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Dream About Anus meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Weird dream! Please help me out and tell me what this means?

I was at a mountain walking around and i saw this black man laying on the ground. He had quite a large penis, around 60 inches+ in the air and there was a woman who came by. She jumped unhumannly high and landed exactly on his erect penis. They performed sexual activity in the anus and he was very happy exhibiting his monster power.
Then when he was about to arrive, she fell off his dick and he ejaculated so strong like a big cannon and there was a military jet flying by and his cumshot hit it. The jet fell to the ground crashing and i was on the mountain staring at this like OMG very pro man .. i really don't understand the meaning of this dream but really i had this dream just 2 days ago i did not make it up !..Please reveal the meaning to me. Do you get similar dreams too?

What mean cumshot?

Example: What does it mean to get buttraped in my dreams? Sleep paralysis.?

I have been having dreams like this for a lonnng time, like 3 years. I am on my arms and my butt is in the air, I feel something going in and out of my anus. I remember at first I couldn’t look back but then I could. I saw nothing.

Like 5 months ago I watched Last Of Us gaming, and in this dream I had two nights ago I saw the character (the worst dude in the game) Ruvick was staring at me after the buttraping.
Everything is so surreal, Ruvick was like a ghost. What does it mean, no funny answers please.

Example: BLOOD coming from my anus or poop ? what is it ? best answer get 10 points ?

I find it a bit embarrassing to discuss but am a teenager and a bit of scared because I don't want to have any internal problems and 17 and yesterday i had blood in my poop. It was bright red and looked (FRESH) but it was quite a lot and wouldn't stop itself until I had to Stop it my self
If you know what I mean , It happened to me once before like a month ago as well
I have a male doctor which i feel a bit embarrassed to talk to him about this. Plus am lactose intolerance problems - which my doctor told me to drink soy milk but i personally dislike the taste of soy milk so i rather prefer lactose free Whole milk and Im really skinny weight 77lbs height 5feet4inch ? Help me please As I don't want to have any problems in the future because i have a lot of dreams to make them true .

Thank you And apologies for any inconvenience

Example: Can someone interpret my dream please?

With due excuse,I saw in my dream many times that my stool is struck in my anus and there is a lot of pressure from within to let it out but I can´t. I tried many times to cut some of the stiff stuff by my hands but then at the other moment again the same strucking and pressure from within. Kindly help me seriously. I kept much disturbed the whole night.

Example: Dream about blood and...?

I had a dream that i made love to my old crush. while laying in the bed i started bleeding heavy. All over the bed. and woke up. what does it mean?

Example: Weird (racey) dream?

Last night I dreamt that I was engaged in foreplay with my boyfriend and I found a vagina between his anus and scrotum. I was very distressed by this but decided to finger it a little instead of saying anything about it. Then later in the dream he admitted to tricking me by somehow putting his mouth down there and pretending like its a vagina.
What's that all about?!

Example: What does it mean if I had a wet dream about Ron Paul?

Usually, we start off just smoking pot together

Then, he bends me over and nails me in the anus while he recites his political platform. I find it strangely arousing. Then, I wake up

Does this mean anything?

Example: Help me : Dream about Human Men are being Stuffed by Sand?

I saw a very disturbing dream where lots of living human men are
being pulled on a conveyer(living) into a Factory kind of place.

There are lot of Zombie kind of people are stuffing their body with Sand!
(A zombie was stuffing sand in a dead bodies into anus)
I saw fully colored and high sharpened dream which was very disgusting.
(I hate Blood). On this factory there are divisions like for taking our brain,
stuffing them etc. There was blot stains everywhere.

I think i too was pulled over conveyer.

I am very worried, please help why such dreams are coming to me.

(Last month i played a scary game, but i see no connection.
Is it due to my homophobia, self denial?).

Example: Dream interpretation for white snake?

I had this weird dream where i woke up out of my bed and when i looked at my turtles cage, my turtle became a white snake and it wanted to get out of the cage. Fortunately the cage had a lid. I was like "what the hell happened to my turtle". Beside the white snake was a tiny baby turtle. I was like "the snake didn't eat the turtle". So i decided to take the snake out of the cage. So i grabed its neck.. i didn't know i could do that.. i mean i was so brave and confident in my dream. I rolled the snake into a panty hose..( the snake didn't turn to a panty hose.. I just rolled it like a panty hose) and then i flushed the snake into the toilet. when i looked at the snake teeth it looked like chicklets.. i wanna laugh.. haha haha... i don't think the snake was trying to bite me though but i was careful.

Example: I have this very strange and disturbing dream, any idea what it means?

I wake up and my anus has seperated from my body and it is making pancakes. My anus tells me i'm getting angry and I need to calm down. The weird thing is I don't feel angry until my anus says this. I then eat my anus in a fit of rage. The pancakes become overcooked and I cry until I wake up, still in tears.

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