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Dream About Arch meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does this dream mean something?

I was dreaming that I was entering this Hotel. Inside were rows of beds at first which looked more like a hospital. When I came further, I went to the bathroom because for some reason I knew that was where the elevator of the hotel rooms led.

I got in the elevator and as I got to the top floor, the hallway was so elegant. Bright chandeliers were hanging from the ceiling. I overheard 2 female-like voices talking in the background but it was unclear to me on what they were talking about. I thought I heard them say “Allopolo”. I just ignored the voices and walked slowly around the corridors. As I got to my room, I opened the door which had 2 beds inside. As I moved deeper into the bedroom the lights suddenly kept flickering on and off until the lights stayed off. I looked behind me and on the bed was a weird, white and arch-shaped object that wasn't supposed to be there. I just paused, staring at it until it slowly dropped as if it were only an ironing board. It gotten bigger and bigger and it was about to drop on top of me, then I passed out.

Later, I think I woke up in a run-down area. The place was so huge. It was almost a size of a football stadium, yet it was dark and only little light shinned through the holes on the ceiling. I quickly paused, hearing something. I looked behind me. What stood behind me was a weird purple-masked stranger. Around its head was a purple coloured, pin covered cloth so it couldn’t see. Suddenly, another purple-masked person came up and then lunged at the other one, not making any noise. The other one jumped around the walls, as if it was escaping. It then shouted “Allopolo” as if it was casting a spell and disappeared.

The other purple-masked person was still there, and mistaken me as the other one. I turned around running towards what looked like a ladder that would bring me higher up. Since the purple-masked thing couldn’t see me, its ears detected my every movement. It jumped up and tackled me out of the ladder. I fell down but kept on running.

It attempted to kick me but then I dodged it. I thought I heard it say “You’re Allopolo!” which really confused me, that’s when I woke up.

Ever since I woke up, I can still remember the word ‘Allopolo’ in my head and always think of it as a name. I’ve never heard of the word “Allopolo” before until I got this dream. Is this dream trying to tell me something, and who or what is 'Allopolo'?

i will explain carefully and first the meaning of each object and scenes.
hotel-hospital-beware of schemes of opposite sex
beds-warning against making new aquaintances
elevator-indication of ambitions fullfilled
chandelier-brighter future ahead
corridors-indicates the pathways of life
room-secret ambitions,or ambitious
color purple-sufficient money to your needs
masked-secrecy of private life
voices-connected and an omen of good or bad
now i will tell the meaning of your dream. beware of people around you specially encountering a new friend which may or may not be a true friend, and you will easily distinguish the intentions of the said person. your ambitions or whatever you would like to be depends on your decision and carefull studies or weighing things will save you from any danger or mistakes in life. you are determine to any of your plans specially regarding money matters, you really wanted a very comfortable life and you will profit a huge sum of money in any business or any profitable projects youve long planned. hearing voices is a warning not to devulge any of your plans, going up to the ladder, you will succeed, as you can distinguish the intention of persons, awareness is the key, to control the bad intention of a person.you will be able to fullfill your ambitions and the luck is in your hands. your dreams indicates of your future and bright and comfortable life will yours, just be carefull in making decisions and strangers are after your fall, so beware of new acquantances, you have all the signs in your dreams...brighter future, stability in life, profitable/profit in business or any projects,always had a reservation for yourself and privacy. good luck my dear, nothing to worry about your dreams, be carefull also about partner in life. success is in your way

Example: What do you think my dream means?

I used to remember my dreams then I stopped remembering them for a while, now I'm starting to remember them again.

In my dream I got a tattoo of an eye on my foot, I tried looking up dream interpretations but it didn't really have anything exact.

If it helps in my dream i got it on the inner side of my foot near the arch. But it was fairly large and brightly colored in different shades of blue.

Example: Reocurring dream meaning? ?

I've had a dream several times now that I'm walking down my street and this cannabolistic looking being crosses my path. It looks half human and half canine demon. It walks arched over with its hands almost touching the ground. And when it sees me it starts chasing after me. Every time I have this dream I get to my house, but the door is always locked and the creature gets me. Then I wake up.

Example: Meaning of this dream...?

I am aware that alot of people do not believe in dream interpretation, so I will ask to please keep any rude comments to myself. I don't do the whole NEW AGE stuff, nor chakras, or angeology... I know nothing of this, Im neither a catholic, I haven't watched any movies recently that are in specific regarding to religions or angels or anything. I dont have a guilty conscience of anything. I am regular chich, Network Engineer, Im a single mom. Im just me. All I have in mind is work, being a mom, my car and going to school. So the dream started with me moving into a loft looking place, with an ample yard. My best friend is from Chile, I dream that she brought me a hammock made by artisan indigenous people from Chile. I went to the patio thing outside and started sweep away dead roaches in the house (anyone that knows me KNOWS that I am simply TERRIFIED of those rotten creatures) So my mom and I were looking where to hang the hammock that just looked lovely. There was an accoustic guitar that I just wanted to play while resting in the hammock, but there is some familiarity on that, because 8 years ago, I fell asleep on a hammock at my sisterhouse in GA while playing a guitar but a spider bit me on my face. In the dream there was a calm feeling about laying in there playing flamenco. Anyway, the dream then transformed in somewhere else, and instead of my house I was at like a Church Cathedral and ArchAngel Michael gave me a dagger and a sword, the blade was not metal but it glowed with anergy, it was the color of what thunderbold look like, its that intense bluewish white with light to it ( Not like the dagger STING that Frodo used) it was like ENERGY or imagine a bolt trapped on to a sword blade. He told me that I was to stab someone on the back of his neck ...someone riding on one of those 1800s train. I can't recall the details of the person I was supposed to get with the sword. ArchAngel Gabriel brought me to the higher side of the Cathedral, like the ceiling, Gabriel was holding me high up. I could see the train riding around the Cathedral, and then from above I could see Rafael, the arch angel, with a golden sword, and he was a giant green draggon with a tail of gold and fire just running around inside and outside the cathedral, into earth and above the earth... But I never had contact with that arch angel I only saw him, and even though for some reason he looked nothing like an arch angel, he looked as a dragon I knew it was an archangel because the wings on the dragon were beautiful... I mean idk how to explain it... I just dont understand. I dont read about angels, nor care, I am really not a person that thinks about angels, but I find it soooo weird that I would have a dream about angels. It has to mean something. Can someone help me?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamt that there were two doves next to each other and their feathers were touching (like holding hands) and there was a golden glow behind them.

Example: Dreams - What does it mean?

I dreamed that my dad came to me because he had two leeches on the bottom of his his feet /foot that he couldn't get off and had been there for a long time. I poured salt on them and then used tweezers to remove them. They turned white momentarily when the salt touched them and I had as long as they were white to remove them. The first leech, located at the arch of the foot, came off relatively easily and left little damage. The second leech was on his big toe and resulted in half of his toe being removed, causing permanent damage.

I'm not sure what this dream means, but I thought it was disturbing and was hoping someone could help me by assisting me in understanding what it meant. PLEASE HELP!

Example: What does this dream mean?

I'd love some analysis of this dream; I have many like this.

I dreamed that I was walking in a beautiful Gothic-type building; supposedly, it was a school, but I saw no other pupils and I was walking on a raised bridge structure- it did not appear to be a pathway. There were gold chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and it entire inside of the building was illuminated with a diffuse golden/beige glow. It was entirely dark outside; the glass windows were black. Then the pathway arched into a room that brought to mind a mausoleum; there was a great domed ceiling. The floor was dark blue and concrete; it looked like the sky. There were taxidermied animal heads on the walls, and I jumped in surprise when one of the heads (a large brown moose head) turned to me and spoke. It asked me a question, but I don't remember what it was, only that it reverberated with me. I answered it, and it told me to look at something, so I turned to see at another preserved animal near me. It was a gray bird mounted on an artificial nest, and its feathers were rustling in a non-existent breeze. It had no head.

Thanks in advance!

Example: What does my dream mean?

The setting was very snowy and there were alot of mountains and it was very white, with a snow or ice palace.
What happened was there was a mom, girl, and dad. And this happened outside but all of a sudden the dad started hurting the daughter until she died, than he went after the mother and the mother said in a whisper "God forgive me" and thats when i woke up.

It was like nothing i've ever seen before and i don't know what this means, the place it happened at looked so magical like right out of a fairy tale

Example: What's this dream mean?

I was staying with a family of my friends and their place. I remember the ceilings were low and their were many arched doorways between rooms. The building was a strange combination of cottage-eqsue and sci-fi "architecture". I remember sitting at a desk in front of a computer, looking at the book The Golden Compass. Two old men were behind me asking me about it and why I was reading it (they were apparently the residents of the home). They asked if I believed in God and I said I didn't know and then one of the men got REALLY angry and started cussing but it was all censored (which I think is funny in retrospect). I started to get really scared and I said, "I think regardless, it's a good book. It's very intelligent." Then he cursed more and they locked me into a cage...the rest gets blurry from there.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream about an ancestor of mine who I have never met or heard about before. And he was like standing in the fire like an arch-angel who was known for great things. This is no fictional-story, anyone with an answer?

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