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Dream About Behind meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Meaning behind the dream?

well it starts off with me about to take a bath. but its not in my bathtub or restroom. the bathtub is like one of those old white shallow ones with the four legs at the base. well anyway, i turn the nob, get undressed, then slip in. i put my headphones in my ears. pick a song, close my eyes then as soon as my ipod leaves my fingers onto the table beside the tub i hear like a sniffle. i freak and open my eyes an once i do im no longer in a restroom. im in like a desert outside, where the ground is cracked and gray. ugly. i look down into the water but its not water anymore either, it this black sticky tar looking stuff. i slowly stand up and im wearing clothes now, but im still cover in this disgusting fowl smelling gunk. i get out of this tub and start to walk. everything is dead. the sky is like black, depressing and hopeless [[i have a sort of odd obsession with the sky in reality so this really hit me hard in the chest when i see it]]. then i finally see a sliver of silver light in the horizon and i just start running to it but the more i run the farther it looks so i stop. then it just disappears, and its completely pitch black. then this LOUD purr of what sounds like a huge generator vibrates through the air and i turn around to see a single beam of light shining down on a woman, slender, and in a black tutu. a ballerina i guess. she starts to dance in place, spinning and moving her arms around. she reminds me of like one of those ballerinas in jewelry boxes. I get closer to her and see the black crap that im covered in is in her hair. like gel slicking her hair back into a bun. i get to the edge of where the narrow light meets the dark but i dont step into the light. but when i do that shes spinning and she very slowly stops. like in slow motion. then finally she freezes. and i stare at her. for a real long time, until i muster up the courage to step forward. but before my foot goes forward i stuck a deep breath in like im being strangled and i wake up.

nearly half way on the floor hanging off my bed. im guessing i scared myself wake by the sensation of me falling.

but i REALLY REALLY want to know what this means. i have really strange dreams, im just really lost.

any help?

please and thank you. ~♥

So what she look like, just you seemed to stare at her for a long time?

Black stuff is emotion which has a lot to do with say having a bath as it eases emotional tension..
Emotional tension can mess up people deeply lets say in extreme traumatic circumstances like war and such..
Desert can mean lost hope and a high vibration can mean a change in fortune to bring about resolution..And sometimes you got to take a leap of faith and trust in life..

Powerful dream...

Example: Meaning behind dreams?

well i know when i say '' my friend'' you will think i mean myself but i really dont lol

My best friend told me about a weird dream she had.
she dreamt that she was doing sexual things with another girl, and the other girl was another one of my friends. now i think she isnt a lesbian but im not too sure because shes always pretending to be lesbian but its just a joke right? but anyway what does the dream mean?
any help please?

Example: What is the meaning behind my dream?

I had a dream about me being a undercover agent or something, and we had a target. And when we found her, she jumped in her car and drove away. So then I hi-jacked a motorcycle and followed her. Then she dumped the car, and ran into a mall. So I dumped the bike and followed her. I was running after her, and she was just out of my reach. I was literally an inch away from her. What does this mean?

Example: Id like to know the meaning behind my dream?

I had a dream last night all i remember of it was i was getting on a bus or a train to go somewhere but everyone was trying to stop me, can anyone tell me what this could possibly mean?

Example: What's the meaning behind dreams?

I dream the weirdest and sometimes coolest things that i sometimes remember. Like this one dream about this guy I like who came down to visit me and he wanted to sit next to me in the seat. I was kind of stressing myself over whether he liked me or not, turned out he did because i got a text message that night and read it when i woke up. But then i also have dreams about random things.

Does anyone have an explanation about dreams as in why we have them, their purpose, how we have them, and does anyone know why we don't remember them when we wake up?

Also, i heard something about a lucid dreamer? People who move to what they're doing in their dream?

I'm just looking for any sort of explanation on dreams. I'm pretty fascinated by them. =)

Example: What does my dream mean? Being left behind ?

Ok so I had a dream that every one in my town except me all left. Even my mom left without even telling me or even giving me money or the key to get in. Although I recall only one persons house I went to but I slept at a park. Eventually every body came back but they came back all decked out and fantsy wat could this mean?

Example: Is there a meaning behind dreams?

I had a very scary dreams...it started nice and turned into a nightmare.i was dreaming i was looking at the moon and i could see the planets.it was beutiful sight but then i saw earth like i was in space and saw mars and jupiter crash into earth.i was then back in my apartment where everything was shaking and rocks falling from the sky,the sky was red with fire and i was there praying and holding on to a pole. it was pretty scary dream.its not the first time i dream of earth coliding with other planets. is it just a dream or does it have a meaning?

Example: What could be the meaning behind these dreams?

Dream 1:

I was going through parallel universes and in each one I was dead. In one of the universes I died in a car wreck and I was at the hospital with my family to identify the body. I got in trouble though because I made fun of the doctor(he was fat with huge perky boobs).

Dream 2: This one is a little sexual

I was in a car with a nerd and made him think he was going to have sex with me. I ripped his penis off (this is pretty funny considering how I threaten people in the real world). He was with other people and they stole something from me so I tried chasing them down but wasn't fast enough. I then got a car from a guy I know but we aren't friends and his dad called me and told me that if I get one scratch on it he was going to kill me. I took it around a circle and caught up with the guys that stole the thing from me and I got what I wanted back and gave the car back. I then gave the guy with the missing appendage a hug and told him I was sorry.

Just thought I would add that I'm completely straight.


Example: Meaning behind a dream?

i was constantly having dreams that i was pregnant for the longest time...anyone know what that means? and to help out, im not pregnant and there is no way that i could be at this point in my life

Example: What is the meaning behind this dream?

In short, last night I had a dream where I fell down about 100ft. I was jumping on a bouncy castle and I fell off the edge and that made me fall down all that way. When I got to the bottom I had really bad head injuries and I had to go to hospital. I was bleeding a lot but they said I was fine and sent me home and when I was walking home I saw my mum who gave me a sandwich and took me to my Granddad's house. When we got there I kept collapsing but nobody bothered about me and I was showing them pictures of my brain scans but they brushed it off.
What does it mean?

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