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Dream About Battleship meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Im looking for really good songs. Things with melody. Know any?

Reggae. Rock. Jazz. Hip Hop. Indie. Anti-Folk. Country. Pop. Anything you've got. Bands i personally like: Thievery Corporation. Wolf Parade. Muse. Sunset Rubdown. Foals. Interpol. Pink Floyd. Slightly Stoopid. Jimmy Hendrix. Sublime. Living Legend. "Underground"

Stereophonics- Maybe Tomorrow, It means nothing, Dakota, Have a nice day
Matt and Kim- Daylight
Staind- Tangled up in you
Dave Mathews Band- Under The Table and Dreaming
Razorlight- I can't stop this feeling I've got, America
Kings of Leon- Use Somebody
Daft Punk- Digital Love
Paul Gilbert- Six Billion People
Starsailor- Four to the floor
Smashing Pumpkins- 1979
Tal Bachman- Aeroplane, She's so high
R.E.M- Bad Day
Feeder- Feeling a moment
The Cure- Just like heaven, Love Song, Going Nowhere, The Only One
Glen Hansard- Say it to me now, Falling Slowly, When your mind's made up, Leave
Travis- Battleships, Re-Offender, Turn, Sing, Writing to reach you..
Keane- Somewhere Only We Know, Nothing in my way, Is it any wonder..
Suede- Beautiful Ones
Kent- Socker
Lenny Kravitz- I'll be waiting
Damien Rice- Rootless Tree, The Blowers Daughter
Snow Patrol- Open your eyes, Hands Open, Chocolate
The Fray- All at Once
Coldplay- Don't Panic, Life in Technicolor
Be The Voice- Altogether Alone
T-Connection- Anything Goes
Dashboard Confessional- Stolen
Rachael Yamagata- Be be your love
The Verve- Bittersweet Symphony
Goo goo dolls- Slide, Black Balloon
Jevetta Steele- I'm Calling you
Amy Winehouse- Love is a losing game
Urban Knights- I'm not in love
Shayne Ward- Breathlss
Lionel Richie- Just Go
Crazytown- Butterfly
Jamie Cullum- Mind Trick
Melee- Built to Last
Radiohead- Jigsaw falling into place, Paranoid Anroid, No Surprises..
Pearl Jam- Last Kiss
Brett Anderson- Love is dead
Kings of Convenience- Misread
U2- Miracle Drug, With or without you
Rialto- Monday Morning 5.19
Extreme- More than words
James Blunt- 1973
Oasis- Sad Song, Stand by me
Haven- Say Something
Jame Morrison- You make it real
The Strokes- You only live once, 12:51
The Killers- Read my mind
Sting- Shape of my heart

Example: Punnutte Square HELP?

Imagine that you meet the person of your dream. You desire to have children with this person. Upon examining both of your families, you realize that you both carry genes for excessive arm pit hair even though neither of you have any arm pit hair at all. When we say excessive arm pit hair, we mean you could make rope for a battleship. Your genotype is Hh where H= No arm pit hair and h= tremendous arm pit hair. Your love's genotype is also Hh. Please complete the Punnett Square and report on the genotype ratio and the phenotypic ratio.

Example: Music band recomendations ?

I mainly listen to post-hardcore, screamo, rock etc. some artists I already have as follows

Attack attack
Acacia strain
asking alexandria
Casino madrid
Devil wears prada
Enter shikari... My fav
For all those sleeping
I see stars
Just surrender
In fear and faith
Motionless in white
Paddock park
Sleeping with sirens
We butter the bread with butter
E came a romans
And a some more but you get the idea lol.

Example: Navy must built this new Battleship?

I know that destroyer or aircraft carrier took Battleship job since WW2.
Do you think that Navy should built a new fast and arm with large caliber main gun for land attack mission?
This is my dream Battleship General characteristics:
Length: 186 m
Speed: 28 knots (52 km/h)
Range: 10,000 nautical miles (19,000 km; 12,000 mi) at 20 knots (37 km/h; 23 mph)
Armament: 6 × 28 cm L/50 main gun (twin turrets)
16 × RBS-15 Mk3 Anti Ship Missiles (500km with able for land attack)
MK 57 VLS modules: RIM-162 Evolved Sea Sparrows and Aster 30 missles.
2 × Mk 110 57 mm gun CIWS
4 × 25mm Chain Gun

Example: What does this dream mean?

Seeing a fleet of battleships and see some jets flying overhead being shot down?

I am not a military enthusiast or a warmonger.

Example: What this two dreams mean?

surveilance on girl
jack bauer has aids
wife, lover and spy woman are shocked -this is the end of the dream below is going back chronologically really images
the cameria zooms in on the shocked women and wife who dodged a bullet, phew. May not jb just a generic spy
his lovers were hottta and polter the note says
I get some enemies and grill them for information and documents on a battleship
175 dollars
mission to kill father
cause is threats to security
I'm pretty sure this person is not jack but it could be
2nd dram
walk across raolroad track to the other side station
nareowly dodging the upcoming train
trip to rockyland
trip to state seomwhere
trains a recurring theme
other details in between are forgotten

Example: What does this dream mean?

In this dream, I'm there but cant be seen or interact with anyone.
On a battleship, i find myself in a room that is being flooded with water. The door opens and a young woman appears and comes through, then the door shuts quickly and the woman is unable to open it. The room is being filled with water and ultimately engulfs the woman and she sinks into a darkness... then i woke up what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i saw half a body (probably from watching "Ultraviolet") and it said, "I've moved on,"
then i was on this semi-battleship/semi-tank which was flying?
my mom was there too,
it was really weird. felt like a salvadore dali painting.

Example: I kept seeing B93 in my dream?

I was in my friends car i jumped out i have had one of these dreams before years ago and now again last night. I am at a car dealership where they have brought the LAKERS and i get autographs and Kobe signs my paper and he just puts B93 and Shaq is on the lakers to? he signs A something
But ALL i remember really was seeing B93 what does that mean?

Example: Three worst films you have ever had the misfortune of seeing?

And by all means tell me why they were so freaking awful and offensive to you!

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