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Dream About Bald meanings

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Example: Dream meaning?!?

Last night i had a dream that i had bald patches of hair on my head. i recently discovered that i might have had trichotillomania (the compulsive urge to pull out hair and in my case eyelashes) in the past and in my dream i kept thinking "oh its okay its only that". I remember having this uneasy feeling throughout the dream about my hair like it was permanent and when i went to show my friend my head they said they don't see anything there. I remember thinking oh its okay ill wake up in the morning and my hair will be back but I still felt sick to my stomach. And in my dream i "woke up" and the bald patches were gone! But out of nowhere came back again. What does this mean? These bald patches weren't completely bald. There was hair there but it was skin tight and prickly like i had just shaved it off.

It sounds like it could be related to the discovery of past tricho...whatever.

Bald patches can be about feeling that you are in some way incomplete, lacking, or unwell, and hair also often represents thoughts or more generally products of your mind. Worrying that it is permanent means you worry that the past condition shows some mental illness or imbalance that you still have.

Asking your friend may represent you consulting someone for their opinion. I'm not sure if they meant they don't see anything there, as in they don't see hair, or they don't see a problem. Being asleep in your dream is about a period of unawareness. Waking up is being more conscious. During that time the bald patches, representing the evidence of mental imbalance, go away.

Keep in mind that it could also be anxiety about getting older, as baldness is associated with aging, at least for men.

The last part is harder for me to grasp. If it was like you had just shaved it off, then it could be about being a result of your own actions. The skin being tight and prickly represent you feeling uncomfortable in your skin, feeling hurt, and possibly feelings of guilt (pricks of compunction).

Example: What does this dream mean?

I often dream that this bald guy follows me around at night and i'm always running away from him.it's really creepy.what does this mean?

Example: Dream Interpretation - Bald Eagle?

In my dream, the setting was my Grandmother's house. I happened to notice a seemingly dead bald Eagle. Then the setting switches to the kitchen. I notice my Father and other family members there. All of a sudden I feel claws reaching at the back of my shirt and it was the bald Eagle. My Father said I should let it go, but I decided not to. What does the bald Eagle in my dream represent?

Example: What could this dream mean?

i can't exactly explain the whole dream but this part of the dream scares me most... i was in this like dorm or class room bu it was at night, there was a few people there and one of the boys was going "hoot hoot" like an owl sound. I asked him why he was doing this and he said there was a big bird stuck in the next room. The other room was broke down wit broken glass and stuff and when i peaked threw the window there was a big black bald man with big black wings. He had like a cut up jean jacket and there was blood everywhere he had jagged teeth, and he was reaching into this shelf like thing. "All i kept screaming was he's not stuck hes been here before, hes been here before!"

Then I woke up. I'm not sure but i believe i have had this dream before or similar like it, where this thing keep coming back to get something. What does this mean?

Example: I dreamt I was being followed by bald vile temptresses throwing bran muffins at me. What does it mean?

Example: What does it mean if you dream you are going bald?

what does it mean if you dream you are going bald?

Example: What does it mean to dream about bald headed dudes with tons of sparkly makeup?

these were some really weird reoccurring dreams. the first one was where some kid was flying around my church and acting like a bird...

then the other weird one was a kid in my social studies class sitting in class wearing pink and light green sparkly makeup all overe his face. i woke up laughing hysterically.

im just curious what it means, if it means anything at all.

Example: What does it mean when you dream that you are bald?

it was a horrible feeling but does it mean something? you know dream interpretation.

Example: What does my dream means when i was getting bald? ?

Example: I would like to know what it means to dream of oneself going real bald ?

I saw my forehead going out of hair It was freaking out :s

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