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Dream About Autism meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Does this dream mean something?

Ok so I keep having repeated dreams of having a baby! She's 6 months old and I named her Emily (which is my great grandmothers name) this dream keeps happeneing and I feel sad when I wake up and it's not true like I miss her or something. I have 2 children and thought I was done as suffered really bad postnatal depression with my eldest (I'm only 22 and my son is almost 7) so I started very young. I started uni when my kids started school and nursery and I know if I had another baby I wouldn't beable to juggle all of it. Plus my son has autism and having a 2nd child was hard enough. But I can't shake this feeling of wanted another and keep dreaming about a baby? What does it mean?

There's a number of reasons you could dream this, as it's personal to you. The "baby" could be some kind of new project or new start in your life. It may not be linked to actually giving birth. I have dreamt that I had a baby and I've NEVER given birth. You have to think why you chose the name Emily (that's a big clue - what does your G-Grandmother mean to you, what does she stand for in your life and feelings?). Even though you know it would be foolish to have another child, it doesn't stop your being broody, and the dream could just be about that, or wanting to go back to the time when your children were born (or even when YOU were born). But whatever it means, it's not a prediction! It doesn't mean you will fall pregnant.

Example: What do wasps mean in a dream? My little sister dreamt them about our dad, help :)?

@ acoustic eagle, yeah she is an emotional child and has mild autism which means she'll remember everything and see things others don't. She's 11, and my dad is going through financial difficulties and there's quite a few going on at home.
I don't know how to help her through this as I really stay off that topic

Example: Is my dream weird? I have aspergers - thought some people with autism didn't have a very good imagination?

Weird dream - Please tell me what it means! :o?
It was this ice thing - like a obstacle course - but I was sort of helping - and there was this very badly behaved boy and I was trying to discipline him - to carry on with the course (it was on the ground)

(I was with a stranger) - i saw the bug - (i hate bugs and hated seeing at crawl over - (nearly into) my furry little rucksack - So I didnt want to use my shoe to kill it - (dirty) - but I did any way - and IT WAS RED!

Another part of my dream was me and my sister(i think after this weird ice obstacle thing) - staying - like a sort of holiday - but not a nice one - there was this weird person - who was suggesting dresses for me - very ugly ones - one was a weird snow white dressing up one! - (in my dream 'i was thinking oh no i wont try on that(cause i 'had' previously) :/

In one of the days - there were quite a few other people (it was my relatives party) - and for lunch I had a prawn jacket potato and when it was dinner - I was still full from lunch but had (not wanting to) another prawn jacket potato

Example: What Does This Dream Mean; I Think It Was Important?

I dreamed the other night that I was arguing with my mom in the kitchen. I was doing it on purpose, I think, trying to make her mad. She got really angry and looked ready to hit me. She called me a curly haired ***** and accused me of purposely picking a fight, of which I was guilty of doing.
Then I dreamed I was in my room with my sister, who is now currently experiencing some severe mental problems (she had a break down because her two young twins have autism and her husband doesn't help out at all). In the dream I wanted her to help me write a story. She was having headaches. I kept offering to get her medication but she didn't seem to want any. She acted kind of angry, how she does now in her mental state at times, and wouldn't say anything. I just remember that we were sitting on my bed. It was a very awkward situation sort of, as it tends to be with her now days.
Then I was back in the kitchen. I think I got something to drink; I might have also been getting my sister some pills to help with her headache. Mom and I were fighting again. Not sure if it was on purpose or not.
Then the dream sort of switched over.
I was reading a message from some boy who claimed he was having a werewolf problem. They were killing his chickens. I was thinking of how to/trying to respond.
It switched over. I was outside on the trail behind my house. There was blood. People's bodies with missing hands and legs. Really bloody and creepy looking. Two bodies exactly, I believe. I think they were larger than the normal human.
Then it switched back over. I was sitting in front of the computer again. I was reading/trying to respond to that boy's email. I don't know where I was at exactly for this.
Then it switched over. I was inside my house, standing in the doorway where my brother's room, my room and the bathroom lay beyond it. I can't remember if I was in the living room first or not. There was a werewolf, rather big, standing in the kitchen a few feet away, posed to strike and it's mouth was all bloody. It was a dark brown color with yellow eyes, I think. There was some girl with straight yellow hair and an old white kind of blouse or corset on. I hated her for some reason. I hid her in my brother's room, though, to keep her safe. Maybe she was a wife of someone (I am a girl) I know or something. She had a very snarky attitude. There was also a baby boy with either red hair or brownish red hair. His outfit was old styled, too, it seemed. He was in the room also, although I don't know if it was the girl's son or whose kid he was.
The werewolf still was in the kitchen when I clamored into the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I blocked it with something. I shoved open the window. I held on to the tank of the toilet (as our toilet is up against the window of the bathroom) and maneuvered myself out. It was very difficult and I was clinging on for dear life. I made it out. I landed on my feet and turned around. There were three vampires (I believe that's what they were) waiting for me. There was what looked like a business suit on the ground. I changed out of clothes (I don't know why for sure). It was a smooth black skirt and a gray black corset kind of top, I think. We hid behind some pompous grass (which was in the yard as it is really). This girl--I knew she was a werewolf--came snooping around. She had on a faded yellow tribal sort of gidup. I think it had brown strings. She had blood all over her mouth and dark brown straight hair. She looked right at us but went on her way. I guess the pompous grass hid us, even though in reality it wouldn't have.
That's all I remember.
Does anyone know what all this means? I'm pretty sure it must be very important since I remember it so vividly. I am not a Twilight fan or anything and so it is very weird for me to dream of such a thing.
Help is very much appreciated.

Example: Any ideas what this dream means?

The dream: I somehow met this family who had one child (about age 11 or 12) with mild autism, in summer sometime. They asked me if I would like to basically hang out with him and help him with everyday things like cooking when they were away. He was very nice, and in the dream I think I had known him when I was very little (about three or four) even though I had never known someone with autism at that age. We got to be very close. I think. I don’t remember much, but I remember one scene where his family and I were in their attic, looking out at the snowy forest (there was a big window). The attic was somewhat cluttered but very well furnished (like a living room would be). There was a fireplace. We were planning to go skiing.

Example: What does this dream mean?

What does this odd dream mean?
Is there anyone out there that does good dream interpretation. I had the strangest dream ever because everything in the dream is the total opposite. In my dream my daughter came and stayed with me and my family for a week. My mother was telling me that she is trying to diagnose my daughter with autism and I yelled at my mother that she has no right to do that. First off my mother would never do anything like that and there is no reason to think my daughter would have autism. My daughter was running around, she was walking like normal. My daughter is got cerebal palsay. She is 7 years old and hasnt walked yet. Another weird part of the dream was that my ex wifes mother was giving me a haircut. Weird thing is that I don't see eye to eye with her. I dont go around that lady. I would never let that lady go anywhere near me with a sharp object cause she would probally kill me. My ex wife said she missed me and wanted to work things out. There is no way possible that will happen under the circumstances of why we are not together anymore. I normally

Example: Do people with autism dream?

I was watching a television programme which stated that one of the symptoms of autism was lack/poor imagination. I'm not sure if this is actually true or a sweeping generalization. It made me wonder whether people with autism dream. Do you/they dream? If so, what are your/their dreams like?

Example: Autism dream?

I had a dream that I found out I was autistic. Does this mean anything? I don't think so. I don't have any symptoms or anything that would indicate I'm autistic. I'm a normal person, occasionally messy, I forget some things often, and I certaintly don't have a photographic memory. Surely this dream was just random, right?

Example: I Dreamed I had Autism?

I dreamed I had autism and everyone was yelling at me because I was doing things that normal people wouldn't do like shouting things because I didn't realize what was happening outside of my head. And I remember a swimming pool and me swimming underwater in that same dream. What does that mean?

Example: What does these strange dream mean?

It's about my one and only bro. He's abnormal (autistic). But its not exactly that also. Coz he's nt like othr kids, he tries to talk. Once one of my aunty had a dream that he was beautifully reciting Quran tilawat. And few months ago someone dreamt that he was talking and arguing in his dream. Also the same my mom did.. Does these show any point that he will talk or be normal in the future? It will be very helpful if anyone explains me this. We are very worried about him.

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