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Dream About Axe meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What's this supposed to mean? (Dream)?

In my dream it was my family and a random person that goes to my school and just random people. so: me, P1, P2, P3, P4 (Mum), P5 (Dad), P6, P7, P8, P9 (Person from school, he was in my class for half a year at primary and now goes to same high school. I think his Dad is in a gang or something), some random people, serial Killer.
So first off, we were living in a street that was the same layout as the street next to mine, and we had to look after a house because the owner was on holiday. We were all outside, making sure that nothing was going wrong, and then their phone rang lol
Me: "Aren't you going to answer that?"
P5: "OK."
And that’s how it started xD
The next day, same thing happened but when the phone rang and then there was a loud thud, P5 told me to run back to our house. I stayed long enough to see P2, P6, P5, P4 run in there and then there was a fire. At home, it was me, P1, P3 and P6 (even though she was in the other house lol), P7 (month old nephew) and P8 (9 yr old nephew). We were hiding behind mattresses in the lounge, P1 was hiding behind a gate (wth?) and then the serial killer came.
He went up to us and whispered something to P1. I can't really remember what but it made us really scared so we closed the lounge door and every time the killer would come in, we'd push the door closed etc and then for some reason, P6 was like, "We should phone P9. He'll help us." (she doesn’t even know him). So P1 and I went out of the lounge room, I had to get something from my room, and he had to phone P9. The serial killer was in my room and he was grabbing me etc and trying to drag me out the window. He grabbed my shoe so I kicked it off and was set free, ran back into the lounge, slammed the door on the killers face (his arm was actually in the door haha).
P9 seemed to know what to do, he had a gun and hid it on top of the T.V cabinet.
Omg and then I remember P6 breastfeeding P7 lol
Something happened, I can't remember what but the serial killer got in, and then P9 stabbed a few pencils in the killer's eyes and all this green gunk came out and splattered all over us. P1 was trying to reach for the gun but the serial killer grabbed his leg so he couldn’t move so then I grabbed a huge shell that's attached to a rock (same one that's in my Grandparents house) and smacked it over the killer's head.
And then just like a movie, it went blank, just darkness and then I saw how it all started.
The phone rang, and then a thud so P5 went in to check it out, P2, P4 following. For some reason, P2 is swinging on a rope to get to the second floor. When she's made it, she was going to turn the lamp off because P5 told her to but then static from her dress caught on the lamp and then that's how the fire started.
Darkness again.
And then the actual end of the dream also played out like a movie.
It showed P4, P5 and P2 crying and talking in a circle. My dream went to nearly every room in the house and it showed people in it, little kids etc who the serial killer had captured. Then something happens, they find out that the killer is dead so now they think they have been set free, I’m not entirely sure, but I think my parents and sister escaped.
The ending is showing the silhouette of a guy walking into a room filled of children, with an axe.

What the heck is that supposed to even mean?

First Scenario:
There are important anchor references in your dream. Fire is typically symbolic of either power or rage. Trying to control fire might symbolically referring to you trying to control your own energy. The breastfeeding could refer back to your own upbringing, as Sigmund Freud might suggest. It's very interesting in that it is almost like a Quentin Tarantino film ... I wonder if the thud you kept hearing was the sound of an axe? You seemed to manage quite well ... though no one got the gun to defend yourselves. A gun is not as chillingly threatending as an axe, but certainly a more effective means of protection at a distance. It is likely a dream that will guide you through your adolescence, a time when you transition into a more responsbile self (why you were watching someone's home for them - a huge responsbility). That static from a girl's dress starting a fire, the presence of both a mattress and a gun might symbolically allude to your own sexual maturity, or awakening as, again, Freud might suggest, which is very normal for your age. With Freud everything was rooted in your toilet training and sexuality -- really basic components of life. And then, like all good movies, at the end you have a reversal where everyone believes they are in the clear, and the killer, in shadowy silhouette, appears.

The real question is, who is the killer? Is he (I imagine it's a man) an aspect of yourself? It doesn't seem like it. Someone who just moved into the neiborhood? Someone dating someone new?

Second Scenario:
At your age, you could be very psychic. There could be someone taking children and hurting them. It's all over the news. When I worked for someone as a personal secretary, I had a dream that her home was being broken into from the back fence. If you could see the look she gave me when I told her ... it had been happening all over her neighborhood. There was no way I could have known. Again, working at a bank, I dreamed that a particular window was smashed, you should have seen the look on my manager's face when I told him I had dreamed it. He probably thought that I actually did it, which, of course, I didn't.

Third Scenario:
Otherwise, it could always be a cloaked alien (the green stuff coming from his eyes) abduction. You may want to read up on alien abductees' stories ... aliens may be able to make things appear as though we are still on earth when we may not be. They have exercised mind control in many cases of abduction.

Example: Meaning of this dream?

Im walking down the railroad track at night, huge axe in my hands, trains coming i get over, go to the bushes, go thru them to a barn. its partially lit up around it, im looking around cautiously, a guy comes at me out of the dark. i swing at him 3 times and miss every one. He grabs the axe and kicks me to the ground. He starts hacking at me and i cant feel it, but hes taking chunks out of my arms and the rest of my body. Then out of nowhere 2 other guys come out, they both have knives. One got ontop of me and stabbed me repeatedly in the stomach about 20 times and i couldnt feel it. The other guy lifts my head up and slices my throat and lets my head rest on the ground. i could feel my life draining, i could feel the blood draining from my throat, and im just laying there and, bleeding, and bleeding. keep laying there feeling my life bleeding out of me, out of my throat, and i still dont die. they keep trying to kill me. i wake up ... wats it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed I was going through a village in a horse drawn carriage. There was a fortune teller with me. She said duck, that man is trying to kill you. I ducked and avoided being shot at. Then I was dragged on to be beheaded, after being accused of being a witch. I felt my spirit go to the beyond and people were singing.

In an earlier dream, I dreamed that I was stealing cabbages from a farm to survive with my sister.

This man came after me with an axe screaming got to get those meddling kids.

He grabbed me by the ankle but I got away.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I have this reccuring dream every night, that I find myself in a forest, and I have in my hand an axe, and I'm trying to cut down the trees to build a house, but each time I come to cut one of the trees, it turns into my ex-girlfriend and I cut it into so many small pieces, that there aren't any bones left to build a house out of, so I try again, and start over, and finally I come to the girl I'm with now, and then I see her having sex with another woman, and so I cut them both up into many small pieces ... can someobody tell me what this dream means?

Example: Do you personally think that dreams mean something?

I keep having dreams about a boy that I liked last year, and even though we don't talk that much I still kind of like him this year.

I know a lot of people say that if someone's on your mind they're supposed to be there, so do you think its true?

The dream I remember most was me hugging him in the hallway at school by his locker and resting my head on his chest/shoulder, and I remember he smelled really good.. like axe or tag but not like he bathed in it like most guys do.

What does this mean?
And what should I do to try to talk to him more?

Example: What do the things in my dream mean?

I have dreams of myslef walking down large stone steps. To either side of the staircase there are no walls, just mist, and beyond that I can see a never ending darkness. I hear a small soft almost cheerful or uplifting tune but when i wake up I cant remember what it sounds like. I am absolutely naked but the mist seems to cover my penis and for some reason my chest as well (which I have always been uncomfortable showing in public). I carry in my hands a large shiny axe, sometimes silver, sometimes purple, most times black. i know there is something in the mist, almost a ghost like snake women creatures, many of them flying around me creating the mist. what does it all mean?

Example: Do these dreams mean anything?

Over the past 5 nights, 3 of my dreams have been about murderers.

Once I witnessed a murder and tried not to let the murderer see me.
Then they were trying to murder me but the police got them
Then last night someone decided he was gonna kill everyone and shot someone and hacked someones head off with an axe.

Does this mean anything?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Every time my sister leaves to go back to college or some other place I dream she dies. Usually with a blade or axe but not always. What does this mean?

Example: What Does The Repeating Scary Dream Mean?!?

I dreamt that I was home alone at night and I was playing video games and then I heard a noise outside and I looked out the window and the swing was moving like someone was just swinging on it and then I turned around and some guy with a paper bag on his head had an axe in his hand and he was coming up the stairs to my room. It had a smily face painted on it and I was screaming and crying. What does this dream mean?

Example: Reoccurring dream about axe murders?

Ok so this man (Brown and red eyes,wears plaid,trucker looking clothes,brown hair,bean stash)
in my dreams starts to kill people in my neighborhood.He kills them with an axe. I see blurred visions (kind of when you high). These visions are in his mind and in his eyes. He always makes sure that he chops them up so that the feet are separated from the legs, and chops the head.
He has 3 rooms. He grooms the feet and puts them in the 1rst room. Second room, he keeps the heads. Every monday Wednesday and friday at 6:30 am he washes and styles the hair.He carefully wraps all the rest of the body parts in plastic, puts them in the third room. He keeps the Temperature at 72 degrees. He kidnaps me and makes me choose each room to put each member in. He then says i choose their fate. He makes me watch as they are killed in unusual ways.He says Im his Princess.He then traps me in a room and says, like in Rapunzel i will trap you in here with no way out.As i am stuck in this room I somehow get in his head and can see threw his eyes. I can see how he is killing people, I can hear his thoughts. He then is getting ready to kill this girl but thinks, this looks like princess. As I see threw his eyes It seems as if i am looking threw a mirror. he the kills this girl in a different way. He chops her arms and legs off, leave the door open and says,try to escape. In his head i feel he is enjoying her dying. What could this mean? I been having this dream every night for 2 years.

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