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Dream About Armor meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when i dream about being a lion plated with armor?

I had a dream of me being a lion covered in armor while laying under a tree

Lion plated with armour in dream represents a police officer/military officer wielding high power. Armour represents protection from Government. You are likely to be selected to a good post in Police or military.

Example: The meaning of this dream?

I keep having dreams about my ex boyfriend i have when i was dating him and then it stopped for an while but after we broke up it started again and it wont stop What does this mean..?

Example: Dream about golden Armor what does it means?

last night night I had this dream where a friend was talking about me. later on in the dream I was at home with a golden shield, a golden helmet, a golden suit of armor, and a couple of swords in a golden and bronze sheathe. So here what do these dreams mean? got any ideas? please no mean or rude comments It only a question okay. no need to be a mean pitch. So anyway got any ideas? Oh yeah in another dream I was racing the clock trying to get home so I could see someone. I met some characters from G-force (I never saw the movie) so anyway the character from the Movie was twice my size and was helping me get home. in this dream I bet to a world like maze. I been all around the world trying to get home.I know it was a dream and I know not all of them have meanings. but I this dream might have one. so got any ideas?

Example: Full body armour? Syfy type of dream?

So why is it that cops/military personnel do not wear full body armour, and when I say body I mean, shin guards, knee guards, face and helmet. Basically what I'm asking/wondering: wouldn't it save more lives if armour covered the whole body like out of star wars clones or halo spartans. I just thought about the thousands of people who are killed because there face wasn't covered. Like that woman officer who was shot in the face just this week.

Example: The dream what's it mean?

Okay well last night I was dreaming that I was in this room with a baby that looked just like me and this guy I used to talk to. Some mean looking guy walks in and tries to take the baby away from me, the father of the baby comes in and starts fighting with him and I take the baby and hide him. I call my best friend up crying telling her he is trying to take my baby they are trying to take my baby, she picks him up and tries to get me to go with her. I said no because the babies dad was in the room with this mean guy. I go inside the room the guy gets up and comes really close to me and says you are not to see him anymore and as for that baby you are giving him away I will not let you ruin your life. By the way I'm 19... what does this dream mean please help

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night i dreamt of this faily tale kind of place: forest area: this knight in gold armour was killing the monsters and i was there close by to him, and suddenly the whole setting changed, kinda like we died and came to heaven. The new setting was a BEAUTIFUL ocean area, with a bright beach, like the MOST amazing beach youll ever see... and weird part: there was a WHOLE LOTTT of starfish, and i was playing with them, and me and the guy were just laying down relaxing by the ocean, everytime i threw a starfish, it landed inside a shell, or like i would have good aiming skills,( i know weird dream!) and the guy would be amazed of how good i am, and he would cheer me going "wow, that was amazing how did you aim for that" the whole mood was calm, serene and refreshing and beautiful. and the starfishes! omg il never forget them! they were really cool, almost as if i was seeing everything in real life!

please help me interpret this dream
much appretiated :)

Example: Tarot dream ! what can this mean?

ill tell what i member from the dream bare with me please...

i wanted to talk to a physic and had to pay 5 dollars to find out if i will ever be in love etc.i was with a friend so she payed fro me and SHE flipped over the card for me im guessing it had a man on a white horse with a red heart going threw the knife she told me i would be going threw alot of pain with relationships..second one i forgot..thin asked me to choose my future card my friend kept telling me the back card so i pulled it..it was a cruse t a island...confusing i know sorry i tried to explain the best way i could

"details please"

is this bad?
something about death etc.?...scared a lil

Example: Bizzare dream. What does it mean?

In my dream i see my self sleeping, at the foot of my bed. sits what looks to be a 6ft. tall character facing away from me. looking at my wall while i sleep. this character is covered head to toe in an ashy soot like skin. black dust spews from his mouth when it breathes. the dream is very life like. i can see the knife my uncle steve gave me. that knife is always at my side. even though im still dreaming, i tell my self get BUCK. buck is my knife. i see my self reach for the knife, and that's when i wake up. im awake but i feel the pressure from the foot of my bed lift, as if someone stood off my bed.. im not a religious person. nor was i shaken by it. but i have been wanting to find out what does this mean. any help is much appreciated. thank you.

Example: What does my dream mean?

a few days ago i dreamt that i was at a some kind of party weekend in a big old house, with people i went to school with, and someone i had a crush on was in it and trying to get with me but i refused him, and then this totally random bloke who i don't know is like my knight in shining armour, and plans for us to move in together and im worried that once he finds out that im not a size 8 he wont want me, and i have this fear all the way through the dream, anyway he finds this house which is quite spooky and suddenly takes the twist of a twilight theme, which is weird in its self. after this he declares that we are going on holiday to a place called banjorca, but we are running away from a black kitten can anyone help its really confounding. also a tutor from college is in it

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