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Dream About Arts meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: "Dream within a dream" meaning?

Hi, can someone tell me the meaning of E.A.Poe's little piece of art "Dream within a dream"?

Here is what I feel when I read the poem, but I can't speak for Poe or anyone else.

He is trying to grasp onto the idea of "is life but a dream". Life is always slipping through our fingers like the sand in hands. When sand is held loosely, it will sit in your palm, but if you try to grasp it for a firm hold you loose more control of what little you have.

This is like a dream. Sometimes so wonderful that you never want to wake up from it. The more aware you become in a dream, called lucid dreaming, the more likely you are of waking up, thus loosing the wonderful happy place that you are dreaming about.

Dreams are also goals in life. Goals are not possessions until we achieve them, like the sand, held loosely. The waves are the likelihood of obstacles that take away our chances of realizing the dreams we have. You have to balance the sand, dodge the waves, but don't grasp too hard to them. If you have no sand in the end, then you are left feeling empty.

Side note. If you can use the water nearby to wet the sand in your palm, the sand will become more solid and therefore more sturdy. Eh? So, the thought I have is, to use life's little waves to your advantage, learn from your mistakes and use the lessons to solidify your goal.

Dream within a dream? Well, we sleep, we have little dreams of gold sand, but when we awaken, we live the big dream of life. In both scenarios, we don't ever want to let go of the happiest experiences and never want them to end :(

Hope I did not just ramble on into confusion. And I hope this inspires you to find your own meaning to this poem.

Example: What could this dream meAn?

I remeember seing my friends at school looking at freshman cause were going to be sophomores but i transfered schools to an art school and im bi. And the art school had a really cute boy that i know but didt know at the time. And we kissed and we shared answers and i tried to go back to my old school. Idk im confusrd it wqs weird. Maybe itd cause im sad cause im bi and a boy who wants a boy and i want to start freshman year l over. I didnt want to leave my old school cause im in wrestling and were train to be the best

Example: What does my dream mean?

I am enrolling into college...

In my dream I'm in high school getting ready to graduate.I'm in a practice graduation and my name isn't called. I go up and ask why I wasnt called and this person points out that I'm two credits short in language arts. I felt like a failure. I was very upset. I pull myself together and think that I need to find some way to get my credits. I will graduate with my class. I.remember not wanting to tell my family that I didn't have all my credits. Then my dream ends.

Example: Dreams/meaning?

okay, so far i've had 2 dreams about a band. in each dream, all the guys in the band were present and in each dream, sumthing about thread-bare worn socks came up. like in the first dream, after all the guys in the band left, i saw my sister trying to put on sum old socks tht i had and i saw tht they were old worn and threadbare. and in the second dream, the singer in the band took of his shoe and showed me his sock, whcih was also old, worn and threadbare, then he proceeded to tell me tht he wore these old socks at home but on tour he had a really nice pair of socks tht he wore. does this mean anything? i'm just wondering. my friend and i were saying tht probably the band needs new socks or sumthing^^

Example: I think i think i failed my art exam today, Does that mean my dream of being a artist is over?

I had my art exam today, and i messed up on the placement of my answer's even though i knew exactly what the answer's were. I told my teacher and she offered to let me stay and fix it but i couldn't stay back cause i didn't have a ride home other then the bus. This makes me nervous because i want to go into an art career. If i failed the exam does that mean my life long dream of becoming a artist is over? Please give me some answers im really worried. :(

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamedthat i was in an art gallery and i could step into various paintings and go into a new dimention where the suroundings looked like a word painted by that specific artist. I dreamed that i was monalisa and I lived in a castle. Then suddenly the there was a big war and i was made the king temporarily. THen suddenly i had a penis. It wasnt a sexual thing i just randomly grew one. then it went away when the war was over

Example: What did my dream meant?

Last night, I dreamed that I was on stage, joking around, and people were laughing . And then I went from stage to stage and just kept joking around and people were clapping .

Now, in real life, I never think about people laughing at what I say .

But what do you think it means?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream last night that the guy i really like died i dont know how but he did I got a letter saying that he died after i found out
after a while i started to go crazy :S
Im slightly scared...
some of you might think that im crazy but wouldnt u be worried if he is the only girl or guy for you?
no mean comments please
Thanks x

Example: I have had many dreams of martial arts... what does this mean?

So, I have had maybe over a hundred dreams of doing martial arts. This is coming at a time when I am wondering what direction I should take in terms of what to apply myself with. I even had a dream where I was feeling bad because I chose to do music over martial arts while looking at people who were practicing kung-fu in my dream.

What does this mean?

Well, I am also battling with a condition so I thought it could be that, but what about the choosing music over martial arts dream?


Example: What does it mean to dream about art and painting?

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