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Dream About Bed And Breakfast meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that I got out of bed and went into a room of my house (that does not exist) and had a breakfast of champagne and donuts on q pingpong table, alone. None of those things mean anything to me personally. I've never had champagne, I'm not very fond of donuts or pingpong

It means that somethings bad going to happen

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this really odd dream last night and it was really vivid and disturbing, so I'd like to know what it might mean :S
In this dream, I was living in a pokey little flat high above a street, it had a balcony and really weird flowery dark green wallpaper, just a rather dingy flat in general. And I woke up, the curtains were open, it was a sunny day and this man was in my bed, and in the dream I was having an affair with him (one of my friends :| ) . And I thought I'd make him an omelette for breakfast and I start making this omelette and it's coming out really well, the illicit lover is lounging around in the bed, and all of a sudden, my husband (in the dream - dunno who the guy was) climbs in through the window overlooking the road and balcony and starts attacking the other guy and I shout at my 'husband' telling him that the omelette is for him, because he's my husband. And the omelette is starting to burn, so I hit my husband round the head with a kettle, while he knocks out the other guy. There's a moment of calm where the illicit lover is telling me that the omelette is burning, and my 'husband' is in a wheelchair all of a sudden, and I look at the omelette and it's shrivelled up into a semicircle and is going an ugly brown colour. Then my 'husband' wakes up and starts attacking the other guy again, the omelette catches fire spectacularly and I smash the burning omelette and frying pan onto my 'husband's' head, his head burns and after a few seconds, he looks pretty dead, his head's gone all black and shrivelled and it looks a bit like a dead gorilla head with these tiny pinprick red eyes, and I think he's dead, but the bed creaks and I realise that he can hear me, and then I try not to make a sound, but he find my hands and pins them to the headboard while the other man is bleeding on the floor and then I woke up. :S It was really scary, and I'd appreciate some sort of interpretation

Example: What does my dream mean?

So i had a dream last night, and i dont remember much except that i was at my house and i felt a ghost present. I was standing near my basement door and all of a sudden i see a dark shadow watching me from in the dark. It was easy to spot because it was darker than everything else, and the hair on my arms stood on end, i could actually feel it. I ran out to the back of my house to where the gate was and my dog followed me. It takes a couple of seconds to unlock the gate and removethe block of wood preventing it from opening. Then the hair on my arms started lifting up again and i got goosebumps really bad. No,there was no breeze so it couldnt have been that. My dogs tail went between his legs and started to growl,which adds to the goosebumps and stuff. I finally got the gate open and ran to my neighbors house across the street. They told me i could stay with them for however long.. And all these random people started showing up on their lawn, then i woke up lol. So what do you think this means? Its not the first time ive had a ghost dream..
       A short version of my other one was that i was at home, again, and in my kitchen looking through one of our shelves trying to find something. I finally found it and it was a cross. When i tried to touch it, it zapped me, like an electric shock. Well, not really a ghost story,but hopefully you gest the gidst of it.
        One more short story, was when i was in the forest, and there was this random-looking bed and breakfast building. I tried to enter it and noticed it had a cross over the doorway. When i entered i felt the atmosphere change and got a bad feeling. Everyone eating was fine and didnt seem disturbed,though. It was a huge room like a cafeteria, but with really nice hard wood floors and the back was all made out of glass, looking out to a small river with one of those mini bridges to cross over, and of course, nothing but the damp,wet,rainy forest.that's all i remember.

Example: Can anyone give me the meaning of these dreams?

Okay. The past four days I've had dreams which involve scarab beetles. They aren't centered around them, but they are there. The first one, it was just a beetle, sitting outside the window. I saw it and did whatever it was i was doing ((I can't recall exactly)). The second dream the beetle was in the room with me, but also just not going anything. The third dream was the same, though I was outside and the beetle had followed me, it seemed. Last nights dream was vivid. i was laying in bed with my friend ((We have recently started dating)) and he goes to move, but sits up and complains that something hurt him. We look down ant under him is the scarab beetle from before, but it's head is detached from its body and it is obviously dead.
I've checked many sites and they're all so varied. I'd just like to hear some opinions I don't have to pay an arm and a leg for. ((Also no, I have NO Egyptian ancestry)).
I actually wasn't going to post anything or even worry about ((had slipped my mind)) until this morning when my friend and I were eating breakfast and his mother mentioned a beetle in the house, and he said "Not a scarab, right? Aren't those extinct?" And it reminded me.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where I woke up and went to my sisters room. The door was closed and I asked my mum who was in it. I thought it was my dads friend or some relative but my mom said it was my friend. So opened the door and there she was, on my sisters bed and she was wearing a black dress and she was sleeping. She looked like she was dead, like she was lying in a coffin. But the she woke up and went into my living room and then asked me to make her breakfast. I dont know why but I went to the kitchen and started spreading nutella on bread but next to me was a plate of pancake ( those thin ones) but they were cut up into a rough, small circle but I ignored and and gave her the food... What does this dream mean? That something bad is going to happen because of the way she looked dead?

Example: What does this dream mean?

In the dream I am living in a hut and making breakfast for my family. I poured a glass of milk and looked at the picture of the missing girl when I received a knock at the door. I answered it and there appeared three men dressed as monks. I couldn't see their faces. One was tall, the next medium height, and the next one was short. The tall man asked me to come quick. When I stepped out the door, there appeared a lifeless body of a girl (teenage to early 20'S). I laid her down on the ground then prayed and asked God to give me strength. I saw a ray of light from the sky and an angel appeared before me and said do not worry. I began blowing breath in her mouth when on the third try, there shone a bright light throughout her body and she began to levitate. When she came down, the light went away and she arose. She thanked me and I went inside, grabbed the milk carton and asked her if this was her when she was a child and she said yes. I woke up after that.

Does this mean I am supposed to become a doctor,respiratory therapist, or just a dream?

I have never had this dream since 2005, but I was just wondering. Should I base this dream for my career? Is god answering my question as the three men being the father, son, and holy spirit?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well it starts off i'm with family (mom, dad, sister) and my grandma and were in a restaurant for breakfast. so were all looking at a menu and this women came over and she was a waiter from like a real fancy hotel, then she like gave something that was on her tray to my mom, and my grandma said 'ooh you have a big tray' so I looked at the tray and I noticed a symbol I knew but not 1 I could name so I asked my dad what those symbols are called and he wouldn’t answer me, and I brush it off. then the waiter was still talking to my parents and then an inoucement came on saying that the hotel restaurant this like find right okerds milk label thing on the bottom you get to stay there 1 night free but you must be 18+ (i’m not) so me and family get home (no grandma) and there’s already been a first snow and there is a little icy path that sounds the whole house. so my dad is in his car ready to take off he asked both my sister and mom if they wanted to get them anything when he’s there, then my sister goes up to him and I sit down on some steps waiting for him to ask me what he asked them, so I keep waiting and my mom sister kisses him bye then he drove off. I was sooo upset like he had just forgotten me like I wasn’t his kid or the kid who won this for him (because I did). so I get up I start walking like upset and my mom says something I don’t remember then I storm off and she’s says 'awww' like a sorry for you kinda way. so I turn one corner of the house and it seams like I’m 4 again because everything got bigger, the lath of the house looked bigger, so I’m running and I turn another corner and the setting changes i’m turning into my room and I (now i’m back to normal) get on my bed and get into fetal position and cry then I wake up

Example: I had a dream about my ex last night.I dreamed he brought me breakfast in bed we got intimate?


Example: What does it mean when i dream about my teeth falling out when i eat?

I had a dream that i was at my breakfast table and i was eating a waffle and my teeth started to bleed and then fell out and i could feel them in my mouth. Not only is this a weird dream but it is disturbing to me. So what the crap does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay, so it started off with my ex boyfriend, who I'm still really good friends with, and his friend had come to see me. They were passing through my town, but they were really on their way to Oregon. There's this guy that I'm sort of interested in, actually we're sort of dating, but he was also in the dream. he was actually living with me in my room. Anyways, my ex boyfriend, his friend, the guy I'm dating and me were hanging out. Having a good time and it got late and instead of leaving that day, my ex boyfriend and his friend chose to stay at my house and leave tomorrow. We all piled in my room. My ex boyfriend and his friend were on the floor and the guy that I'm dating and myself were on my bed. In the middle of the night, the guy that I was dating was forcing himself on me and eventually raped me. In the same night after being raped I went into the bathroom to cry and my ex boyfriend had came in and comforted me and told me he was the awake the whole time. We ended up having a really long deep conversation and I ended up going to bed on the floor with him and his friend. In the morning, while the guy I was dating was asleep, My ex boyfriend, his friend and I all went out to eat breakfast at like some restaurant and there they told me I should leave with them. I assume I did because before I woke up I was packing up my stuff. This dream is just a little odd to me because the guy that I'm dating is a real nice guy and I've known him for a while and he's not the type of person to rape someone or anything like that.
It was sort of shocking and I was wondering if it even means anything?

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