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Dream About Anus meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean if you have a dream about an alien abduction?

Jan 6 2011
Today I had a dream about aliens. Me and some of my friends were abducted.
 While in their spaceship we flew over the world. I remember it being cold, gray, and crowded. I remember us being over Paris for a long time. The sky was orange and the world looked busy. Cars and people moving fast. I had my cell phone and the whole time I was trying to contact my family to tell them I love them but I kept losing signal.
 Next thing I knew they had use working out and training as if we were preparing for a war.
The last thing I remember is that everyones bodies had been transformed as if we were superhuman. Like we were unstoppable and could take on anything.
 Lately I've been watching UFO hunters and Ancient Aliens.

To dream that you are being abducted by aliens, indicates your fear of your changing surroundings or your fear of losing your home and family. You feel that your space and/or privacy is being invaded.

To see aliens in your dream, signify that you are having difficulties adapting and adjusting to your new surroundings. You are feeling "alienated" and disconnected. You may also be having difficulties with how to handle or deal with a certain situation or person. On a psychological level, seeing aliens represent an encounter with an unfamiliar or neglected aspect of your own self.


Example: Why do I keep dreaming the same thing?

I've been having dreams of this guy friend of mine that were out in the street with other classmates and for some reason he gets close to me and sticks his finger up inside my anus. I've had these kind of dream for the past 2 weeks

Example: What does my dream mean?PLEASE HELP! EASY 10 points?

Im a 34 year old male,i have had about 30 to 40 sexual dreams in my lifetime and every time i usually kiss them,or rub thier butt,but whenever i start getting sexual i always wake up every time,could you please tell me a tip to try to complete a sexual dream and acctualy have sex?,also every time i have a sexual dream the girl im about to have sex with has a very sweaty anus and buttocks,it would make my day if you could please answer these 2 questions.

Example: Shape Changing Creature Dream - assuming that dreams mean anything, what would this one most likely means?

I had a dream last night that at times seemed like a movie that I was watching, and at other times seemed like a real situation in which I was involved. It had to do with a wolf-like beast that was terrorizing people in a fictional community. At first it seemed as if the beast was a werewolf. But it later turned out that it was a person with a shape-shifting ability, who could turn into any type of creature he wanted. At some point, someone figured out that the creature's weak spot was his... anus. At the end of the story, the creature became something like a dog with a human face. We got him to turn around, and then we shot him in the rear with a missile launcher - which killed him.

If you were to interpret this dream, what would you say?

Example: Dream and feeling something?

Well a couple of times in my life I have dreamed about me sitting on a stick or sitting on something and felt a feeling underneath (anus)! And its been feeling like when you masturbate but what is that?

Example: I had 2 dreams and need help finding out what they mean. I keep having them over and over every night.?

1st part of my dream is where I am at home in terrible pain, so I load up my kids and bring myself to the er. It turns out that I am in labor with twins. The doctor makes me have them natural, but since I was born with an imperforate anus it tears through where I had my surgery. And they have to do an immediate surgery on me to fix it. While they have me back there my heart gives out on them while they are doing the surgery. (Which I have had open heart surgery before when I was a kid) And it takes them 45 minutes to bring me back to life. After they bring me back they bring me to my room where they bring the babies and there twin girls. I name them after all 4 of my great grandmas. My mom is there which cant happen cause she passed away almost a year ago. Then all of sudden I am in a gas station in the middle of no where, with my 2 sisters, my 2 nephews, niece and my 2 kids. We are buying drinks and then all of sudden it starts raining and we all run to the car and get in and we are trying to out run a flood that has flooded the whole city and its coming at us but some how we make it to a mountain with a cabin and the sun starts shinning. But the water is still rising and I start drowning and it feels so real where it wakes me up and I am gasping for air. Can someone please help me understand this dream. I have been having it for weeks.

Example: What does it mean for a man (20's) to dream (few times) that he's loosing his organ,that kind of fear ?

to dream that your male genitalia is actually detached/apart from the body ! why would that be ?

Example: Can anyone help me intepret this dream?

I have a dream that I find out, quite late, that a train company had written asking to buy our house so that one of their trains can follow a new route through where our house is. We don't reply, so figure well they can't do anything unless we've given permission/sold etc. One Sunday evening, a train goes through our living room, through the house and smashes out of a patio door. There's wooden tracks in the garden and they go uphill and then out of sight. The front of the house is not smashed in the dream (even though the train had to smash through it) but the patio door (just one) is smashed, and we hand a door curtain over it (I don't know why) then I go outside and look at the wooden tracks. The first couple of tracks crumple when I push them and break. I say we need to get the patio door fixed, tell the train company the tracks are broken,(in case the train comes through again and its unsafe) and complain to the train company about driving through our house.

I then decide we should approach a company director we know, because he may have more clout dealing with the train company than us. Which we argue about :P

I keeo having this dream, what can it mean?

Example: Why do i have a reoccurring dream?

i have a reoccurring dream that's a bit odd.in the dream someone is grabbing my testicles and squeezing them very very hard and the pain is real like its really happening.also as embarrassing as it might seem (same type of dream) it feels like some one is latterly trying to stick something up my anus and same thing the pain is real subconsciously awake the shi# hurts.i sometimes wake up because the pain but then nothing.?wtf y?i don't live with anyone so that rules out the thought of some one in my home sexually molesting me in my sleep..whats all this mean?

Example: Was this a normal dream? What does it mean?

So I had this dream that I was in this small, dark room, there were lanterns so I could barely see anything. There was one door, and my brother walked through it. He took off my clothes, and inserted a spike through my anus, maneuvered it through my organs, and out my mouth. He's 2 years older than me, he's 17 and I'm 15 so theoretically he could do this. He then anally raped me, his penis getting larger and larger with each thrust, until the pike came out my mouth. As his penis came out my mouth, he ejaculated, and I woke up, blood and semine in my underwear. I'm straight, and usually when I'm awake I'm a pretty normal kid! What does this dream mean?! Why was there blood in my pants?!

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