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Dream About Belly meanings

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Example: What can a teen pregnancy dream mean?

hey,last night i had a dream that i was like 14 and i was pregnant and was really confused cause i had not had sex,but for some reason my boyfriend wa moving in and my belly was growing and i was imbarresed and worried about the giving birth bit .

i must admit i do want to have a baby.and the boy n my dream was like a type of boy i would love.i have always wanted to have a kid i have watched like all the pregnancy movie there are.also i just got my period like 2-3 weeks ago.
so what can ths dream mean?

Dreams actually mean nothing to the conscious mind. They are all subconscious feelings that appear symbolically in a dream. Meaning, dreaming of having a baby, doesn't mean anything about a baby at all. I know it's a little hard to grasp the concept when dreams often feel so real. They are really just subconscious thoughts filtering into your dream-state that appear as different things.

For example, if you dream of having a baby, the baby could represent something completely different, like the baby could stand for a puppy.

I wouldn't know what your dream meant because I do not know your subconscious. You don't even know your subconscious. There is a lot of unfiltered thoughts in there, so don't worry about the dream at all.

Example: What does it mean to get shot in the arm and side of belly in my dream?...?

in my dream i was in a dark place outside i don't know where suddenly there was a person with a gun pointing towards me! but the strange think was that i did not see the person or the gun it was holding but i knew it somehow!

anyway, i got shot on the side of my belly and on my arm! my arm was bleeding slightly but when i checked my belly i had no gun wound!

'im not sure what happended after but it was a bright day! i was friends with people at school who i don't and i showed them my gun wound i had a massive hole in my arm but it was not bleeding.

other people were asking about what happened! but i just showed them my wound!
it than cut to a scene in which i was at the doctors! but i can't remember what happened after!

anyway can you please give me a meaning of my dream because i really want to know it!

best answer=10 points

thank you

Example: What does it mean if u dream some1 is forcefully putting their finger in your belly button?

im female & the person was male

Example: I'm dreaming i have 3 belly buttons/navels, whats it mean?

I have googled and the explanations seems to just be very vague and for just seeing 'a' navel not multiple navels. Was rather weird.

Example: I dreamed that my navel(belly button) had some sort of infection, and it hurt. What can this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

i dreamed i was Pregnant but i wasnt showing yet! And i was so protective over my belly! what does this mean

Example: I dreamt i had a baby girl but she came out of my belly button, what does it mean?

Right anyone who is into the meaning of dreams, get you're head around this one, I dreamt I was heavily pregnant, I was lying on my own bed at home and the baby emerged out of my belly button, the same way it comes out of the lady area normally but from my belly button, it was a totally goo free baby, a little girl with dark hair, the birth didn't hurt and there was no cord or placenta, just this clean little baby girl? anyone got any translations/explanations on hand?

thanks in advance x

Example: I had a dream I had stretch marks on my belly ahh Im scared whats theis means?

And I was actually crying in the dream. Because I had formed these on m stomach.

Example: What does it mean when you dream your belly blows up?


Example: What does a belly button in your dream mean?

I dreamt that I was looking at my belly button and towards the left side of my torso I discovered what I thought was a deep cut or burn. When I looked at it in the mirror I realized it was a second belly button. I wasn't ashamed of it or anything, I was just confused. Especially because at first I thought it was a wound but just found out it was a duplicate of something I already had.

Does anybody know what this could mean? Thanks!

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