure what it was, they said it might be a fungus, but prescribed me antibiotics. I've ended the antibiotics and the mark is still there, with less pain than before but it's not going away. Last night I had a dream I was on a cruise ship, and when I went out on the deck, I fell asleep and woke up to purple and green mushrooms sprouting out of my legs, and my legs were rooted into the wood of the deck. What does this mean? Could the "fungus" in my leg mean anything to this dream? Or an answer to what's growing on my leg and won't go away?

Example: Really weird questions dealing with dreams and antibiotics?

it seems everytime that i take an antibiotic, that i have the most insane dreams. i just had a dream where i turned into a wasp then was hannah montana and all this other crazy stuff. i'm not even kidding, i'm being serious and just wanted to know, can antibiotics make you have weird dreams?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at the hospital with my mom in an exam room. The doctor came in and he told me I had diabetes. He also said I needed an antibiotic shot, and my blood taken. I got the shot, and my mom and I started to walk down to where I was going to have my blood drawn. But as we were walking down the hallway, I saw my friend, her mom and her brother walking in. We both saw each other and I started to walk up to her. She was just about to say hi when I ran into her arms and started crying hysterically. She was really worried, and tried to get me to tell her what was wrong, but I was sobbing too hard to answer. She hugged me, rocked me back and forth and waited for me to calm down. Then I woke up. I'm 13 years old. I'm not diabetic, and I'm not sure why I'd be thinking or dreaming about something like this. Please help, I'm really confused! >.<

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that I had a cup full of plain yogurt and I was adding honey to it. I remember that in the dream I felt I knew how it tasted, though I don't remember tasting it (drinking it). Also, I remember how I saw the honey on the yogurt, since I didn't mix them. What does this dream mean? I mean it was very weird.

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I've always dreamed of myself dying. At least once a week. I always come back to life in my dreams though. In these dreams i'm always in public and my friends are always in the dreams. They usually take place in school and my home. What does this mean? I am NOT suicidal and the only meds im taking is antibiotics and they're only 2 times a day. I'm not a drugee.

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