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Dream About Bangles meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a gold bracelet/bangles was given to you as a gift?

I am dating this guy for almost 3 months, we have some mutual understanding that he likes me and I like him too. he even confessed that he likes me a lot and had feelings for me. but we are not officially boyfriend-girlfriend yet. we are still seeing each other at least once a week and txting everyday.

In my dream, we were in a beach where we were in a big cottage. I never met his mother yet, nor I don't have any idea how she looks like on person but on my dream i knew it was her mother because he introduce me with her as his girlfriend. then after that, he told me he had a surprise for me and he gave me these jewelry box as a gift and when I open it it has 3 gold bracelet. my dream was in black and white color but I could tell the jewelry box was color blue and the bracelet was gold that really stand out.

I would really appreciate if you could help me interpret this dream . Thanks :)

I don't know if this dream is a wish or a premonition, but the gift is symbolic of strong love, and bracelets are symbols of commitment.

Example: Dream about Goddess Durga giving bangles?

I went to temple for ashthami and made the idol of Durga wear bangles. That night she came in my dream (in person, not as a photo or idol) and she threw all bangles on me that she was wearing other than the ones I made her wear i.e. she only gave those bangles to me that other people had offered her but she continued to wear those bangles that I gave her. What does this mean? I love goddess Parvati, get her dreams in some avatar always.

Eg. As Kanchi Kamakshi (real avataar)
As murti, and some lady asking me to keep utsav murthi during navaratri
A eunuch performing devi pooja in my garden
Dreams about snake temple

I used to read Lalitha Sahasranama weekly but nowadays I read only twice a month.

Help me pls.

Example: Can you intrepet this dream?

Ok, so Im 26 yr old girl, I'm not married, indepedant girl living in U.S, my parents are desi & they believe in superstition and extra phenomenon stuff. There is nothing wrong w/ me, I'm not bad looking, I have medium skintone, I dress nice, make good money but I dont have a life partner, and I dont like desi men because they are so boring: they talk abt computer things, money, and just sit around dont do any chores or help w/ anything, big mama's boy. Anyway, my mom had a dream that a desi guy and his family brought a rishta (proposal) for me and they were excited and they loved me so much. Everyone was happy, and his sister in the dream said "my bro shopped for the wedding and brought you gifts for 1 lak ($100,000), and those are only the bangles, rest is yet to come". Obviously they were loaded. Anyway, my mom has high hopes for me in her dream. how do I live up to this dream of hers? can someone tell me what this dream mean? Its heartbreaking to let my mom down.

Example: What does it mean being chased by a white bangle tiger in my dream?

Example: What does it mean to see wearing bangles in dream?please help?

i am often dreaming a lot about wearing bangles these days please help me what does it mean ? please

Example: What does dreaming about bangles mean?

I was wearing glass bangles in my dream & someone (did not recognize this person in my dream) said how beautiful they looked on me and why I don't wear them quite often. I told her because I usually wear full sleeved dresses and bangles don't look good on full sleeves (I only said that in my dream, I always wear sleeveless or short sleeves in real life).
I am married, so please don't tell me the interpretation is getting married soon.

Example: I saw my Late father in my dream giving gold bangles, what does it mean?

i saw that i am shopping in a market with my mother , we searching for some crockery ( a dinner set ) for my wedding ( i am not married yet ) one of my uncle is also helping us there in choosing which one to buy , then my mother starts complaining that she is having pain in her feet due to uncomfortable shoes that she was wearing , we are also wearing festive clothes and all dressed up. then i saw my father ( which is died 10 years back ) came and he bought gold bangles for my mother . my mother shows them to me , and i also liked it very much.

Example: What is the meaning seeing of red bangle in dream?

Example: What does bangles represent in dreams ?

I really want to know because i am dreaming about them quite often please help me.

Example: Dream With Michael Steele of The Bangles?

i had dream i was with Michael Steele, at her house and just traveling with her WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

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