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Dream About Baptism meanings

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Example: Spiritual Dream... Meaning?

Recently, I had a dream that I was getting baptized in water, again. In my dream, my Pastor was preparing for the baptisms, along with an Evangelist that came to my church a year ago. The funny thing, I was getting baptized in my bathroom tub and didn't want to get it done there, because it was too small. I'm about to turn 22 and was baptized in water when I was 14 y/o. I'm a conservative Christian.

[serious answers only, please]

Not knowing anything about you it is very difficult to give anything really exact. But from what you described, I would suspect it is a personal conflict … you seem to think that you are ready for something larger in life (you being to large for the tub), while you feel the important people around you (the Pastor and Evangelist) think that you are not yet ready (since they think you could still fit into the smaller tub)

Perhaps you feel like you are being held back by the church, parents, bosses (authority figures in general)?

Personally, to find the real answer, I would suggest sincerely asking Our Lord for guidance for He truly knows what your dream means (if there is any meaning to it at all).

May Our Creator watch over you and your family.

Example: What does my dream mean?

So I had a really weird dream last night. I can’t remember in what order anything happened or how they linked together. I just remember bits and pieces. I also kept stirring a lot in my sleep and would quickly wake up to flip over and fall right back asleep.

In one of my dreams, I was in the kitchen with my best friend. She had told me she was pregnant. She was wearing a black dress and had a baby bump. I didn’t know how to talk to her to tell her I didn’t really approve of her being pregnant without not being there for her, so I remember her brushing me off a lot as if her being pregnant was no big deal.

The next thing I remember was being in the middle of the ocean with glaciers and huge icebergs. It seemed cloudy and the area was very grey and blue. She wasn’t there but I heard her voice and she was talking to me about faith. She had something about if I wanted to see god then I had to call on the devil first and communicate with demons. I kept refusing because I was really afraid.

(I’m in no way religious so it striked me a bit odd that I was dreaming of this.)

In order to get away from this, I plunged into the water. Oddly enough, it wasn’t cold. But there were huge whales swimming near me, not around me. I could also breathe under water as if I was a whale too. The whales were supposedly linked to devils and demons, but while in the water and watching them I wasn’t afraid at all, just felt peaceful, especially because I knew they wouldn't hurt me.

I then swam deeper, very curious as to what was at the bottom, but I couldn’t see. It was pitch black. I wasn’t afraid though. I just felt relaxed and safe.

And that’s all I remember. What does any of this even mean? I woke up feeling a little hung over and weird and dazed.

Example: Can someone tell me what this dream means?

Ok so it begins with my family ( grandma,mom, and dad) going to see a deserted castle with little gold pebbles making up the gates. These two dudes come out of nowhere and take us to this old room that looked like the inside of a grannys house lol. But before they took us to see someone a man was sitting in a chair and i stared at him for a while because i could see a white mist around him almost like a aura. He disapeared before i could tell him about the white mist. The two men entered my dream again and took us to the man. We were all talking until the man started looking evil and laughing like muahaha (lol) and i took out my sword (oh yeah i had a sword the entire time and i dont know were it came from) and the evil dude let his two henchmen fight me. They didnt die easy i stabbed them millions of times withought it looking like it dis anything . But i did it. My family was going to help but they didnt find a weapon fast enough. The two dead men had disapeared and two white doves remained.one at a time i let them go outside. I told my grandma about it and she said " it could of been a message from god. The sword you used could of been the sword of spirits the bible talks about that is the only weapon that can defeat demons." i forgot what else she said. I dont read the bible so i never knew about this stuff. You see i had this dream five times! Except the first four it was blurry and it wasnt me fighting it was someone else and each person lost. In my dream i asked my grandma why i could and she just said she didnt know. I am a christian a d would like to know that if this is a message to god what would it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean to anyone in this section?

In the middle of a desert , layered by animal skeletons , there was a lion bleeding from his stomach. He breathed heavily as his blood poured over the desert and became floodwaters. It submerged all of the skeletons. Suddenly, many skeletons became complete, living animals again, carried away by the deep blue flood. Then I saw a face. It looked like a man who was crying about the barren desert, but he turned around and saw the flood bringing the desert back to life.

What does the dream mean to you? I think I know what it means. :-)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream today about my grandmother that passed away in November of 2011.
The setting was me sitting on a couch in her living room. I was on the same couch with my grandfather and a cousin (who are still living.) My cousin looked over at me and said "a baby died where you are sitting" I looked at her like why the heck are you talking about?!? I know that a baby has never died in this house! After feeling weirded out by her I got up and sat on anither couch in the same room. Then I looked over and in disbelief, my grandmother was right next to me. With my mouth wide open I said " but I know you died in this house" then she touched my face softly and just smiled. She also pushed my jaw up because it was open from being so surprised she was there. It also felt as though she put holy water on me with her fingers in the shape of a cross. Then I woke up.

I have been upset this entire day trying to figure out what this meant. It did not scare me however it made me feel sad and odd. Has anyone experienced this before?

Example: Does anyone know what this dream means?

Ok first of all a little background - I'm engaged to a wonderful man who I love to bits, I've never cheated on him and wouldn't even consider it, I do have body image problems (typical women heh lol) and I have a very odd living situation at the moment - I'm living with the in-laws!

Ok my dream was this - I dreamt that I had sex with a guy that's a friend of both me and my partner, he's a nice guy but not my "type", and it was really sensual, loving, and I felt really relaxed and happy about it. It's hard to explain the feeling of bliss I felt in the dream while in the arms of this guy. We had sex in the bathroom of where I'm currently living and then had a shower, we came out of the shower and went into the living room where my partner's sister was sitting and she took no notice of that fact that we were both obviously soaking wet, and she must of known what happened and offered me a glass of wine, as though it was normal. Then we went into the garden and the were loads of small garter snakes trying to climb over my shoes and one was attached to my hair.

Does anyone know/can anyone explain what this dream means? I very rarely have dreams so vivid and I usually don't remember my dreams but this one has stuck with me all day!


Example: What does my baptism dream mean?

Ok so last night I had a dream about being baptised. It went like this.. I was in a building and there was a guy who i think was a pastor and my mom was there. He baptised my brother first ( i think it was my brother) and then me. Then he told me to read what I think was the Bible? Then I saw a man what i think was Jesus preaching to people. Then the dream ended. I never had a dream like this before.

I've already been baptised when I was a baby so I don't know what this means? Please explain what this means if you can. Thanks :)

Example: Wedding dream after baptism?

I was Baptised yesterday as I've finally made a decision to live my life for God. Last night I had a dream that I was getting married. The only weird thing is I didn't know who I was going to marry. As I was walking down the aisle I was extremely happy and when the groom turned around to see me, all I remember seeing was a man smiling from ear to ear and had lovely blue eyes.

I told my mum about it this morning and said you are now a bride of Christ. What does that mean?

Has anyone had a weird dream after getting baptised?

Example: What does it mean to see a baby baptism in a dream?

i saw a baby wearing white and it was the time of the baby's baptism and some holly water looked like oil started to show all over the baby and i was happy about it so i took some of it and draw a cross on my forehead with this oil,wat does this dream mean?

Example: What does it mean to see a baby baptism in a dream?

i saw a baby wearing white and it was the time of the baby's baptism and some holly water looked like oil started to show all over the baby and i was happy about it so i took some of it and draw a cross on my forehead with this oil,wat does this dream mean?

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