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Dream About Athlete meanings

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Example: What could this dream mean?

I recently had a dream, i was at the boardwalk (i live in new jersey) and i was hanging out with an old ex girlfriend. she just had this beautiful seducing look on her face, and it almost felt like i fell in love with her again. it wasn't a wet dream or anything like that, it just saddened me when i woke up. i miss this girl a lot but i can't talk to her anymore, let alone many of my friends because i dropped out of school. i deeply DEEPLY regret it, but with the circumstances i've been dealt with i really haven't another choice. i do miss this girl very much but she hangs out with a different crowd of people now, the more "popular" athletes of my school, while i drifted off and hangout with the criminal type crowd, but i'm not like that. i do smoke weed and drink but i'm one of the most honest nicest people that i know. and regarding me dropping out of school, you can ask anyone who is the smartest person they know and they will say me. i really hate my life at this point. i wish i could have stayed in school because i never even get to talk to many girls anymore...it's not like i can just approach them on facebook after not talking to them in so long i barely know anyone anymore...i don't know what to do anymore. therapy isn't an option i've tried that. i don't think i'm depressed anymore because i see depression as an excuse for doctors to make money, although i've struggled with depression and anxiety for years. but to conclude...what could this dream mean? and what can i do to get my life back on track? (i'm 16 and in my second freshman year.)

Try to approach her . and then try to tell her your dream.. or even better if your not comfortable in saying it in front of people or her boyfriend.. just write a letter and hand over to her.. (saying all the stuff you wana tell .. like how you feel after that dream and all.. and how you miss her after that dream. and maybe you guys can hang out or just add me up on facebook .. stuff like that you know ) .. don't worry she will get back to you.. or if your scared of she being like WTF HE WANT NOW? then hunny its better to GIVE LETTER INSTEAD OF SLOWLY SLOWLY DIEING WITH having this dream in your head..
and your just 16 . and this smoking or drugs watever.. U CAN QUIT IT .. if you really want a better life.. trust me.. if you really want some thing.. even god cant stop you from having it.. SO YES wana be a better person in general .. Go for it !
i mean come on. hanging out with different crowd doesn't make you a outsider. your a human . THATS ALL IT MATTERS..
basically this dream means . that maybe you never felt as u felted about her with none girl before or after.. and she coming in you dream >MAKES IT SEEMS < that she misses you..,. and still thinks about you! studies says if some particular person comes in your dream . meanwhile that particular person thinks about you on certain situations alot..

lots of regards..
You can do this..

gwen x !

Example: What does lucid dreams mean?

Example: What does it mean to have lucid dreams?

I am having more lucid dreams lately, I wonder what does it mean to be able to realize that you are dreaming and become conscious and play in your dream. Is this some sort of mind ability?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok, the dream is like two separate parts. Sorry it's so long.
Part 1: Me and my friend Jacob are standing on top of this old Egyptian type palace dressed in Pharaoh and princess garb. He was telling me how it could all be mine if I just except his advances and stop teasing him with my revealing clothing and become his queen ( *shiver* ). Denied to be touch by another man for the rest of my life. I shock my head and ran away from him. Leaving him there with a look on his face that was a mixture of disappointment and pain. On the other side people were still building the palace and a small child was wondering around looking lost. I went to the child and kneeled down to his height and began talking to him. Asking him where his mother or siblings were. The boy had the exact same hair color as me because it looked coppery in the sunlight, the same ivory skin tone as me also and beautiful big dark chocolate colored eyes. He just smiles at me saying something in French ( I'm French on my mothers side. But, I don't speak the language. ) then ran away to somewhere. I began walking around until I came upon my brother playing football with some boys from our high school. I ran to them when one of the boys got hurt and the boy turned out to be an older version ( he is fifteen now and he looked eighteen in the dream ) of my crush Ryan. I asked if he was ok and he replied with a quick and short "Yeah.". The the scene switched to me and my friend Emily running in a coliseum with her yelling at me to tell my crush I like him even though I keep telling her I think the crush is fading quickly. She yells "You like Ryan!" and the boys were spectators and Ryan had a shocked look on his face. And, that's how the part ended.
Part 2: I was standing in front of a floor length mirror in a large and unfamiliar room putting on a dress that looks like a mades out fit but with a very short skirt. I looked to be about eighteen. A bell ran causing me to run into the hall where an old and proper looking women with graying hair stood with an impatient look on her face and slapping her hand fan made out of what looked like silk into her palm repeatedly. I gave a little curtsy and waited for her to give me my instructions of the day. She spoke saying "My son is having a party this evening so I want you and every other person on our staff to be on their best behavior. So, go down stair and help the other girls get everything set for the party." with a stern look upon her face. I went down the spiral staircase that had gold painted railing and at the bottom stood a man about five year older then me making him twenty-three. He had long dark brown hair that reached the top of his shoulders and dark chocolate colored eyes. He wore a full black suit but instead of the regular Italian leather shoes you see go with it he has on full black high top Converse. When, I reached the bottom of the steps he grabs the top of my arm and pulls me toward him. He whispers something in my ear and gives my earlobe a quick nip. He drags me to a bedroom. When, we enter the little boy and two girls a little older then him are sitting on the bed. One has the same hair and skin color as him but gray-blue eyes ( which is the eye color I have ) while the other has long dark brown messy curls and dark chocolate colored eyes. The children get up and leave the room but I hug the little boy before he exits and tell him to find me before he leaves. The man closes the door and locks it before shoving me down on the bed and kissing me aggressively. He pulls the skirt of my dress up and then starts biting and sucking on my thighs as I try to unbutton his suit jacket and dress shirt. Then, it switches to both of us unclothed with him on top of me and my nails racking down his back with servants knocking on the door every ten minutes saying his mother wishes to speak with him but he just keeps telling them to leave him because he has move important matters to tend to. After we were done having our...uh.."fun" we were just laying in the bed with me on top of him with him rubbing circles on my back like people did when I was a child to get me to relax and fall asleep. He said "I wish we didn't have to hide this, Katherine." with a southern twang a little thicker then my own making me think he was from Tennessee or something considering I live a state or two above it. "I know but your mother would probably hire someone to kill me if she knows I am the one who deflowered her baby boy." is what I replied as I kissed his neck. He got up from the bed and went to the wardrobe and pulled something out and came back to the bed handing it to me. It was a dress that looked exactly like the one I was going to wear to my freshman homecoming dance but decided to skip and a mask like the one on the cover of Masquerade by Melissa De La Cruz. I looked at him with confusion on my face and he just kissed me and said "Come to the ball with me tonight. It is a masquerade and even if they cannot see y

Example: What does it mean to dream about meeting an athlete?

I had a dream of meeting 3 nba players. So I met lebron,wade,and bosh. What does this have to do with my future. Does it mean I have incredible amounts of potential.

Example: What does it mean when i dream about Athletes?

For some Reason or another i usally have a dream about Athletes of all sports, Baseball, football, soccer B-ball. Guy Athletes

Like Example Last night i ahd a dream of a NFL QB , just cant remember who it was

and im a Girl

Thank you

Example: What does it mean when you dream about an athlete?

Last night, I had a weird dream and don't get what it means. Anyways, I had a dream about Reggie Bush (who I look up to), and the whole day I've been wondering what this means. So can someone please interpret this dream?

Example: I am going out with this famous athlete and what could be the meaning behind his dream?is he liking me more?

At first, we both agreed to just have fun and hang out as friends; be friends with benefits...he is always the one initiating contact & I have never been needy around him. I even told him he is free to see other girls. We have slept for 3x already & we ended up to be compatible in bed. He has told me he trusts me because i am a very private, mature girl; I am a very nice person, sweet and he is very comfortable with me...but I always told him no strings attached & I am not interested in a relationship. The irony is that it seems he is the one more smitten as he is the one giving me his jersey/personal stuff even if i am not asking for it; asking me to 'pinky swear' that we should last anyhow as friends no matter what; always texting me; being respectable, gentle and cautious around me.

I sense he is just trying to get a feel if I would change my mind about just being friends with benefits since I can perceive he is also a bit guarded on his feelings because of the normal fear of rejection. When he senses I am pissed, he does something to win my interest back. I then told him I have an offer for a 3-year overseas job in a tropical country in which he replied, " yikes, that is a big decision...oooh, at least you are in a warmer weather." Right after we had sex that night, his very first question was, " so what is your percentage of leaving?" I said: " 50-50." He smiled.

The morning after we woke up, the first thing he told me was he had a strange dream about packing his bags for Hawaii ( known for its warm weather like where I am headed overseas)...

Am I right to interpret it as subconsciously, he is anxious about my decision that made him dream about him leaving to a warmer place as well? Was he thinking about the possibility that I would be taking the job overseas that night as well? We both could not sleep that night, by the way.

6 months after, he is still the one initiating contact. What could be the meaning of his dream which seemed to be related to my leaving to a warmer place as well? Does that mean his feelings for me are developing into more than friendship?

Example: What does it mean to dream big? ?

Actors, singers, dancer, photographers, models, writers, and athletes always get praised for "dreaming big". I do know what this means, but is it possible to dream big beyond the arts and pro sport world? If so, do you have any examples?

Example: My dream, with a famous athlete.?

Ok so first off I always wanted to meet Shane Victorino. So one night I dreamt of meeting him, he came in the store in the stadium and we were talking his wife was some where in the store. He kissed me and a kissed him back and his wife saw and I just looked at her, she said it's ok i'm used to it and started crying, then Victorino started laughing and kissed me again and then I woke up.

Does this mean anything?

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