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Dream About Anus meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Missing a "working dog" in the house?

I currently have a 10 year old GSD X, who I love to death. He is absolutely perfect. His obedience is fantastic and he is a dream in the house because he knows the rules, etc.

I really enjoy training. I have been doing for many years with my current dog, but lately he has lost interest. He's just plain bored. Because of his age I really don't want to push him and his performance really stinks sometimes because he obviously just plain doesn't want to do it anymore.

I'm really struggling with the idea of getting another dog. I know I could not get a large male without ticking off my current dog, but that's ok - a medium sized female would be fine with me.

I guess my question is - has this ever happened to you? Have you ever really "needed" that "working" dog back and gotten another dog?

I am also looking into possibly helping with service dogs, just need to do some more looking on that one. Anybody done that?

This will sound like sour grapes to a lot of people here, but, oh well...For me the excitement of having a dog is the training part, that is what motivates me, gets me excited about getting a new dog. To take something young and train it for 2-3 years and title it, that is satisfaction.
Once I am done training the excitement is gone and I am looking for a new personal dog. I know that a lot of people here will not agree with that feeling, but, that is what I was exposed to when I got involved with dogs and that is what I still like.

ADD: Oh, I see my friend Nancy M is back and she is talking out of her anus as usual...pay no attention to her, she does that everyone once in a while when she crawls out from her hole!

Example: Very disturbed by my husbands internet habits?

My husband and I have been married for 7 years and have what I thought to be a healthy marriage. We share a computer and while we have separate accounts one day he left for work without logging off and my curiosity got the better of me.

There were literally hundreds of hits for various porn sites in his history, this in itself does not bother me. He had already admitted he watches porn from time to time and I know that virtually all men do it.
What bothered me were extensive and frankly CREEPY posts he had made on a pornography messageboard. He has over 4000 posts so it was impossible to peruse them all but among the ones that stood out were (Warning, very graphic and disturbing, I would almost recommend not reading them and taking my word for it that they are as disturbing as possible)

What has always bugged me about porn is the facade most girls in porn are able to maintain while in performance mode. The only thing that ever gets me off is those moments of slight hesitation when they're asked if theyre a worthless whore and you see that split second frown or look of pain in their eyes before they catch themselves and go "yep, Im a stupid slut who is starving for ***!...where? everywhere on my face my *** my pussy, ive been dreaming about *** all day!"

I would get off so much harder to this girl crying herself to sleep each night than any of her scenes. I would love to be able to show a girl old yearbook photos of herself and vids of school plays "what a pretty princess you were, who knew that princess would grow up to be a worthless whore!", You look so happy in these photos, like someone with a soul, what happened?

If I ever direct porn I will work as hard as I can to break through the wall porn girls put up to stay sane, who the **** is willing to sacrifice their dignity like this? I'd ******* kill myself if you were my daughter. Make them scream "I have no soul I have no soul! What happened to the little girl I used to be, I could have done something with my life! my scenes will be known for all the emotional pain a girl is trying to suppress coming out in a moan of pure existential despair as I laugh my *** off.

I would love to pretend to care about a pornstars self esteem and true self, find out she always wanted to be an artist and sign her up for an art class. "off to my art class, look out picasso! :)" she'd twitter but when she shows up her class is 12 sketchy guys and I'm wearing a cartoonish artists outfit with an oversized hat and salvadore dali mustache. She'd appraise the situation and her face would start to quiver and I'd throw 2k at her feet and tell her to start sucking.

Does scat porn exist with high production values? And am I the only guy who jerked off to 2 girls 1 cup? Whats with the stigma around scat porn I mean WTF? I think scat porn could be hot if it was shot in a glossy vivid video style, most of the stuff Ive watched has been depressing 2 girls one cup stuff that looks like it was shot in a self storage locker, it also seems to have a gross consistency like they made them take laxatives and stool softeners beforehand. Id love to watch a cutie like Lexi Belle take a nice big natural ****, one they have to struggle with at first but then orgasmically pushes out, watching the spinchter and anus move of their own beautiful accord can be very erotic

I think it could be really hot if its done in a silly way, like if they sang songs "taking a poop, takin a poop, wouldja like a scoop? Im takin a poop!" and they were doing the twist as they ****, Ive been so desensitized to porn that scat is the final frontier and Ive been disappointed at what Ive found so far, scat porn should be about the joy of shitting not degrading women Imagine a cutie pie pornstar like doing this and giggling, Im talking Silly scat, not depressing low production values desperate scat porn. They could drink lots of food coloring so its bright neon colors

For those that object how is that different from letting random strangers ejaculate on your face? Its just a natural body function that you're letting people film.

120 days of sodom by the Marquis de Sade is full of scat themed erotica and it is a classic on the level of Great Expectations.

For me the hottest scat porn would be if they really had to struggle cause it was so big and hard, the sort of **** that causes mild bleeding from the capillaries on the anus.

This man is not my husband, and I am frankly afraid to be in the same house as him. Should I confront him with this? I dont think I can just pretend this never happened, I really think he needs psychological help, there is a deepseated hatred of women here

Example: My friend's brother raped me =( What should I do?

I was raped last night when I was at my friends house for a sleep over. Her brother came into her room where we were sleeping and told me he needed my help in his room. I went and then he starting making moves on me. I told him to stop and he didn't. He started to take off my pj bottoms and the next thing I new his hands were inside me. I was really.. i dunno.. in shock. I didn't scream.. i was too scared.. He then raped me. I'm 15 years old. And he did it.. both ways.. I just went back to my friend's room and layed there in basically in shock.. I didn't know what to do. But this morning when I came home, there was a lot of blood in my panties and it's not my period. I'm in a lot pain in both my rear and front where he hurt me. I live with my grandparents and I want to tell my grams reallly bad. She is my "rock" I can tell her anything and she's very supportive. But I think she is going to want to take me to a doctor to have him check me out down where he hurt me. I'm so scared and I don't want to do that. I was crying earlier and she heard me and just came in to my room and held me.. I just told her I had a bad dream. I want to tell her really bad.. but I don't want to go to a doctor. It already hurts in both areas bad enough, and seeing a doctor, he will make it hurt worse. I'm so ashamed and embarrassed. I should have screamed.. then it wouldn't have happened. I had a friend who's dad raped her and she said something about a rape kit. I really don't want to tell police and all that.. I don't think I could handle it. What is a rape kit? what do they do? I know it involves doctors looking at you and touching you down there.. but what else will they do? It hurts to even sit down right now. I don't want to cause problems.. but I'm so scared and in pain. This is so embarrassing. IF... and that's a big IF I would go to my doctor, could my grams stay with me? Please don't leave mean comments. I'm just so scared and confused.

Example: !Diet Pills!? Please Answer?

Hi everyone. I'm wanting to get on some diet plan and I'm kinda needing all the information I can get. So kinda just tell me what you got on. 1)How it affected you. 2) How much you lost. 3)Cost 4) how much supppy you get. 5) any bad symptoms 6)What you did while taking them. 7) Is the weight coming back. Etc. I really don't care to here that this is not the way to lose weight, I'm aware of this but it's my decision. So please only people who have been on a certain diet pill, drink, etc comment. I'd like to get every bit of information so if you want to contact me with everything you can email me at Mesmorized3@gmail, but please post on here just incase I don't receive your mail.

Example: Can someone tell me more info on my pregnancy?

Ok I started my period on oct 21, 2012 and it last like 4-5 five days I had unprotected sex on nov. 5 and I was discharging alot that day still am can someone tell me more info like ex. When to check, what to expect, if I am?, when my baby will be due extra it will be so helpful

Example: Sex!?

is sex really that good? y do people go crazy about it? y does mostly every1 like it? and wats the best type of sex

Example: Two questions about paleontology, some help please?

How would a paleontologist tell apart a fossil coming from an ancient hybrid from an actual species? Say, it is undeniable that smilodon (sabertooth cats) and the american lion existed, but how would they tell apart a fossil from an hybrid of these two?

This is of course, taking for granted both that inhabited North America and were ancient felids. If Lions and tigers produce ligers / ligons, it would have been possible that these 2 different species could have created hybrids some time in history.

Second question, if there had been an ancient species similar to a lion (a maned mammal), would reconstructions / DNA, etc. tell whether the animal had a mane at all? I'm aware it is said sabertooth cats' fur is undetermined (whether it was striped or not, etc.), so would they be able to tell if an ancient animal had more fur than covering their skin?

Example: Was i sexually abused as a child?

I'm not sure about this situation but i would love someones opinion.
When i was a little girl, my mom normally sends me to visit and stay over at my dads home on holidays. One night i don't really think its so but, i do remember, my dad, step mom and i were sleeping on the same bed and i was in the middle.
Anyways i was unable to sleep that night because i got home sick, missed my mom.My dad had left the TV on for me to watch nick at nights until i fall asleep. After watching couple hours, i was feeling the sleep coming on so i lay and rested my head, my dad thought i was asleep so he got up and turned off the TV.
When he came back in the bed im sure he look over to see if i was sleeping, because my back was turned to him. Then about few minutes later i felt him moving my underwear to the side of my buttocks and i felt this cold thing inserting into my Anus, i didn't know what it was until i was grown up that it was his penis. He kept on inserting it and it pained so bad, but i still pretended i was sleeping.
I tried to turn on the other side facing him to avoid him doing it but he turn me back on the other side, and kept doing it. To make him stop i pretending to have woken up and i went to the bathroom, while i was there my underwear was wet and full of white fluid, i was traumatized and i was confused in my mind i was saying no he couldn't have hes my father.
I am 16 years old now and i have not yet come to a conclusion that he really did sexually abuse me, because which father does that. I have had dreams, memories and i thought it was just late and i was imagining, but i couldn't have because i was a little child,knew nothing about sex. :'( I haven't told anyone and i want to tell my mom because i know she would believe me but im just too confused and unsure about what took place.
Now i have been depressed, having low grades in school, im always angry, im kinda timid and i love to just keep by myself. What must i do?

Example: How to get over accidental anal?(serious answers)?

okay so me and my boyfriend have been together for almost a year. i love him and he loves me, i have found someone i want to be with and he feels the same. so i know what your thinking and anal can be accidental, he happens to be amazing in bed and i get extremely wet and 2 times he has slipped into my butt as he had pulled back almost all the way and being so wet and we were not staying still... the first time it took a long time but we got back into the swing of things and things were just fine. several months later it happened again and this time it was much worse. i wasn't really hurt where i needed a doctor but more like i was scared out of my mind. it was almost a month before i let him touch me again and now that we do have sex again i find myself getting so scared that i have to stop him and we cant go on. i mean one out of every 5 times i will have an amazing time but most of the time i will just get scared. i love him and he does everything possible to keep me safe but i cant seem to bounce back.

Example: Im scared, I think im pregnant? help! 10pts.?

Please help, I think I'm pregnant, what do you think, omg am I over reacting or what I'm so scared? Me n my bf were playin around with underwear on but his. *** got on the outside of my vagina not in it, but on the lip. What do you think here what I. Been having. I've missed my period its almost 2 weeks late, everyday all day I feel like I'll gonna vomit, I've been having some back aches, if I crouch down or somthing that puts pressure on my stomach it then starts to hurt really bad, I've been getting headache like everyday, I'm tired all day, I've been having moddy swings, I'm starting to break out all over my face, my boobs are soar and hurt to touch (where the nippe is) there pointy, my lower abdominal hurts and keeps feeling weird, I recently started peeing alot through out the day, my hands are getting swollen, my complextion is pale, I have a white discarge I get every day on my under wear, I've been craving odd things like ketchup pizza and chocolate on doritos, and I'm always hungry, I've gotten really bloated mostly in the stomach area, every day ill feel very warm while everyone else is fine, increased disire for sex, odd dreams, just feeling pregnant, gas, sharp pains every now and then in lower stomach, etc. I'm only 15 I don't wanna be pregnant and I can't get a test because I don't want my parents to know I was even just fooling around they'd have a fit and never let me see him again what do I do helpp! Am I? Omg please help I'm freaking out right now, so is he :"(

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