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Dream About Any Small,Blood Sucking Insect meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream that my house was completely invaded by insects, and a red snake on my window?

To those who may uselessly answer as such: I am aware that dreams likely do not mean anything, except maybe as a peek into one's subconscious. But this was the most seemingly-symbolic dream I can remember ever having, and I thought it would be at least interesting to see what people may believe it to mean, either symbolically or psychologically.

I dreamed that I had woken up and found my room to be overrun by insects. Cockroaches were all over the floor, and giant ants swarmed the walls. There were some flying insects, such as a few mosquitoes, but not anywhere near the amount of the cockroaches and ants. The bugs, of course, disgusted me, and so I ran (carefully avoiding cockroaches) to find my family. I found them trying to kill as many bugs as they could, but they otherwise did not know what to do about it.
I remember looking back into my room, and seeing something strange in the window. I could not make out what it was; some sort of writhing, thin string form that seemed to have wing parts of a green, patterned butterfly growing from the ends and middle. I heard a hissing sound that I thought was coming from it, and I ran to find my dad. I told him that he had to see this weird thing in my window. But by the time we got back, what was now in my window was some form of a red python. Bloodred, with a black diamond pattern down its back. It frightened me when I saw its fangs, but my dad thought it was really cool. I told him this wasn't the thing I had seen, and thought to myself that the snake had eaten it, but my dad wasn't concerned and went back to where he was before. I watched the snake slither up my window and out of sight, likely to the roof.
I don't remember much else, but I do remember that the initial fright of the snake went away, and I was no longer afraid of it, even though I could not see it and knew it was somewhere in or outside of my house. Although I was cautious of it, I felt as though it had a deeper purpose for being there. A purpose I had yet to understand due to its hidden and sneaking nature, but I knew the snake was important, and that it would eat the invading insects.

All my life I've had a strange relationship to insects. As a child I had a dream that a giant swarm of mosquitoes of varying shapes and sizes had invaded my room and were flying everywhere inside it, and then one large one had landed on me as I lay afraid on my bed and began sucking my blood. I'm not afraid of bugs when I observe from afar, but I cannot stand it if they crawl on me or invade my home or room. Yet at many times I felt like I was attracting swarms. One month I kept seeing spiders everywhere I looked. This week, tiny ants have been swarming various parts of my house, but I am the only one that has had many of them crawling on my person.
I thought the dream most likely derived from my apparent paranoia of swarming insects, but I have no relationship to snakes, so that was the part which made me curious.

Again, I do not consider dream symbols as a serious thing to go by, but I would appreciate the insight of anyone who can satisfy my curiosity.

Houses typically represent the self in dreams or the dreamer; insects usually represent irritants or things that are bothering us; red is the color of anger and passion; windows represent the intuition; snakes can represent people that betray us and do things to us behind our backs' cockroaches can represent people who are negative or low lifes; ants can be small and petty people.

Example: Dreams interpritaioin?

Well, I had a wierd dream the other day about a bug

I was a bit like a big green mosquito (about the size of my foot and it didn't actually suck blood, it's just the best insect i can describe it as) and there was only one, but it would bite someone's finger tip and leave a sort of black hole (not through the finger) kind of like a bad burn, The setting wasn't so significant (I think it migght have been a library) nor the characters, they were mostly adults.

I remember one character that died, he was kind of fat and had a beard (like how immagine mayors lol) but we don't have mayors so idk... coming to think of it most of the characters were short and fat...

In the end heaps of ppl got bitten by this bug and i figured out how to fix it with my sister (she was only in a short part of the dream) and this insect had laid rly small eggs everywhere or something like that and wherever you touched it would bleed, e.g. if Ileaned my hand on a wall my whole palm would start bleading (that didn't happen to me, it happennd to my sister) so I learned not to touch anything and I had to inform everyone.

It was so weired... any ideas about what this means?

sorry it was long too and I'll try and pick best answer.

Example: Am I in over my head with dreams of becoming a writer?

Prologue (1st page)

The small cell stank of feces and vomit. There was no window, but a crack in the wall that allowed a glimpsed of light to creep into his cell on occasions. It was very small, but the light made him happy nonetheless. Day and night, the cell was an abyss. A holding of absolute darkness; accompanied by noisy rats and foul insects. The noise the rats made was insufferable, and it caused Shane to wonders how long his sanity would remain intact. Not long he thought.

He wondered if he would ever see Callia again. The thought made him angry, instead of sad. Shane suddenly remembered a joke she made, as they snuck inside the abandoned church of Osis, and climbed their way on top the church’s roof and sat. “We can never become king and queen of castles or kingdoms,” she said, “but we can become king and queen of rats and fleas.” Was she joking when she said that? Shane laughed, and he felt crazy doing so, “I guess I have become the king of rats and fleas.” He turned his head to glance around the cell, but darkness was everywhere. Maybe I am blind, he thought. The light hasn’t appeared for days, or maybe his eyes have grown weak, and their light had withered away into darkness.

Shane wasn’t sure where this dungeon was located, probably inside the castle, he thought. That’s where all the garbage goes, straight to the white castle filled with $h!t like the bloody prince. “That rhyme,” he said aloud.

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