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Dream About Barbers Pole meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could this vivid nightmare mean?

>Standing in a warehouse with walls sectioning off rooms, on a dirty blue floor
>Dripping sounds in the background
>12 year old boy stands many yards away from me in front of a door
>"Hey, ive got something for you. You should meet my wife Tanya."
>Suddenly a white man/demon dressed in dark colors appears behind him with a rigid knife
>Stabs the kid right in the neck
>Kid bleeds out and gurgles before dying as the demon stands there grinning
>"If you want to see Tanya alive again, you must follow the right path."
>Who the **** is Tanya?
>Step out into dark corridor, worried most about making a wrong turn.
>One shadowy path to the left of me and another right ahead.
>To my direct right is a room, cannot see inside.
>Step in, it is a barbershop.
>Pole and all
>Cardboard cutout of a barber holding an electric razor
>Kid from my english class seated with his back turned to me
>Chair swivels around, it is really the bloody mangled face of the child with red eyes looking ravenous.
>Sound effect from the maze game starts pulsating in my head
>"You shouldn't have walked from the path"
>lunges with knife, cutting deep right above my left kidney
>>> Wake up gasping loudly

Deceiving people into thinking that there mental efforts are needed to take on the pain of others is a common way that evil spirits lead people into the path of darkness. Playing video games for too long impairs emotional response, and frontal lobe function when continued for longer than 15 minute intervals. If the same dream keeps happening then some of the content of the dream could be glimpses of parts of future events but it realy sounds like a grey demon with long ugly fingernails that enjoys frightening people. If you arn`t ready to cast out demons in the best known way you can burn Santa Paulo wood to clear out evil deception and then if there are real future events in your dream you will see them clearly enough to possibly avoid them. Your occult symbol for your profile picture acts as a beacon to evil spirits, so if you wont get rid of it then at least shut off your computer while you sleep.

Example: What's the weirdest thing you have taken home after a night on the drink?

Example: Could you help me with this interpretation of a dream?

The fact is that my roommate dreamed about me in the following way: She walked into a house and saw me and someone else sleeping. When she looked closer at me she saw that I was levitating. She then went to wake up the other person in the room but as she did that, I came in front of her and touched her face. She said I had black eyes and after touching her I turned gray and died in her arms. I would like to know what that means because in the same night I dreamed of white and red diagonal lines all night long and from what I've read on the Internet, white and red stand for death or danger. Please, if you have an interpretation for this dream, Help!

Example: A dream of me dreaming that i've died.?

here are some details in the dreams.
-i didn't see myself, it was the scene of the accident. it had a gray concrete feeling...
there was like a street pole, or like the pole with a button on it that you have to press when you cross the street.
-and what hit me was when someone said, "don't you remember? that's where you died"
at first, i was like...huh? then i was like...oh my gosh. that person did not just said that.

please...i need so help. i'm so confused.

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