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Dream About Basket meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does dreaming about fish mean?

Last night I dreamt that I went out on a boat and caught a bunch of fish. I hate fish, and would never go fishing but in the dream I had no fear of them, and felt proud and happy to have caught them. What does this mean?

In general term Fish mean prosperity (money and finances) in dreams Fishing, indicates that you are confronting and bringing your repressed emotions to the surface.
Can you remember seeing HOW you caught the fish?
If this was a rod in your dream, this is your quest and exploration of your unconscious mind. You are ready to confront issues and emotions which you have suppressed. If it was with a net, indicates a fear of being found out or caught in the act.
Feeling Happy in your dream happy, may be a compensatory dream and is often a dream of the contrary. You may be trying to compensate for the sadness or stress in your waking life.
Feeling proud in your dream means that you will have to stand up and fight against attacks to your integrity. You will be challenged with something in your waking life.

Hope this helps

Example: I had a dream i found a baby in a brown basket on a horse & i kept him what does this mean?

it was a baby boy

Example: What does my dream mean?

in my dream i was kneeling down on very green grass and the sun was shining and it was very bright in front of me was a brown basket in the basket was tissue paper filled to the top and it had 3-4 live yellow baby chicks and next to them was a brown rabbit with floppy ears and was scruffed up i was stroked the rabbit and the rabbit bit me so i stopped and stroking the yellow chicks what does this dream mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was invited to have a meal at this guy's home. And later his mother gave me a basket full of ripe mangoes.

I was just about to take one. She said wait, we'll have to cut it. I said: uh, never mind, I'll leave now, and I did not eat the fruit.

What can this mean?

Example: Wat does dreaming about a baby mean?

I had a dream a couple of nights ago that I can't get out of my head. I normally don't remember dreams so well of for this long so I'm assuming that maybe I'm trying to tell myself something.

It was a baby boy, maybe two months or less, wearing a green and light green striped onesie. I knew he was mine and though I knew it was a challenege to take care of him (changing extremely messy diapers, trying to carry him into Walmart, closing a car door while trying to keep hold on him and grabbing a basket to put him in while trying not to drop him) I enjoyed it. I stuck it out no matter how difficult it was to me. I've taken care of my baby cousin mulitple times and that overwhelmed me so I know it's not telling me to have a kid.

My little sister enjoyed him being around and always asked questions and though my mom didn't say anything she supported me and I think even helped me out financially though I would never want her to. Around the end of the dream I was actually starting to enjoy it more then I woke up and felt kind of sad.

From all that I gathered so far there's some creative idea that I should probably put more focus on. If so, I know what the idea is, but I need more info. I've never had a dream that's stuck with me like this before.

Example: What does this dream MEAN?

it started off with this horrible 3-d animation of this bald kid in a basket-ball jersey walking up to this NBA player on a ghetto basket ball court. then it just showed them walking away together with the kid bounding a basket ball, and every time it would hit the ground it was REALLY loud, it echoed through out the whole city.

then i was in this huge, bouncy tube/cup type thing bouncing around from wall to wall. it was very lubricated (not in a dirty way) and every time i would hit the wall i would slide down a few feet and bounce off onto another wall. it was also very warm and cozy.

it was mostly white in color and had tiny black spots on it, and a yellow eyeball on one side near the top with a green eye-brow. the eye would watch me bounce around hopelessly in this thing. there was an opening above it where i could see blue skies with the occasional passing cloud. it was kinda cool at first, but it eventually made me sick to my stomach and i just wanted out.

then i woke up and fell back from a kneeling position behind my lawn-mower, i noticed the ground looked very strange like a giant honey comb with thousands of holes on it. i started to walk inside my house and i was unable to keep balance and was pushing myself from wall to wall in the hallways of my house. i eventually made it to the bathroom where i began vomiting in the toilet. then i fell back in exhaustion and went to sleep.

then i woke up again... but for real this time.

what does this dream MEAN?

Example: When someone dream of a basket of 7 white eggs what those that mean?

dreaming about eggs is it a good thing?

Example: Madame in a pink dress with a basket,dream meaning?

dream meaning a blonde madame in her middle 30's that I've never seen before, i'm a woman my hair is brown i'm 24

she had a very elegant long pink dress,she didn't look from this time line ,more like 110 years ago,
she had a basket like a flower basket and gave me something, i think it was a doll or a stuffed pink bunny, she grabbed it from her basket and put it on my dressing table and on the dressing table there were more dolls and she was touching them trying to say something about them. she was also wearing pink shoes nice ones.was she a love fairy ?

then ,this was in my room at my parents house and then i came out of my room she was gone i went downstairs and my parents were cleaning the floors with bleach and i saw a withe couch that they don't have. i don't live there anymore I've moved out 4 years ago the floors were withe

pink is love right
and white is beginnings
red is passion
a combination of withe and red = pink =love

what are the meanings on the dressing table ?and the dolls? there are no dolls in that room my room

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well last night I was dreaming I was in a store parking lot with my mom and dad. But keep in mind my dad passed away three years ago...So in my dream I am so happy! Lately I have been crying alot and just having a hard time .So anyways in my dream I am running and jumping with the basket and my dad is just smiling and laughing. I have had dreams of him before but it was right before I got pregnant and it was also right after he died. so ya anyone have any ideas?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night i had a strange dream which involved me holding and protecting a small sized zirconia which was valued at over a million dollars.

I remember holding onto it with all my strength at all times, as i was required to keep it for 3 or so days, after that, i would be able to cash in the zirconia and beocme rich.

However, on the day before of the cash in, i put the zirconia in my pocket and when i reached back it was gone.

What's your interpretation of this dream?

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