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Dream About Barefoot meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean? ? ? ?

Last period at my school, p.e.
At first some wrestlers came and did some sort a roleplay for us. (John Cena and Vince Mcmahon) like they do in the WWE. John was chasing Vince and trying to tear him apart. After they were done they bowed and left.
After that the whole class lined up side by side. Half of the group had to skip the other half(us) had to do 2 sets of pushups. I only did 2. and said sarcastically "oh my god, this hurts. Oh my god it's so much." or something, then I turned to my friend, Casey. and told her this was * stupid, she agreed. I said something negative about the school(I don't remember).
Then the bell rang. School was over. However, the sub came over to me and said I was suspended for tomorrow because I said something negative about the school. I shrugged and left, forgetting my shoes on purpose because I pissed off. After awhile, I actually went back to get my shoes, and started thinking why this school sucks because there is a bunch of snobs here, especially the teachers. I started thinking while walking and watching a P.E teacher tossing a baseball to a student. Once I passed him, I saw my old friend I haven't talked to since 7th grade(and use to like her), she had my shoes because the gym was locked now. I went up to her and thanked her, and apologized for that.
I tried putting on my shoes without falling, and she lifted her shoulder down and "Need a panty?" she smiled at me and I smiled back.

Then I woke up and was like wtf? Panty?
What does this dream mean.?

Well there is a theme in your dream. Guys were 'pretending ' to fight. You were 'pretending' the sit-ups were hard. You 'pretended' to leave your shoes at the gym and left yourself barefoot (that means you will pretend something to upset someone even to the extent of leaving yourself vulnerable to injury and at a disadvantage). The only respect you show for anyone is your friend who you use to like but are currently 'pretending' not to. Because of the thing you 'pretended', you were shoeless and had difficulty righting the vulnerability you had caused yourself (you were almost falling when you put your shoes back on [it's symbolic].

Your friend helped you steady yourself (I presume that's what you mean by 'and she lifted her shoulder down' (?) and she thought you did all the pretending because you needed to have sex 'a panty'.

One thing for sure, if you change your attitude to respectful and friendly instead of getting a tiny bit of power by putting everyone out by pretending stuff, you will get on much better with everyone. Search, search, search for ways to love and look after yourself.

Example: I'm always barefoot in my dreams... what does this mean?

I'm always in different situations... i would be dreaming that I'm in school, or the mall, or walking around my neighborhood, then i look down and notice that i have no shoes or socks on. Sometimes i take them off when i go into a house or store and when i leave i forget to put them back on, then when i go back to get them, they are gone. Other times i just notice that i am barefoot so i feel all embarrassed and hope nobody around notices that i have no shoes on and i try and find another pair.

usually i wouldn't give dreams a second thought but this kind of thing reoccurs in them all the time. if anyone could tell me what it means, thanks :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I recently had a dream which I found disturbing. All I can remember is a small part of it. I was out somewhere in nature, it almost looked like I was at campgrounds. I was walking barefoot or in sandals and noticed a piece of leaf sticking out of my right foot. I thought maybe I had a piece of leaf stuck to my foot or a piece of plant pricked my skin and stuck. When I pulled the piece out of my foot, I noticed that there were a lot more pieces inside my foot. I started pulling out small pieces of Christmas tree garland, about 4inches by 5 inches at a time. Once it was all out, I noticed my foot has a huge cut on it that started at my toe and went to my heel. It was hurting or bleeding and kind of looked like a seam. The last thing I remember was considering sewing the seam shut like I was mending clothes or super gluing it shut.
Any ideas on how to interpret?

Example: What does my DREAM mean?

I have had several dreams over the years of being barefoot. I think it's really weird because I don't realize i'm barefoot until i arrive to my destination. Do you know what it means to have dreams of being barefoot?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I lost my slipper and I was barefoot in my dream.
What does it mean? Can anyone please interpret it?

Example: Two common occurrences in my dreams; being barefoot and being in the subway. What do these mean?

I'm always walking on some dirty surface when I'm barefoot in dreams, and I don't realize for a long time, and then I look down and see the dirty floor and it's always in a public, outdoor place.

The second thing is, I'm often riding the underground subway in dreams. It's always crowded, and I never know exactly where I'm going. Being on the subway, in the dream, makes me feel anxious and nervous...like where am going, why am I here? Any help with interpretations? Thankss :)

Example: Dream interpretation.. walking through snow barefoot?

so im walking fast.. barefoot through the snow not deep snow more like icy flat snow on concrete... i forgot my keys and out of no where it stated snowing.. what does the dream mean.. and i felt physical pain from the snow being sooooooo cold on my feet

Example: What does being barefoot and carrying bags mean.. dream interpret?

I dreamed that I went in an elevator from my residence with my son I was carring shoopping bags and I was barefoot. As I walked in the elevator the guy I like is there standing in the back looking at me. As I go in I don't look at him but I know his there. So then I get to my destination and as I walk out the elevator the guy follow me coming out then one of my bags fall and he picks it up he looks at me and I i said thank you and he return inside the elevator. What does this dream mean. I can't seem to get it out of my head I know it has a meaning can someone help me interpret this dream?

Example: What does it mean to dream of being barefoot?

I had a dream about being barefoot, walking around as if I ddidn't notice it. Then I met up with old friends and started to play football. (Which is something I used to do) I also seen one of my friends throw the football over a gate and everybody rushed to get it. Whay does this all mean? I was barefoot the whole time...

Example: What does it mean to dream you're walking barefoot?

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