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Dream About Asp meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when a snake is chasing you in your dream?

In my dream I saw snakes in seperate tanks and they were trying to bite me when I walked by. One got out the tank and was chasing me, what does it mean?

In my complete book of astrology an dreams you need a species of snake

Adder-poisonous snakes portend trouble. This variety indicates a family row because you are paying attentions to one who is beneath you. To kill an adder is to look forward to a solution to the problem involved. lucky number 559

Asp- Its very bad luck to dream of being bitten by an asp. If you find an asp in the grass, and kill it, you will fall in love with an actor or actress. lucky number 956

Rattlesnake- A warning against people whom you do not trust is contained in a dream of encountering a rattlesnake, you will likely suffer a server illness if it bites you. lucky number 379

Example: Dreaming about snakes?

Most of the times in my dreams I see snakes, they never bite me though.Sometimes I get scared from them in my dreams and sometimes I just watch them without getting scared. What does these dreams mean?Is it good or bad?

Example: I dreamed i killed a snake?

Ok, this is the dream...Im sitting up in my bed, a poisonous Egyptian asp snake crawls up the wall turns, looks at me charges and bites me on the neck, i pull the snake out and squeeze it. Ive been told that this dream means im conquering fears or conquering my enemies...Tell me what ya'll think

Example: Egyptian dreams.?

Hey does anyone know what happened to the Pyramids of Egypt. I keep having strange dreams about a girl named Asinuye(egyptian name) and that we are inside some kind of Pyramid with a black Asp(a very poisonous snake which Queen Cleopatra used to kill herself). And sometimes i have these blackouts and after that i have this feeling that i belong in Egypt. Does this mean that in my past life i was a Egyptain and now this is my recarnation. Please help me i am really freaked out.

Example: Weirdest dream i have ever had, what does it mean?

ok i dreamt that one night that my friends and i were camping at one of my teachers house ( i didnt like the teacher at all!). as we were all about to go to sleep, the teacher warned us about a ghost that lived in the house.
as soon as she left the room i heard my one frined screem. and then i saw the ghost coming towards us.at this point i forgot what happend for a short periode.
then when my memory came back to me i remember the ghost talking to me about weisdom and that the ghost isnt real then i saw him leave and when he opened the door there was a lake of lava he then walked into the lake and dissapeard and at that point i woke up.

Example: Are there any web sites for interpretation of dreams?

I have been having this strange & uncomfortable dream of seeing these four people without a face around me..Its creepy and i was just wondering what does this mean..if someone knows any sites or even books please list..Thanx

Example: What do you think this dream about snakes could mean?

a few nights ago ( my recollection of it has somewhat faded) i had a dream and basically all i recall now of it was that my sister and 2 friends put their pet snakes in my snakes habitat. unfortunatly all three of their snakes were poisonous. one was an asp, one a water moccassin and one a rattlesnake. apparently my snake, a cornsnake, was frightened and somehow escaped (the asp was chasing her but i never saw it-i just knew that information somehow) and she was in my bedroom but i couldn't find her. then all of a sudden she was as fast a lightening up the back of my shirt and along my spine she slithered up to the nape of my neck and then hid under my hair there, and i was okay with this as if it was totally normal. then i went off to find my sister and my friend to tell them to remove their snakes from my snakes habitat but i was unable to locate any of them. i recall having to walk up this seemingly endless flight of stairs searching for them, to no avail. then i woke up. ?

Example: What does it mean to have pain in dreams?

Well, in this dream I rikki tikki tavi going to fight the cobra. (we were reading the story about in English class). The cobra bit me and I could feel stinging pain. Not horrible pain but I could feel the sting! I'm 13 years old by the way! (didn't know if age has anything to do with it)

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