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Dream About Autism meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have 4 kids in real life and my tubes are tied . My youngest child is 10. I also have a child w severe Autism. He cant talk. In my dream lastnight I gave birth to twins a boy and a girl. I was so happy but remember holding the boy more than the girl , like he needed more comfort. Please help! the weird thing is my in real life my daughter came to me this am and said mom I dreamed Rachel had twins lastnight which is my oldest daughter...

Well I think the whole boy needing more comfert is b/c your boy has autism..Im guessing...and so he would need more care...is somthing new happending in your life? Im guessing that having babies is a symbol of somthing new...something new might be about to happen..and maybe your daughter will get pregnet or somthing...that is strange though

Example: I dreamed I had Autism?

I dreamed I had autism and everyone was yelling at me because I was doing things that normal people would do like shouting things because I didn't realize what was happening outside of my head. And I remember a swimming pool and me swimming underwater in that same dream. What does that mean?

Example: Does anyone know the meaning of my dream?

My dream, and it's different each time, is that my brother lashes out at me and abuses me. I am crying and hurt, and all I do is run. He chases after me, and I keep looking for a way to get away from him. This is a reoccurring dream, but it's always portrayed differently.

My brother doesn't live with me, and I miss him a lot. He has autism, which in his mind he gets angry easily, and doesn't understand social aspects. With the information I've given you, is there any connection to my dreams this might make?

Example: 8 months pregnant... what could this dream mean?

I'm 8 months pregnant with my 3rd daughter but today I had a dream that I was pregnant with triplets and delivered 2 boys by my self with only my husbands help in my home and they were healthy but then I had the other baby inside me that I couldn't deliver. So me my husband and our two little newborns Walked to the hospital! And when we got there the nurse took the other baby out and he looked normal but the nurse said that because we didn't get medical help right away the baby was born with major complications she said he had extreme Dyslexia, dementia and autism.(LOL) I was hysterically crying in my dream when the nurse said you guys want to keep him or put him to sleep? And she said we had a week to decide ...and then I woke up. or put him to sleep? And she said we or put him to sleep? And she said we had a week to decide ...and then I woke up.

This is my weirdest dream I've had during this pregnancy and I'm just wondering what it might mean? what it might mean?

Example: Info or ideas about autism. PLEASE HELP FOR SCHOOL PROJECT!?

i have to rewrite the chicken little story so she has autism. i need some ideas or some good facts about autism.

Example: What's does my dream mean? (2/4)?

Ok so I actually had 4 dreams in one night. My first one was when I went to bed (obviously) and I was dreaming that I was with 4 of my friends. My phone had been taken away by my former teacher (I'm going to highschool and this was my grade 8 teacher) during the day. He told me I could get it back at the end of the day, so eventually the evening came (we got outta school at 3:30, but in my dream it was like 7) and I went to school with my 4 friends to get my phone back. The office told me that my phone was in the classroom so when we go outta the office, the lights in the hallway were on. Banners on the walls were things about kids with Autism (haven't heard the word Autism since 4 months ago... So I couldn't of been thinking about it) and this little boy comes crying and running over to us and he hugged my leg. I looked at my friends and they gave me a look that was like "what's going on?" them I heard kids laughing and playing around the corner down to the end of the hall. And then I woke up still hearing their laughter in my head. Nice and clear. Then I when back to sleep.My second dream was that I was in a play ground so sticken huge, it was like a city just for kids. I was with my 4 friends again (forgot to mention that 2 of my friends were boys and the other 2 were girls) and I was on a swing then one of my guy friends came and started crying, I stopped swinging, then the chains to the swings snapped somehow and I fell, like, more then 100 feet from the ground. Then I felt a huge amount of pain on my back and felt my breathe get pounded out of me. That's when I woke up and my back was hurting when I wasn't in a bad position. I was on my side like I always am when I sleep and I couldn't breathe. I got up and went to the bathroom to wash my face. I was so tired though that I went back to bed. (I only had enough room for 2 dreams. But plz tell me what these ones mean)

Example: What does this song in my dream mean?

Ok. First off, I need your opinion, not some answer saying think on how it reflects my life. Just the opinion of others.
I spent the night at a 24 hour restaurant. I had nowhere else I could stay. I am homeless. So I fell asleep with my head on the table.
Then had this dream.
I was in a shelter that was in an old hangar near an airport. The building was made out of some sort of stretchable pieces and we were all suspended on it like a hammock. Every time a plane took off, the building would stretch. It would also stretch if someone stepped on the edges. There were 2 girls with autism staying there and I was playing with them to cheer them up.
One of them was borrowing a doll of mine, and I asked her where's the doll. She said "Baby doll?" And I had an idea she forgot where she put it, so I left it alone. She had her head shaved and wore clothes similar to the doll to look like it.
She walked away and all I could think is to let her keep the doll so she stays happy.
Then I woke up hearing this song:
Baby in my arms, you're with me now
Baby in my arms, you're with me now

And then I woke up with my head on the table at the restaurant, and was hugging myself. And also got emotional as I got up from my seat to use the restroom. I also asked myself "With me now? Who?"
A while back I donated some dolls to the thrift store along with some other things. I also found out the night before that my ex had found someone else.

Example: I had a dream that my little sister died! What does it mean?

My 3 y/o sister was recently diagnosed with autism, if this makes a difference.

Anyhow, I dreamt that I was in a white-walled hospital room. Beige tiled floors, no lights on. There was a window open which had a sheer curtain over it, and there was a nice breeze coming in the room.

I was there with my mom, my maternal grandma, and some other female in the family. All three of us were sitting on our knees in front of a wooden rocker/glider, which my sister was sitting in. She was wearing a white cotton shirt and white shorts, and her head was slumped to the left and she looked [basically] mentally retarded. She was drooling on herself, too. And she had a tube going either into her nose which led to her stomach.

No one said anything, but I knew that my sister was dying. I was sitting inbetween my other family members, and I immediately lurched forward and held her in my arms (she felt lifeless, but I knew she was still alive) and just sobbed. I then stopped, sat back, and my mom did the same thing.

Every so often, my sister's eyes would roll open and she would look at us, expressionless.

Anyhow, I repeated that routine (jumping up, holding her, and crying) a few times and just as I woke up, she had died because I heard her heart monitor (which I didn't know about before) stop.

Any idea what the heck this dream could mean? I'm 17, and this is the first "nightmare" that I have had in like 10 years!

Example: Is being obssessed with a franchise or topic a sign of Asperger Syndrome,OCD,Autism or other mental illnesses?

Iam completely obssessed with the videogame Halo.Iam so obssessed that I literally think or day dream of Halo all the time.I am so obsessed with halo I try to collect all fanstuffs such as Halo toys or comics.Iam also completely obssessed with the anime Kiddy Grade.Like Halo,I am so obssessed with Kiddy Grade it stays on my mind all day.Additionally every day I watch at least 2 episodes of Kiddy Grade every day.In fact I could spend entire Weekends watching Kiddy Grade all day,watching all 33 of this awesome anime's episodes over 3X a day.
Since I am obssessed with Halo and Kiddy Grade,does that mean I have Asperger Syndrome,OCD,Autism or other mental illnesses?Does it mean since Iam obssessed with these two franchises Iam a retard?

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