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Dream About Ascending In The Skies meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I do not believe in that dreams have some mystic meaning.
but I do like to know what is the interpretation of this dream for the believing people out of curiosity .
in this dream I was in sky, so high I couldn't see anything other than the sun and the sky around me which was a pale blue, like 7 am. I was in the middle of a circle, with 3 birds of prey flying around me in a circle and we just kept going higher, I didn't see myself, It was first person.
I Identified two of the birds as an own and an eagle. I am not sure about the third.

Most dreams are messages from the subconscious mind. Typically, you are just processing daily thoughts, feelings and events in the dream.

When you write "own" I believe you mean an owl, which symbolizes wisdom. An eagle is a high order bird that symbolizes strength, honor, integrity, freedom, etc... You are going higher, so it could indicate you are ascending spiritually.

I am sorry to hear you do not believe dreams have any mystical meaning. You are missing a lot in life by being so closed minded. Your dream was actually very mystical and indicates you are ascending it life.

Example: What does my weird dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I was swimming through a river that I thought was murky but some girl that was swimming in there too told me it was sewage. It was so gross haha ;(. So I quickly tried to swim out and saw a slimy tentacle reach up then go back under and I asked the girl what that was and she said "there's two tentacles in this river and they both would like to bond with you." I said "what?!?!" And appeared outside my house. I went to walk across the bottom of a big hill by my house but I saw a man in a turban yelling at the sky "I'm not who I think I am!" Then I woke up. It was really weird.

If it helps I've never seen the girl before or the man before.

Example: Dream of epic gun fight in apartment followed by seeing a cross in the sky. What does it mean?

Last night I had what seemed like a vision. It felt so real that I thought parts of it had happened even after I woke up. I wrote it in my dream journal, so I will paste it here. I could really use some insight into what it means exactly. Vito is my big samoan friend with a gentle spirit, and Josie is my best friend from high school who I just recently reconnected with and I am now living with. I spend most of my time with these two guys. We all are spiritual however I feel that I am the only true believer.

Im in an apartment, I’m with my friends, I Know Vito is there. We are trying to avoid people, we think one of them is his mom. They are freaking out for some reason and trying to break into the apartment. A few times they did and they started shooting at us, we were hiding behind counters and Josie was trying to make a shield out of scrap metal laying around. We had a gun that we used to test the shield but the bullet kept going through until we found three separate sheets and put them together. Once we did this, the bullets weren’t able to puncture it. People are still trying to get in, there is a lot of commotion, we are lowkey panicking. We are shooting back, they are shooting in, I’m pretty scared but not as scared as I should be, more excited. Finally, things cool down, Vito’s ‘mom’ comes in and she starts to make us pizzas. Things are ok but not, the food is meant to make up for what happened? We are excited, slapping 5 saying “dude we got shot at bro!” “We did it!”.
Next, I’m being taken home by Josie I believe, perhaps Vito is driving us, I’m not sure. I look up in the sky, it looks like we are in rosemond or something, but the city seems bigger. It’s early in the morning, maybe 6 or so. I look into the sky and see what looks to be a cross. It is getting bigger. I get dropped off, and I start walking somewhere but I’m staring at the sky the whole time. I tell Josie who is somehow there about what the thing in the sky looks like, he agrees that it looks kind of like a cross. Josie leaves, and heads home. I am still walking, the cross is getting bigger, it is undoubtably a cross now. It gets closer and I can even see a sign hanging from the top of the cross and someone is clearly on it. But the arms of the cross do not go straight across, they seem like they go forward. The cross is so close, and starts to fly away a little bit, I start to lose its definition in the light of the sky. I call Josie. Helicopters start flying near it, they look like they are trying to maybe cause people to be mistaken. Josie answers, I tell him that it was definitely a cross – I’m running now – and there seemed to be someone on it. I start to come up with theories on what it could be. I’m saying, “What if Jesus literally ascended and basically froze in time until he reached his destination, and now He’s back and-“ I’m cut off, the sunlight completely disappears – I start to pray – I’m running down a street, the sky looks almost blood red, then I wake up. It felt real, I believe the 2nd coming is very very close. Glory to God.

Example: What does it mean when you have dreams about going to heaven?

Last night, I had a dream. I rarely remember dreams so this one must of been important, possibly? I was in my History class, watching rated R movies about horror, and gore. I don't know why, but we did. I'm not entirely sure what happened, but I switched dreams. One second, I'm in my History desk, the next, I'm out in a snow field. I was running through a huge snow storm, trying to get to a resting station. I wanted my laptop, for some reason, but that's actually me in reality. (I'm always on the internet). I end up going to a retirement home, and I was sitting there, helping a woman in her room. Out of the total blue, she died.. and I died with her too. I was on a cloud holding some man's hand, going up into the sky. I find out, that He was God. He told me that the woman I was helping was dying, and He thanked me for helping her. He made a room for her, so she can be in her own heaven. She was acting like a child again, and playing the Wii.(?) God told me to get onto the cloud, so I did. We were descending to the room where the woman's husband was in. Her husband was crying, playing the piano that she played. God and I weren't visible, and so he was sobbing and trying to play what his dead wife played. I started crying because it was very sad. Then God told me to get off of the cloud, and help the man out with getting over his wife. God dropped me off and ascended back up to heaven. At this point, I was visible, and alive. The man's wife was leaving the piano, and I quickly jumped on the bench and started playing how the old woman did. The man was crying and I was too, at this point. I woke up, only to find myself crying. I started bawling, because I thought it was extremely sad, and then I realized that it was only a dream. The weird thing is, I found out that my friend died today.

Example: What does my dream mean when I see myself ascending into the sky with others?

I had a dream about two weeks ago, roughly july 26, 2011, I was at a some place not known but looks like a store. I stood in front of a stacked of piled merchandise, then all of a sudden I started to float up or ascending up into the sky or heaven. I can see clearly that below me was no vessel or body was left behind. I was wearing a very very white gown. As I ascend into the clouds below me, I see the roof of the store I floated from and saw people in their front yards mowing and watering their grass. To the left and right and in front of me I can see others floating up into the clouds like myself. Can anyone tell me what this mean? First of all I am a christian. I don't remember what year or what date when this will take place. All I can remember is that I didn't age much, maybe in a couple months or a couple of years time. I have had dreams that came true before simple things seeing peoples faces and landmarks but nothing like this. If anyone out there had dreams like mine not similar but like mine. please let me know and if anyone can tell me what it mean please respond. I plainly think, I will die soon or Jesus is coming back sooner than we think...


Example: What does this dream mean ?

We were playing Carol with all the members of our Church. It was night and we were returning home but I lost my way. I shouted for them but I was left alone in the darkness but I kept on walking up that stairs and then I reach a mountain top where I saw a small wolf pup and when I looked into the horizon--- The sun came out and I was in a beautiful green pasture.

What does it mean ?

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

I saw in dream i was climbing on stair-case. But that stair-case had not any base in bottom, top or side and that stair-cases are near to sky. And climbed 2 or 3 stair-case. What is the meaning of this dream?

Example: What does dreams about flying mean?

I have dreams were I fly in the sky. I have been having such dreams since childhood. What does it mean?

Example: What do you think this dream means? this is gonna be long brace yourselves?

Growing up I had this dream every november around the 13th or 14th of the month from the age of 7 till around the age of 16 or 17. When I was on the brink of sleep I knew I was going have this dream because there would always be a white teddy bear with a red bow tie on. As I fell farther into sleep the teddy starts getting little black dots on it till it was completely black. Now I am walking down in the middle of the street and the street is starting to separate into segments. The segments start spreading farther and farther apart so i end up having to jump from segment to segment. after a few jumps I always fall into the hole in the ground. (this is where the dream changes alittle from time to time>) Sometimes I will end up in an elevator shaft where I am in one elevator and my family is in another; in this version i have to chose between me going to heaven and my family going to heaven. In the end I end up watching my family go up in the elevator as my elevator goes down. In the other instance of this part I end up on a zip line crawling across the top of hell until i fall into a net and end up in the pits of hell. Either way I end up in Hell. Once in hell I end up being chased by The Dark beast. Oh just so you know hell is weird because it is completely pitch black but at the same time fully lit. It was the biggest contradiction I had ever seen. As i am running through hell I am fighting "The Devil" for lack of a better name. I finally break away and end up near a tube like the ones in the old jetsons cartoon( for you younger guys like the ones on futurama). The weird thing about this tube is that it has the effect you get when you are standing between two mirrors. When I got into the tube I saw myself infinate times in each direction. as i ascended in this tube through what seemed like a well i saw "demons" crawling on the walls around me. crawling over top of each other and over top of human bodies that were still alive and moving. these bodies were being eaten or disemboweled. as I got farther up in the well i started to see "demons" and "angels" fighting in the lower half of the fight the demons were winning and throwing angels into the pit. as you moved up higher and the "angel"were winning and light was starting to shine all over the place. once i came to the top of this "well" I would be in the clouds and watching "angels play instruments and eating and then i would walk into this room with steps that seemed to go on forever. At the bottom of these stairs I would hear somethign inaudible and muffled, then i would fall back down to earth. Once back on earth I would be walking through this really nice neighborhood with this really nice house on the left side of the street. This house was amazing I mean I was like one of those colonial houses with the pillars in the front and the sky was so blue around it. as i got closer to the house o realize that the house has a garden in the front right behind it's nice picket fence. As soon as i got close to the fence the whole scene would change, the house would become old and decrepit and the sky would become filled with rain and lighting. Then garden would start to transform into this witch with four heads and tentacles for arms. At this point of the dream i get really spooked and I try to wake up but i can't. I feel my limbs moving and once my mother said she came in the room and saw my fight in my sleep and sitting up in my bed but i cannot for the life of me open my eyes. Some people say it is sleep paralasis but I don't see how it can be because my body moves I just casn't open my eyes. It felt like someone was over me holding my eyes shut. While all this is going on this witch is pulling me closer and closer saying " I'm the withc of the north, I'm the witch of the south, I'm the witch of the east, I'm the witch of the west" right before she shovesme itno her mouth I wake in a cold sweat feeling like i was under water and hadn't taken a breath in a long time. What does this. mean?

Example: I had this really creepy dream...what could it mean?

Everything in the dream was colored in sepia. I don't remember a lot of the dream, but the ending I do.

So everything was this creamy, manila color (including the sky,etc.) and I was in my neighborhood (in suburbia). However, instead of other houses on the horizon there was city of skyscrapers (and remember once again everything in this dream is sepia!) and factories on the horizon.

For some reason I started looking at the clouds over the city and out of nowhere this funnel shape ascended from the sky. It wasn't like a tornado though; it was like a pillar connecting the clouds to the earth. Suddenly my mom appears by my side.

Voices in the back round are all going "whoa, what is that thing?" and then I realized the strange cloud-pillar-thingy was shaped like a bomb when its unleashed.

I also recalled that the setting of a nuclear bomb is so sudden you won't even know it's coming.

Then I realized I was going to die. My mom took my hand and I could see fire in the color of cream, rushing in slow-motion, towards us. (note: in the dream I was standing on my front lawn)

For a moment I was scared but then some female voice in my mind said, "are you ready? here we go."

Then something really amazing happened. The flames and debris swirled in a milky sand colored spiral around me. I started levitating or something and then I watched my hands (I dream like I'm inside my body) turn into golden motes of dust. Then I was blown up to the heavens or something.

It felt SO real though. Like I was soaring. I mean if dying actually felt that way, people would want to do it. I turned into sepia dust and felt myself ascending into the clouds.

I can't find how the dream relates to anything in my life. What does it mean?

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