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Dream About Bad Look meanings

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Example: What do my bad dreams mean?

I've been dreaming about the school bully who has been harassing and embarrassed me for a stupid reason. In the first day of 7th grade, I was making a lot of friends. Then after school, I was walking to my mom's car because she was going to pick me up,but then a guy who I had in class came out of nowhere and started making fun of me and saying sexual jokes involving me. He then walked away and my mom was mad. On the second day, my mom saw where he was hanging out (Outside of school) then my mom started saying to leave me alone or she'll call the cops. Then the bully was making fun of me ever since. He had made my middle school years a bit sour. But I met a lot of great people. I had him again in a class in freshmen year of high school (9th grade P.E). He didn't made fun of me or humiliated me in front of others, but he was talking bad about me behind my back with his wannabe gangster friends. He didn't did anything else besides that, only that he told one of his friends about what happen but he changed my name in the story and made it seem more unrealistic and retarded.One time he acted nice to me by telling me to help him with a homework (Which I did) Then he was expelled from school by the end of 9th grade, In 10th grade he came back, but only this year was great because he really didn't bother me or anything. One thing that make me unconformable is that he joined a gang (MS-13), which gave me more reasons to stay away from him and avoid contact with him. I think he got expelled from the school district forever for bringing drugs to school. Now I am in 11th grade, and I've seen NO sight of him in school or in the town I live in. I decided that I blocked him from facebook because I don't want him looking at my stats and the things I do(Do you guys think this is a good idea?). But ever since last week, I've been waking up in the middle of the night thinking that he may come back to school again because I started having bad dreams about him. Im worried that if he comes back he'll make my life difficult. Also note that I was 11 in the beginning of 7th grade, and I was a l really weak and fat with no muscles. But since 9th grade to 11th grade right now, I've grown, I gained muscles and lost a lot of weight. Should I stop worrying a lot?

Sorry to hear about the bully in school. No one deserves that, ever! In our dreams we try to work out solutions or resolve problems we're experiencing, or have experienced. Though it feels like the bully is invading your dreams, the dreams are bringing it up, to help you resolve old issues, of how you were made to feel. Look to see if there may be a situation in daily life that makes you feel that same way, that may be bringing it up again as well?

If at all possible, try you best to focus on other things (know that's easier said than done). Fear is the one thing that DRAWS THE SAME TYPE experiences to us that we prefer not to encounter again. Fear is somewhat like a magnet, what we focus on, we get more of. Glad you blocked him, that's a smart move. Worrying about him returning meanwhile is of no benefit, try your best to live your life and focus on something you're interested in. IF or when the time comes - you can always deal with it then. Is there a Guidance Counselor at school you could talk to about it to help set your mind at ease, or make a plan of action with them? Could you take a karate or self-defense type lessons as extra insurance? If in fact he returns, do your best to steer clear of him & show as little reaction as possible (a reaction is what they want, it fuels their fire), they enjoy hurting & making others feel uncomfortable.

We all have a guardian angel. They are allowed to step in if we ASK. Remember to ASK your guardian angel to assist/help. They will step up & in if asked & they're on call 24/7. They're more powerful than most of us realize. Unable to stress it enough ASK (silently of course), they will send help.

In my opinion most bullies are really " insecure cowards," they hide behind their insecurities with the front they are all-powerful. Really they're hurting inwardly & insecure & use that as a front. They ca be found in many places, even once you're out of school. I encountered one at my last place of work in a "hospital" of all places. You'd think in a place of healing, that wouldn't be tolerated. They are controllers & take kindness as a sign of weakness, & go for it. Many try to make us think "we" are the cause of it, when in fact it is them. Any way good luck to you. Hope the bully never returns.

Example: What does this bad dream mean?

I had this dream when I was younger:

Me and my dad (this was back when he had just gotten a divorce with my mom and he wasn't married to my step mom yet) went to this motel. He had bought me and Ice cream cone and he had gotten one too. I remember mine was strawberry and his was vanilla and he finished his before I finished mine. He told me when I was done eating my ice cream cone to go to the motel room. I finished up then walked through the hall, looking for the room. (it was an outdoor hall and had doors to go to the room.) When I walked through the halls, at everyday door there was a person on the door mat crying on their knees. I walked a little more and saw that EVERYONE was crying. Then I asked a lady with many kids (the kids were inside the house, the door was opened and they were looking at their mom.) what everyone was crying about. She said a man had came through looking for his kid. The man was my dad and he was looking for me. The lady said he looked for me for a long time then he gave up and left.

Please tell me what this dream means. I was about 7 or 8 when I had it.

Example: What could all these bad dreams mean?

I have been having these Vivid bad dreams for a little over a week now, every night its a different dream, but they're always bad or scary dreams and they're so vivid they almost seem real. In all of my dreams Iam always trying to save my own life or defend myself from someone or something trying to hurt me. One morning I woke up at 6 to take a shower and I just couldnt understand why my legs hurt so bad. So I looked at them before I got in the shower and there where black bruises along the inside of my knee and calf. There are bruises around both my ankles, wierd bruises like they look like two perfect lines that go around my ankles..At first I thought maybe I slept walk, which i have never done in my life. My room mate said that she hears stuff at night, but only when shes by herself though and she sleeps upstairs ( i sleep downstairs) She told me last night is sounded like some one was breathing in her ear & then the dog outside started barking. Now I usually go for the whole supernatural thing, but at the moment I am staying pretty open minded. Anyone have any idea what my dreams could mean or anything?

Example: What does this bad dream mean?

I was in the mall with bunch of people in the mall then suddenly I see a person with a gun look at me and hide behind a big advertisement wall. without hesitation i started to run toward the exit i didn't even warn anyone. then i heard gun shots and people screaming i didn't know if the guy killed everyone he sees or only me. I hid behind a sell phone market and then the guy appeared out of now were. I didn't have time too look him over or too speak. I saw his legs and at that secound he shot me. Then i woke up.

Example: What does this bad dream mean?

Basically, I was walking past a new shop in my local town that had been open for a few months, my mother and brother were with me but were a few feet in front of me when I got dragged into the back room of the shop, I only remember being placed on a shelf after that, I then asked the daughter of the shop owner (who was about 20) if she could change me and she did. After I ran upstairs and through the house that was above the shop and I could hear her behind me and I got to the bathroom, I smashed the window of the bathroom and jumped out, I knocked her face cream (labelled Jennie's cream) on the town centre floor below and she yelled "NO, THERE CAN'T BE ANY EVIDENCE!. OH!, and when I jumped out the bathroom window, I landed in the bathroom again, like a paradox. Then after it was daylight and "Jennie" was walking a dog, and went onto the top floor of Marks & Spencer (where my local cafe is and where my mum works) and she asked my mum for a coffee because I only liked it made by her (I was the dog and my mum didn't know) and then a stream was in front of me and my mum and it separated us.

I woke up then :/

I know it's pretty vague and weird but if you can help me find a meaning, because I've been having quite a lot of bad dreams that had the same weird feeling as this.
(the shop had hundreds of dolls inside, like a half size doll, and i was made into one basically)

None of these "check out this website!" I just want a simple answer telling me what it means.

Example: What does frequent bad dreams mean?

Everyday I am having bad dreams. These have different story but all ends up bad. What does this mean?

Bad health? Depressed? Stressed?

Example: What does this mean bad/weird dreams?

ill be asleep and have werid / bad type dreams and wake up and Havering pee can sumone help asasp

Example: Does my dream mean something bad ?

I had the worst dream last night. I dreamt that my fiance died. I saw the funeral and everything. The flowers and him laying in a casket with his black suit and purple shirt and purple tie on.
I was so upset and I couldn't stop crying and everyone was there except his dad and the weird thing is that he sat up and looked at me and said Im not dead why am I here and then he laid back down. Then his mom was in the corner of the room crying and I went to her and it turned into the baby department at walmart and she yelled at me and told me to leave her alone.
I had to call him this morning just to make sure he was ok.
Im really scared now. Things are great between us too.
Can someone please help to ease my mind and tell me what that dream meant.

Example: What does my bad dream mean?

I have bad dreams all the time and they seem so real,i try to wake up but i cant.
one of my dream is
that i wake up I wake up in the morning and i look out the window and there is this girl in a white dress staring at me sh eis always following me but i could only see her

and im 13 years old and my parents are in a divorced and i live with my dad

Example: What does my bad dream mean?

I am continuously having bad dreams about my new job that I started about a month ago. I wasn't having any dreams until this week. I keep forgetting my name badge which allows me to clock in and out for the day, ans the other night I dreamt that I was dealing with a very scary looking man who threatened me and made me feel extremely uncomfortable. What is going on? Please help!

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