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Dream About Anus meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this mean?

I had a dream that some guy stuck a cooked carrot up my anus. Does it mean anything?

Why waste a question to troll ? Wouldn't a cooked carrot break apart before even being pushed up there ? Reported.

Example: What does dreaming about ur boyfriends, ex-wife mean?


I dreamt of my boyfriend and his late wife. In my dream, my boyfriends and i are together, then his late wife comes in and she is 6 months pregnant, my boyfriend is overjoyed at the news. He seems to be so much in love with his late wife, and i am left out. When his late wife was alive, the relationship was not a happy one. The late wife and i seem to get on well together in my dream. I don't know what to make of this dream, please help. My boyfriend and i have a really loving relationship, but this dream is confusing.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about an infant...?

I had this dream where I was sitting in a plane and beside me was a woman with her baby on her lap. The baby was so cute and so quiet and I was playing with him/her (I don't remember the gender). Then suddenly he/she grabbed my arm and bit me SO hard that I woke up feeling pain in the place where I was bit, but then the pain washed away. Bear in mind that he/she was a baby and it's weird that he/she can bite THAT hard!
What does this dream mean?

Example: I keep seeing people getting raped in my dreams! What does it mean?

I've had two dreams where I witness someone being raped. I'm not there as myself or anyone else, I can just see it like a movie. On both accounts the people getting raped are gay, one a lesbian and another a homosexual man. The first one ends up bleeding severely out of his anus, and paramedics have to come. The second one was way weirder where it involved lesbians drinking each others blood, Like a strange cult and in the end one of them goes too far and ends up killing another lesbian. I see as one of the lesbians who (by mistake) killed the other one takes a bandage off her head and see's that she is dead. These dreams are making me feel physically sick and I don't have a clue what they could mean anyone have any idea's?

Example: My boyfriend dreamt that he caught two fishes. what does this mean?

Example: Seriously, i mean, seriously come on... do clams dream?

and if they could, would they even want to?

Example: What does my dream mean?

a few nights ago I had a dream that I was at home making fish for my pet cats. in the dream I gave them the fish on a plate, they all went to the plate and they started to eat it, then while I was in the kitchen I heard the window shatter in the dining room. I went into the dining room and I seen that santa claus broke in my house, he was trying to steal my stuff and he has his hos with him. then his hos went in the kitchen and started to lick each cats anus. then santa claus did a loud fart that made my whole house shake and blow my house down. then he took me in his sleigh to France and then I got stuck on an airplace with dancing French fries.

Example: Some white gluey silky "chipchippa & chickna" liquid coming from my anus during sleeping.?

i am 16 years old boy.sometimes during night some white gluey what we call "chipchipa" type of come out from my anus during sleep.its generally when i dream of girls.

Example: What does dreaming of having penis mean?

Okay, very strange dream. I'm an 18 year old straight female, and have never really desired to be a man before.

In my dream I was an 18 year old male lying naked in a bed. In the room I was in, there was nothing except the bed; the lighting was quite dark. I remember how strange it was seeing my penis. In the room with me was a man of around 30, a woman of around 30, and another young man of maybe 17/18. They all came over to the bed and climbed on, moving closer to me. They were all quite beautiful, dark and almost gothic in their own way, like they were vampires.

The oldest man (who seemed to be the leader), moved close to my face and whispered tenderly "Please...join us..." And I felt nervous, but I lifted my hand to caress his face in a gesture of submission. Then suddenly the oldest man was naked and my penis was very erect. He slowly and gently started to push his penis into my anus and it felt so wonderful.

The woman then started to give me a ******* which also felt great (but I was not attracted to her, I was just so concentrated on the feeling of having a penis and having another penis so warm inside me). I felt so complete and loved. I loved all the attention I was getting. The younger boy then caressed my chest and kissed me softly.

I remember I felt so aroused, and was so close to cumming. It felt so wonderful! Sorry for being so graphic :\

No rude answers please.

Example: Meaning of a scary dream with a snake?

I had a very scary dream last night, normally I am not a dreamer, only dreaming maybe 1 in 10 nights. The dream however was very vivid and went like this:
I went into some store with a friend and saw a new juice bottle (it was in a clear bottle with a yellow-brown mushy liquid with some solids floating in it). For some reason I wanted to try it so I bought it and drank it, tasted ok, like a generic fruit drink and I was also consuming some gummy solids in the drink. Upon finishing the bottle I felt a sharp pain in my anus. I ignored it for a while but then put my hand down there to feel something meaty protruding. I worried and asked my friend to take a look, he (and a couple of other friends who showed up from I don't know where) started pulling on the thing and I could feel something big coming out of me. About 3-4 feet of pulling, all of us including me realized it was a big snake. We all sort of panicked but kept on pulling until finally the whole snake came out (maybe 6-7 feet). My friends were holding the snake and I was breathing a sigh of relief and feeling relieved physically when the dream ended and I woke up.

It was very scary and I'm not sure what it means. In terms of my life, I am a 31 year old dad of 2 sons (2.5 years and 3 months), married 6 years, work full time.

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