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Dream About Bass Voice meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What type of music voice am I?

I can sing Dance with somebody,Sweet Dreams,and have you ever really good.Can you please help me?

uhhhh, if you mean dance with somebody by whitney, sweet dreams by beyonce, and have you ever by brandy, i'd say you're a mezzo-soprano. here's the order of lowest to highest voice types:

Males (Lowest to Highest):

Female (Lowest to Highest):
Contralto (Alto for Short)
Mezzo-Soprano- YOU, in my opinion

now, make sure you sing from deep within. put your hands on your lower ribs and back and practice breathing into them to grasp good breathing. and focus your tone forward, to not sound nasally.

hope this helps!

Example: Vampire dream... what does it mean?

Can somebody help me interpret my dream?

It seemed that I was not part of the dream but rather 2 little boys probably the age of 15 and 9. The older one was carrying an M16 rifle. The setting seemed like it was the end of the world apocalyptic event. It was night time, and the only light that emitted was from the burning buildings, cars, and trees. Other then that it was pitch black, and the moon was not visible. The two boys were running down a street with the older one trailing behind. It seemed as if they were running from something or someone. With fear in their eyes, constantly turning their heads while running. Then out of nowhere, something flying swooped down and grabbed the older kid, lifted him off the ground, and flew away. The younger one stopped in his tracks and saw his companion fly off in the distance to never be seen again. With tears in his eyes, and the fear of having the same fate, he kept running. Somehow, the boy ended up in a very large empty field which looked like at the end of the field there was a barrier made of rocks that stood at least 10 feet tall that stretched endlessly. It looked like the great wall of china but less Asian.

Anyway, the boy made for the wall. And just as he was closing in on the wall, a figure at least 20 yards away emerged from the other side and stood on top of the wall growling and sniffing. It was human like, pale skin with red eyes and some vicious fangs. It looked like a vampire. The boy froze scared stiff hugging the wall as closely as possible squeezing through a crack that was just right for his size. Anyway, this vampire started speaking out loud. The voice was very low bass sounding with a hint of evil tone to it. As he was just about to finish his speech, a shitload of other vampires below emerged cheering... At this time, the little boy found crevices to pull him self up to the other side of the wall. Then... I woke up.

The dream was intense, and now that I am writing it, it sounds like a pretty darn good movie. hehehe... Can someone give me their input? Thanks!

Example: Give up on my rock star dream?

So I (like so many others) have the stupid dream of being a rockstar, every time I look at myself in the mirror I imagine I'm on stage in front of thousands of fans, I can't get it out of my head, I genuinely feel like I could be, I know I have talent as many of my friends have remarked on my singing voice and I'm becoming a better guitarist every day, I'm also confident I've got the looks. But realistically I'm a college student living with my parents, I barely have time to study for my grades and have a basic shell of a social life. I practice guitar/bass/singing with most of the remaining time and I have been trying and failing to get in a band for over a year, no musicians I know have either the time or passion to go all the way. If I was to focus on college I'm guaranteed a great career but I don't think it's the path I want in life, would I rather be successful doing what I hate or unsuccessful doing what I love? Any insight please?

Example: Should I play the bass or the electric guitar?

I want to start a band, and I'm not sure what guitar would suit me best, I am a fun and awesome person, not too loud. I want to play something that sounds cool, deep and with a little bit of distortion, like the sounds the guitars normally make in the band "evanescence ". I like bass guitars but they are too simple in my opinion, I would rather play an electric guitar but electric guitars can sound annoying and high pitched, bass guitars are deep. I would pick a bass guitar if you could play the same sounds but deeper. I even want to play drums but I love singing and I can't play drums while singing, or can I? Does my voice have to be loud and powerful to play drums and sing at the same time? If someone could answer my questions it would mean so much...

Example: I Had A Strange Dream, What Does It Mean?

I had a dream in which I was sleeping in the room I was in, in reality, laying there awake. Something kept playing the E string on my bass and wouldn't stop. In the dream I recalled the fact that my instruments had been moved out of my room, in reality that is, but in this dream they were still in place. I heard it over and over again, I even heard it playing as if it were calling to me from the opposite end of the house in the room it really was. But in the dream I got up and moved it, I said "Stop," and it did it again. A voice spoke to me and said "There is something in here, if you open your eyes you'll see it." In the dream I closed my eyes, not wanting to open them, but I did and saw a large dark finger prodding my face, I screamed in the dream and was certain others heard me, then I was pulled and slammed to the corner of the room, being rolled into it. Then I actually woke up, with a start and a long gasp/sigh and fell back asleep. What does this mean?

Example: Was it a dream or illusion?

I have my radio on every night and listen to music and I SWEAR when I woke up to use the bathroom the music went at a bass beat and a deep voice kept repeating:"I'm afraid of the Cookie monster!" And it did that on another station too! I changed the station again and it wasn't there. I thought it was a dream but I remember the station I switched to to escape the "I'm afraid of the Cookie monster" song and it was there when I woke up. Sometimes I have illusions when I wake up so that may have been it, what do you think?

Example: Do you know a modern song I can sing for my bass voice for an up coming talent show?

I am a female middle school-er and my school is having a talent show soon. I have a low voice(bass) and would like to sing a song that would help me win. Most songs for bass singers are boring and bland, or very old fashioned. If you know any modern, preferably up beat songs I can sing it would really help. Also if you know any songs for a pair with one low and one high voice would also be fine as well because I have a soprano friend who would like to sing with me. Thanks for your help.

Example: Im 19 and have''nt had a wet dream, is this normal?

Example: What do you like about black veil brides?

What do you like the most of vocals
Andys singing voice
Andys screaming

The guitar
The bass
The drums

Example: Girl Alto (low voice) songs to sing?

Alto is actually not a term. Its a person with a certain range. In choirs there are usually 3-4 groups: Bass's - Which are usually guys that sing really low. Usually the tenors' harmony
Tenors - Guys that sing the regular low part.
Altos - Girls that sing middle high, to middle low parts. not really sure how to explain it so ill just say altos sing a little lower than sopranos. (There may be a few boy altos whose voices havent lowered yet)
Sopranos - Usually girls that sing pretty high. (not like opera but high)
Falsetto - Im not really sure how to say it. Its when you sing softly.
In your chest - Not exactly sure what the term for this is but it is the opposite of falsetto. Its usually louder.

Hope this helps! I tried my best to explain them :)

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