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Dream About Baker meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Why did Joseph interpret the dream of the baker to mean death in three days?

More info that's influencing my appraisal: In ancient Egypt, beer-making was a female occupation, because beer was made from bread. There were also such things as female Pharaohs who could treat girls as if they were boys.

Isaiah 65:1 says of God: I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me.

The pagan Egyptian prisoners were not worshipers of God, and besides, what are the ethics of God sending a dream of death in 3 days for no apparent reason, or Joseph interpreting it that way?

I think you're confused.

God sends messages through dreams, and Freud was a psychologist.

Freud interpreted dreams that originated in the mind of the patient, and these were dreams that the patient could control if they chose to. That's why it's valid to evaluate the dreams of the patient, because they are honest windows into the thought patterns of the patient.

Joseph interpreted dreams that originated from God's mind, and these were dreams that could NOT be controlled by the patient (dreamer) because they do not represent their thought patterns, they represent God's.

So Joseph was basically psychoanalyzing God.

Example: What does it mean when I dream that Tom Baker is my dad?

I had this weird dream last night that Tom Baker was my dad. I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not.

Example: [Bible question]Joseph Interprets Dreams of the Baker and the Cupbearer?

Why was the Baker hung?

I just read it & I didn't get that. I mean, was there a reason?

Example: Dreaming about an ex - what does this mean!?

He wasn't even a proper boyf, a major crush that turned into a f**k buddy when I was at school, he was mean and treated me like sh!t and I still see him occasionally and know he would be so wrong for me!

I am happy with my partner and ave been for 5 years so why does he appear in my dreams?

Example: What did my dream mean?

I could only remember so many parts :/

one of my dream last night was-
i was dreaming that i was asleep, i saw this car going off the bridge and i was on the other side about to fall off. i told the person with the car on the other end to try to push the car all the way over the bridge but don't get in it because it'll be to heavy for the car to cross ... but then one of us fell down, then i woke up ... :/

my other dream - it was raining ... hard, but i didn't seem to get wet but those around me did, and we all got candy i took a random candy on the desk and my old best friend said ' baker? why did you steal baker's candy? ' i told her, i found it on the desk ... then she said ' oh well, she said you stole it ' ... that was the biggest lie i heard in the world, that girl wasn't even at school that day, and i remember my former best friend wouldn't apologize to me.

What does all this mean? ... :/

Example: Fellow Christians: If we are not supposed to look for signs in our dreams...?

Then why the whole story with Joseph? I mean, he was in jail, interpreting dreams to the baker and the cupholder and to the Pharoah himself. These dreams meant something and God provided insight through Joseph. Why aren't we allowed to find interpretations to our dreams?
I do not wish to disrespect the Bible, but I have always wondered about this.

Example: The greatest cake baker, what does it mean?

I am i cake caking contest.

the winning cake will be the one a couple who's going to get married will use.

The teams are grouped in two.

My partner is a male, he was responsible for the cake design. i am responsible for the taste. i made my recipe, my very own recipe. then i hand it over to him so that he could start finishing the whole cake.

my recipe is really delicious... like really delicious.

the judges said it was time out and we finished making the cake.

the judges complained our cake, he said it wasnt delicious. i tasted the cake, i was surprised to know that it wasnt my recipe. my team mate didnt used my recipe... i handed the judges my recipe. and they told me it was delicious. they got angry with my team mate and kick him off the game. I won the contest.

Example: Help I had a religious/spiritual dream and don''t understand it''s meaning?

I had a dream I was in the 19 century and was an officer in the 60th rifles of the British Army. Jesus came walking around and I was in a tree with a Baker Rifle. I took aim and got a good chest shot on him. I then climbed down the tree as his disciples panicked and checked his body and ran while they were distracted.

Example: Becoming a baker and/or chef?

ok so i want to become either a baker or chef but there is one problem; i stink at school! like my grades are terrible! i just barely pass my classes like i have a 70 in 2 classes and a horrible grade in history. my 70 grades are in Geometry and Chemistry. i mean i do good in the classes but i just don't do homework. I'm doing good in English and stuff(the rest of my grades are like 80's or better) but i was wondering if this affects my dreams of becoming a baker and/or chef.
also i'm a junior in HS.

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