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Dream About Anus meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream about Snake Coming out of Stomach?

Dream about Snake Coming out of Stomach

I had a dream about a large snake (like an anaconda) coming out of a woman's stomach. I did not recognise the woman but I was very scared of her and she did not seem the least bit concerned about the snake. This was a very disturbing dream for me, the woman then pointed to a field where a dead baby lay. I was terrified. Please interpret my dream I would be so grateful. Thank you

Well i heard that a snake represents an enemy (someone who probably hates you) and if it beats you in the dream it means its stronger than you in reality. Lol your dream is hard though! I've been told that before when i had my dream cause it bit me but because Iam a fighter (You know like martial arts, sports and that stuff) i doubted it and i was like wtf? No body ***** with me? HAHAHAHA lol I have no fear exept from the one that created me and then you know what. Next day i went out saw a couple of boys that suddenly attacked me. By the way running is just a sign of retreat not fear :P LMAO! ok ok joking what ever

If you keep getting the same dreams again its probably a sign or a warning or just mere illusions, you wake up its gone.

I hope its not serious but dont think about it to much and just take extra care you know, probably some little issue. I've had similar dreams nothing to worry about trust me, just always be strong and you'll be cool :)

Jinger I've done some research and according to their interpretations this is what I've found

" A snake coming out of the dreamer’s ear, belly, vagina, or anus: Will commit a sin and give up religious faith, or the dreamer’s children might turn inimical".

Jinger I'm not an expert of what so ever but I'm glad that it wasn't you who had any relations or contact with the snake. What your dream may mean is that there might be an enemy among your relatives or friends or people... but because you didn't recognize the woman does that mean you haven't seen her before? I don't think snake represents something good. Remember dreams doesn't necessarily mean much , it could be a sign of warning to refrain, to be aware, to take extra care etc. These aspects of life are always important to any random people. So that's why i said previously that always be strong! But if your strong there is nothing to fear about and if your right there is nothing to be scared about. Overcome such things and your all good XD

Note dreams after sunrise do not count and have no value

Example: I had a weird dream about a screwdriver?

I dreamed that I accidental stuck a screw driver in my anus by accident because my butt was itching so bad. So I was in school in my 6th period class with kids during my dream and I felt something weird in my anus so all the sudden I sit up a table and I got semi naked with my clothes off and I only had an underwear. I got it out but I was bleeding. I was surprised that no said anything about me doing it in the class. then I woke up. What does this mean?

Example: Dream where i slit someones throat?

I went to bed at 2 am

the dream went something like this , there was a man whom i met on a mmo and my mom made me go live with him. he lived deep in the country. i told him i was ready to go home and i needed to call my mom and he said no you cant leave i want you to stay with me. and i ran for the door he pulled me back and he pulled out a meat cleaver. he said something like this. '' i want you to stay with me and play video games maybe have lots of sex'' at this point i was hysterically cursing him out telling him im not gay he then was infront of me and he moved to stab me i took his arm and itwisted him over so he was kneeling. i pulled out a rambo hunting knife i brought this knife in reality a few weeks ago. then i took the ridged side with a bunch of spikes and i sawed at the front , the left and right of his neck and he started bleeding out. he ran up to me and tryed to finish me off before he died. next thing i remember the scene changed and he was telling me how he was going to molest me in the anus so i took the knife agian and this time i beheaded him i remember looking at it and it just caught aflame and then plants grew where he died.

so what does this mean ?

Example: Very strange and vivid nightmare: any idea what it means ...?

The dream was disturbing, bizarre.
I was in a run down hotel and in my room.It was night time and very quiet and I was in bed. Not a nice hotel. old fashioned and spooky.Through the lock on the door this very long thin piece of crumpled up paper (thin and string like) had a paper eye on the end.
The string like paper was very long and gradually was threaded through the keyhole until it hovered by my bed in mid air and there was a flower like thing at the end which also looked like an eye.
It was obvious someone was threading it through from the other side of the door and it felt supernatural and it was designed to disturb me.
The next thing I remember is gradually opening the door and there was no-one there.
The hall was dark and run down. At the other side of the dark hall there was a tiny office with two young women who ran the hotel.I asked them if this had happened before and they said yes,a sinister young gay guy was stalking the hotel and was scary but no-one could catch him

Example: Can anyone help me understand my dream?

Me, and my friends Chris and Tre were playing hacki sack in the middle of the street, And this old bummy looking guy rode past on a bike and said "follow the pink star" and we all started laughing because we thought he was either high or drunk,

but i really think it means something.

Example: Atheists, I had a spiritual dream?

I had a dream, where I found myself in my own bed. The room was dark, no lights. But I saw something shifting in the corner, then I saw Jesus' face as the figure approached me. He smiled and held out a white egg and then began to chew on it. I got out of bed and raced down the stares, and when I look back I see Jesus again, this time, naked, wearing nothing more than a strap-on. I was petrified, I ran out of the house. I thought I was safe. Then I found an egg on the road infront of my house, I squatted over it, and used my ANUS DYSON power to suck the egg up there. I stored it, ran back into the kitchen and placed it on the kitchen table. Today I woke up, found out my mum was cooking an egg which was left on the table..and it was brown! Does that mean Jesus wus real?

Example: Pretty sick dream again?

I saw a man getting a autopsy and saw his rib cage and intestines heart lungs all of it and the person getting this autopsy was still alive and was unaware of the fact his body was dismantled this disturbed me so much.

Next dream this cat was showing off in front of me and was showing me its anus I was very sick but this ginger cat continued to do so.
what on earth does this mean?

Example: Flying semi trucks (with trailer attached), multiple moons & even a secret order of carpenters?

yeah, my dreams are weird, to say the least. but for some reason, this time i get the notion that these have some significant meaning to them. what can you make of it?

Example: Does one has 'free will' in dreams?

I understand that one doesn't has 'free will' on reality but I am wondering if one does in dreams? which I also understand are part of the same reality coin. For example I dream that I had anal sex with a woman that I was attracted to, but when we started having sex It turned out she had a penis and no vagina whatsoever, still her hands looked womanly, anyway, I sucked her testicles for a second but was disgusted by it, but then I proceeded to have anal sex with her, (me doing it to her), what can this dream mean? Do you think is something to be ashamed? I can't get it out of my head, the part where I suck on her scrotum. I remember I wanted a partner in the dream and I was like " 'what the hell' if she's cool, what if she has a d.ick? "Anyway, what do you think? I didn't c.um on her in the dream and didn't came at all, because I woke up, she had to answer the phone or something, In the dream I think I thought I wouldn't be able to c.um inside of her anus.

Example: I dream about babies all the time?

I dont want any kids right now, not for a few good years but lately im dreaming of my and my bf having a baby, in the dream im pregnant going into labour and there is no one home, i know i can have the baby at home easy,i felt pain and the baby came out itself, i was fine then my bf came and the baby was quiet he seemed un interested to see the baby it was like he left the dream or something? whats does that mean ive had this dream a few times in the last month, always the same story and outcome?
whats even weirder is i cant have babies vaginally, i lost 2 to shoulder dystocia and really i just dream always to have a kid in the future with a normal birth

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