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Dream About Bandages meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do you think this dream means?

Well, I had a dream where I was in my gym, in my p.e. clothes, and there was a long rope ladder all the way up to the ceiling. My gym is really high by the way. I started crying but I was not afraid as I started to climb the rope ladder. When I had reached the top I was still crying and I fell. Just like that I fell, I couldn't tell if I let go or I fell, hard to tell. I hit the gym floor REALLY hard and I thought I had died, but I got up and I was fine and everyone was looking at me all weird. Their was also a boy their who climbed it and fell and he was in bandages and a wheelchair. I WAS FINE THOUGH! And everyone was looking at me in disbelief! I want to know what my dream means, also, when I was little I used to cry when I was sad or mad and then all of a sudden something great would happen! Weird right? Oh well, can someone tell me what my dream mean in your OWN opinion! Thanks! <3

I believe your dream means that you are a strong person and even though you might fall down in life you can always pick your self up and move on with out a problem while others get up but still feel the pain they are still recovering from a situation and can never seem to move on the crying part is your fear of falling of making a mistake or even find your self in to trouble

Example: What does my dream mean?

It started off as I was alone in a forest, and I am hunting, I see other people hunting too, and than I get attacked by a wild animal, I believe it was a wolf, i beat it to death with my gun. Than I am talking to those other hunters I saw, and they said that a serial killer lives around here. Than somehow Im with like ten of my friends, and we are walking out of the woods and walking into these buildings, and than we walk up a tiny staircase, and since im leading the group, the serial killer comes out and stabs me, and pushes me down, I get up and run, and he started killing my friends. Before I took off running, he told me he was coming after me, than for some reason im running through my old neighborhood(from my childhood) and I feel him chasing after me, I dont see him, but I feel him. Im now on the street were my childhood house was, but I decided to run to my friends house, and his mom lets me come inside, they bandage up my wound pretty fast, and im looking out the window at the door to see if I could see the killer coming, I see people walking but not the killer, than I sense him coming, and I woke up.
Also Im only 14 years old. I feel very little emotion, barely any in real life, I dont get stressed out in real life much, and im suppose to be under stress, but I dont feel stressed.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I got married but I was unable to see my grooms face IDK if it means anything but I thought it was strange and could be have a meaning behind it.

Example: What does it mean to dream of someone with bandages on left wrist and hand also left foot?

In the living room I see a guy with bandages. I ask him why he has it but doesn't reply. Next is a scene that keeps reoccurring in some of my dreams. It is always a mix of two people classmates,relatives,etc. They always come in my bedroom unexpectedly while I'm sitting at a couch. Once they'd given me Chinese food but this time one guy goes through my closet the other one goes towards me so I take him down and strangle him with my legs bij style. I look to see if the guy is still taking stuff but he disappears.

Example: What does it mean to have stigmata dreams?

I have had stigmata dreams more than once in my life. I've also had one dream where I took the weight jesus was carrying onto my self and found it was the weight of every persons fears, losses, pain, sadness, unfulfilled dreams, hate, anger, loneliness, grief etc... and I woke up crying. it was so heavy that i cried for Jesus having to ever carry that emotional burden.
i had another one this morning before i woke up. I woke up with holes in my wrists bleeding and didn't know why. i went to the ER where they wanted to give me a psych eval. but my daughter said mommy was sleeping she didn't do this to herself. then my forehead began dripping blood. they bandaged my wrists and head and sent me on my way. i woke up. why do i keep having these dreams when i am not a devout anything. i am agnostic who takes bits and pieces of every religion.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a really weird dream last night that somebody sawed my right leg off because i had broke my leg just below the knee cap and i was left with a stump they bandaged it up and there was blood coming threw the bandages, No body cared that this had happened to me and i just got on with life but i was asking for a wheel chair or crutches because i was still walking everywhere and it was painful lol What does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok so i was in this sort of yellowish room with these kids and a girl with something wrong with her. the kids were all picking on her and punching her and she had alot of blood on her by now then it went to the next scene>i was in a cave with my cousin explaining what happened to the girl and all of a sudden the girl appeared with her eyes popping out of her skull! she was sitting on the ground her legs out in front of her, she had bandages wrapped around her legs going up to her knee. i felt sooooo bad for her and how i did'nt
stand up for her so i went up to her and said to my cousin: this is the girl. i turned around and i gave her a slight sort of pat on the shoulder when she popped up and started hugging me and would NOT let go. i screamed and yelled and i got really freaked out but she was still clinging on to me, i tried forcing her off but that did not end! and that was all i really remember! is there anything wrong with me? what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean? Bandaged mouth?

What does this dream mean?
I had this dream that my husband had bandages on his upper lip of his mouth, and was being very rude at the same time, and he could barely speak. i am confused to what this dream means, and i just think its freaky. i looked it up on all of the dream websites, and couldnt find any thing. If it helps, he's been a long time alcoholic and cigarette smoker, and i do worry about his health. What does this mean, if anything? Please be serious, i dont want any weird responses, if its nothing truthful or helpful and if its just silly, forget it. thanks!

Example: What does it mean to have your wrists slit by someone in a dream?

what does it mean when you dream someone has slit your wrists? i tried to then get to the hospital but i couldnt, so had to keep bandaging my wrists up. does anyone know as i cant find any good websites!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I was at my high school during lunch and one of my friends asked, "who's that?" and I looked in back of me and noticed it was my crush. He was wearing a green shirt that looked similar to the ones that support my school and I responded, "That's Jack; he's only here for two days".
Then I'm walking down a familiar road with my dad and my cat on a leash, and while we are going down one of the roads, we come face to face with another cat. I know that the cat is going to try and attack mine, so due to my protective side for her I place my sneaker in front of her and the cat bites it. I remember some of the pain that I felt when this happened, and when the cat released I saw that my sneaker had four cat teeth on top of it.
I'm sitting in the driver's seat of my mom's car (I can't drive yet) with my sister in the back and my mom in the passenger seat in an almost empty parking lot. My dad (I believe) is looking for a hospital for my foot; I don't remember much on this. In the end the foot is bandaged with what looks like white duct tape; I don't believe I ever went to the hospital, but we passed some store that I didn't like the look of and I thought to myself, "I'm never going to remember this when I wake up".
The scene switches and I'm a strategic response unit officer with my group and our leader (my gym teacher) and we're what looks like underground with train tracks that have one dim light above the railings. She tells us to split up; my crush ends up being in my group. Before I know it we're running up a hill on a dark, stormy-like day and one of the boys ask, "What's wrong with your foot?" I look down and tell him something that I don't remember, but my crush looks slightly interested in my story.

There's another part that I don't know if I had with this dream or with another. I was dreaming that I had to go back to my classroom because I left my backpack and I needed it in order to go home, but there was this man before me and I was afraid to go past him. I think he was like a child molester or something; something that made me fear him. I think this was before I hurt my foot.

Can anyone possibly translate this? I'm starting a dream journal and I've been looking up words for this one, but they aren't making sense.

Thank you!

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