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Dream About Barber Shop meanings

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Example: What does my strange dream mean?

Me and my friends were at my house, and something happened inside so we had to come out. Well, when we came out, they were gone, and I was suddenly in front of this box. Inside this box was a pencil that was used by one of my favorite artist. Also, there was a note, but I never read it. Then there was a storm, so I had to go to the barber shop. I was sitting in the barber shop talking with the people. They were old people with grey hair, and they were getting their hair cut, but I wasn't. Then I looked out the window and the car was gone. And then I sat there for a long time, and suddenly I was at home, and my sister and I were sitting on the porch. Then a really old dog walked up. This dog was about 7 feet tall, I guess. It kinda resembled a llama, but it was a dog. Anyway, my sister told me to hold its face so she could ride it. I held its face, and she got on, and I let go and she almost fell off. Then she just rode over next to the fence and someone woke me up.

This dream was very real- the locations were real and everything. Except for the barber shop. That was just created by my brain. But it was so real! What could it mean?

dreams r usually made up of thoughts or conversations or things u seen or did the day before.. so it cud be weird things from the other day that ur brain is pulling altogether to make up this odd dream.

wow a 7ft dog ... wowow.. that wud have been some sight.

sounds like it doesnt mean anything reallllyy. just ur brain at work. funny huh.

Example: What does it mean if you dream about crying blood?

Okay, so I had a dream last night, and it started off nice, a beautiful meadow ...

But then my dream focused on myself in a barber shop, getting my hair cut, and I was crying blood.

What does this mean?


Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that my enemy was hiding his car behind his house and he tried to make it look like he wasn't home? Then I went walking with a friend and we went to go get our hair done. So I walk in and there was Tyra Banks standing there as the hairdresser! and Tyra was doing my hair but she just couldn't get it completely right. Any idea what this mean?

Example: Died in my dream.. what could this mean ?

Well i had this dream last night of me standing on some random street it kind of looked like back home in New York but im not quite sure but anyways there was these too men arguing and then i seen one of the guys grip for something which I figured was a gun so I ran. I ran into some random Barber shop which my older cousin was in and a bunch of other people whom i don't know. So mostly everyone was panicking my cousin tried to lock her self in some closet and i was trying to hide under some table. Then all of a sudden the guy with the gun came in the barber shop and started shooting everyone one by one. And when he shot the people like they died kinda slowly.. it was weird though cause he pointed the gun at me and said no im not going to shoot her she's pretty. Then he changed his mind and said oh wait no she wouldn't talk to me when i tried to holla at her and shot me and i remember wen i was dying i said i didn't want to die young then i woke up confused about this dream.

Please help me understand what this could meann !

Example: Yesterday in my dream i dreamt that i went in a barber shop and had a hair cut. what does it mean?

is any loss going to happen in my life

Example: I had a weird dream.. what does this mean?

before we get into the dream.. let's start with what i did earlier today..
i went to Rite-Aid to get a job application. when i turned around i bumped into a lady that overheard me asking for a job app.. she said "Hi. Do you need a job? we need people right now.." so on so on. She told me what the job was which was just putting greeting holiday celebration etc etc cards in the right sections. very easy job. so anyways she asked me a few questions gave me the managers number told me to call him email him whatever just stay on him because he's kind of "Scatterbrained" lol.. i was so shocked that right when i got the Rite-Aid app i turn around and this time the job comes flying at me lol. anyways so i was happy that i was getting progress. people hiring all this good stuff. anyways i remember earlier before i went to sleep (im not really spiritual but im trying to find God) i was so grateful and thankful i was saying "Thank you God" while i was walking home.

well when i got home i was tired so i took a little snooze. now to my dream:
i cant put the puzzle together. i had a few dreams but the one that stood out were the last two.

the first one was i was at Rite-Aid waiting for the manager or something with 2 other people because it was cinco de mayo and they were having free food or something lol idk but as i was sitting on the couch at Rite-Aid there was this BRIGHT *** LIGHT shining in my face. so bright i couldnt open my eyes. so bright that i could see the shadows of the people with my eyes closed. i tried to open them and tried and tried but i just couldn't then i almost succeded and my eyes closed again and then the light went away. i remember i was talking to the 2 people with my eyes closed and they were perfectly fine. they didnt even realize the light. i mean. funny thing is everything was darker and that light was the only thing that stood out. until it went away.

then my dream changed and it was really random. i was in a barber shop that turned into a freaking automobile or something lol idk all i know it had wheels and it moved. anyways i was in there and a girl came in there "looking for someone" (she looked suspicious) and i remember complimenting her on her hair becuase it did look nice. she was very mean and had a attitude so i didnt say anything. then 10 seconds later some guy comes in the shop/mobile lol and grabs some guy buy his hair and tells everyone to get down and drop all your money, phones jewlery everything or he will shoot them. i was like WTFFFF then a man tried to fight him and they were punching each other and people were just staring then the guy closed the door and startiing driving off. then i woke up. THE WEIRD thing is right b4 i was going to close my eyes and go back to sleep i felt like i was getting drained out of my body from the feet. wtf. now im up. lol.

Example: Dream help ?

I was in a barbershop in my hometown and my former barber was giving me a haircut. In the barbershop was a lot of my old school friends. They were all showing me a lot of respect and were glad to see me. I was struggling to get my words out (like I was nervous or something) which has happened in a previous dream. Do these symbols mean anything? Please help.

Example: What does this dream mean?

The other day I was thinking about getting a pixie cut and it appeared in my dream. So I was at the barber shop and the guy was above me and as he was preparing to take that first snip, I woke up. Does that mean anything?

Example: Dream about brutally beating cheating husband, and wearing a captain america costume? What does it mean?

So I'm at a touristy type/barber shop with my girlfriend. We are both getting our hair done and my girlfriend says that she heard one of the girls that worked at the barber shop performed oral sex on my husband. (In real life, my husband cheated on me once before we got married and in waking life I am not worried that he will do it again. I trust him.) Back to the dream. I'm mortified and unbelievably upset. I try to call him but his number isn't in my phone. So I try to punch in his number, I remember seeing the screen on my phone very clearly as I try to punch in his number over and over again, but somehow the wrong buttons are pushed. I cant seem to type in the right numbers. I'm getting very irritated by this and decide to go find him on my own. i end up finding him and start questioning him about said girl. I think I asked him something like "Have you been hooking up with other women?" or something. He's avoiding the question and being catty with me, but he finally admits to it. I start beating him in this alley/parking lot type thing. I'm hitting him over and over again, this unbearable rage comes over me. I beat him for a long time when finally he says "okay, okay..." And I stop. I throw my ring at him. The scene changes and I'm walking up stairs to my mom, she asks if I'm okay and I say I'm fine, even though I'm crying. The scene changes again and we're at the police station. I'm with a very close friend. My husband is drunk and being obnoxious.
For some reason he was responsible for us, and since he's drunk he can't drive us home. (I dont know why we were at the police station). The cops are calling people to come get us. I say I can take care of myself, and I run away with my girl friend. I remember telling the cops that we weren't with my husband and we can take care off ourselves. I was still livid with him about the cheating thing. We're running down another alley that resembles some of the alleys of the town I grew up in. My husband is following us. For some reason my girlfriend and I are both wearing a Captain America costume. My husband catches up and my girlfriend disappears. I'm crying still, but allow my husband to put his arm around me. I feel safe. He keeps trying to pinch my butt but I tell him to stop because I'm crying. I feel overwhelmed with love and anger. We hear the cops as we're walking up more stairs to get out of the alley, and we try to hide behind a bush, but I'm wearing a Captain America costume so the cop sees us. Then I wake up.\

Please help me figure this out! I had this dream only a few days after
we got married. Both my husband and I still wonder what it might mean. He used to have a drinking problem which is why he cheated on me.

Example: I Havn't Been Going To Sleep Latley Because Of The Dreams I Am Having, What Do They Mean?

I Have Been Having Really Disturbing Dreams Lately About Me Turning Into People From Films, Going Insane And Killing People, For Example:

Sweeney Todd - I Found Myself Alone On A Smelly London Street, It Was Fleet Street. I Walked Along And Saw Mrs Lovett's Pie Shop, I Went In (In The Film Sweeney Dies In The End In The Baking House Down Stairs) So I Ran Down The Stairs And There He Was Dead With His Dead Wife In His Hands, I Took The Knife On The Floor And Practiced Cutting Necks On Sweeney's Arm, I Took His Jacket And Ran Upstairs To The Barber, A Man Walked Upstairs And For Some Reason I Looked Like Sweeney Todd, I Told Him To Sit On The Chair, Before He Could Do Anything I Tied Him Up And Gagged Him Mouth, I Took A Needle Off The Side And Sewed Him Eyelids Together So He Couldn't See And Then Sewed His Lips Together So He Couldn't Scream, I Started To Sing About Death And How Fun It Is To Die. I Cut The Letters S T Into His Head And Then Slit His Throat, I Was Covered In Blood And I Just Kept Singing The Song About How Fun It Is To Die.

The Joker - I Was At Home Sitting With My Parents, I Looked Away Then When I Looked Back For Some Reason My Parents Turned Into Rotting Corpses With Magotts Coming Out Of Rotting Holes In Their Body, I Didn't Feel Sad I Just Ran Outside To Get Away From The Horrible Smell, Then I Was Hit In The Face And Knocked Out. The Next Thing I Knew I Was In A Small Damp House Sitting On The Floor I Opened My Eyes And Saw A Big Grinning Face Infront Of Me, It Was The Joker He Said " Good Your Awake, Now Your Going To Do What I Say And Nothing Else, Hey? " I Just Nodded, " Your Going To Go To Your Rich Grandmas House And Give Her This " It Looked Like A Sort Of Broach Or Something. " Then Your Gonna Run Into Her Room Grab All Her Valuables And Run For Your Life, You Have To Get Out The House Before 3 Minutes Is Up " I Said " Why? " He Said " You Will Find Out" And He Laught Insanley In My Face. He Shoved The Broach In My Hand And Pushed Me Out The Door, I Ran To My Aunties And Gave They Broach I Said I Needed The Loo And Ran Into Her Bedroom I Shoved All Her Valuables In My Pockets And Ran Outside, I Looked Back And The House Burst Into Flames, I Was So Close To Being Burnt Alive. I Ran Back To The Jokers Places Picked Up Some Sort Of Machine Gun From The Side And Looked Around There Was The Joker With His Hand Out, I Didn't Give Him The Jewels I Just Shot Him Straight In The Head. I Took His Clothes And Makeup And Smeared It All Over My Face, I Took His Knife From His Dead Hands, Stuck The Blade In My Mouth and Carved A Smile On My Face, I Didn't Feel Pain. I Just Felt Mighty Like Im Better Than Everyone I Stood There Laughing.

For Some Reason I Almost Feel Like Doing These Things In Real Life, I Can Feel Myself Going Mental, Latley Someone Died Who I Knew And I All Did Was Laugh, It Was Really Embarasing Infront Of My Friends, And I Felt No Empathy. I Don't Know Whether I Should Go To Sleep Anymore Because The Last Few Days I Have Been A Zombie At School, Because I Havn't Been Going To Sleep Untill About 4:00am Then I Have To Wake Up At 7.

I Don't Know Whats Wrong With Me? Am I Going Mad? Am I Turning Into A Psyco? Please Help.

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