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Dream About Beetles meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream about golden beetle, what does it mean?

I was at home with a bunch of random people and we eent to search for someones "Holy Grail" as it was said in my dream. As our search continued we found the "Holy Grail" so to speak but something threw me off about it, it was rolled up like an armadillo. Once the man held it by its head it unraveled and was a half armadillo half beetle breed. The bottom was armadillo but had a shell and everything like a beetle. The part that threw me off is that when the beetle spread its wings it had six eyes underneath its golden wings, but only three of them were open. what could this possibly mean?

Beetles often symbolize protection; golden is a precious metal. Good fortune coming to you. An armadillo also symbolize protection from a tough outer shell.

Example: What does this dream mean?

what does it mean when i keep dreaming of very long beetles?
... usually black or dark brown.
I dream that they bite my feet, or that they are chasing me.

Example: What do beetles mean in a dream?

they were longish not round and fat. and they were black golden yellow. they were on my floor and i was trying to kill them... 4 or 5 of them. well, thanks for your help.

Example: What does it mean to dream about turtles and beetles?

I dreamt I woke up from a nap and went to the window. When I looked down I saw about a half dozen turtles and beetles (live) in the window pane. I became scared and started to back away when a turtle leaped onto me. What is the significance of this?

Example: Dream of a black beetle mean?

I had a dream of a black beetle.
I remember seeing one in the house last night so I put it outside and went to bed, Similar thing happened last week - same beetle.

In the dream, I kept seeing the same black beetles I tried putting them outside but they were too fast, I remember one crawling up my sleeve, I was terrified in my dream!

Im not afraid of any insect in real life though. What does this signify?

Example: What does it mean to dream about turtles and beetles?

I dreamt I went to my bedroom window and saw about a half dozen turtles and beetles at the bottom of an open window. I became scared and started to back away when a turtle leaped up onto me. What is the significance of dreaming about these animals/bugs and the turtle jumping on me?

Example: What does a red beetle mean in my dream?

I had a dream today. It involved a red beetle. Me and my family found it and we were trying to kill it. What does that mean in my dream! I woke up and nothing I didn't finish my dream.Please help me!

Example: Beetles and insects in tub dream - What does it mean?

I keep having a dream. it is always in the bathroom surrounding the tub. There is a an object (I don't remember what - it's like shampoo or soap or something) on the edge of the tub... When I move the object there are big beetle bugs and some other kind of insects, possibly spiders, but I don't remember the other insects, however, I do remember those big black beetles bugs with white spots . I knock them all into the tub and rinse them down the drain with water... What does this mean?

Example: My sister had a dream of a gold beetle do ay one know what that could mean?

Example: Having dreams about a snake, tarantula, beetles and fire. What does this mean?

I've had this dream consistently for months now! In detail: I find my self sitting on my bedroom floor, on my bed there is a two headed snake snapping and hissing at me. Above my headboard is an unusually large tarantula, which then drops down onto the snake and the two begin to fight. I try to leave the room but I can't. The windows are barricaded and the door handle is fake. The bed is now on fire. The heat forces me into the corner of my bedroom beetles begin crawling all around the room and on me. I wake up sweating and occasionally itchy all over.
I don't want to tell anyone I know personally because I actually think I am losing it.

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