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Dream About Best Man meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I dreamed of my best friend being stabbed what does that mean?

My best friend and I were having trouble at school with this other kid and one night i dreamt that my best freind had been stabbed by him. Someone please tell me what this might mean.

Two boys were sitting on the wall by the jetty playing dice. A man was reading a newspaper on the steps of a monument in the shadow of a hero wielding a sabre. A young girl was filling her tub with water at a fountain. A fruit seller was lying close to his produce and looking out to sea. Through the empty openings of the door and window of a bar two men could be seen drinking wine in the back. The landlord was sitting at a table in the front dozing. A small boat glided lightly into the small harbour, as if it were being carried over the water. A man in a blue jacket climbed out onto land and pulled the ropes through the rings. Behind the man from the boat, two other men in dark coats with silver buttons carried a bier, on which, under a large silk scarf with a floral pattern and fringe, a man was obviously lying.
No one bothered with the newcomers on the jetty, even when they set the bier down to wait for their helmsman, who was still working with the ropes. No one came up to them, no one asked them any questions, no one took a closer look at them.
The helmsman was further held up a little by a woman with disheveled hair, who now appeared on deck with a child at her breast. Then he came on, pointing to a yellowish two-story house which rose close by, directly on the left near the water. The bearers took up their load and carried it through the low door furnished with slender columns. A small boy opened a window, noticed immediately how the group was disappearing into the house, and quickly shut the window again. The door closed. It had been fashioned with care out of black oak wood. A flock of doves, which up to this point had been flying around the bell tower, came down in front of the house. The doves gathered before the door, as if their food was stored inside the house. One flew right up to the first floor and pecked at the window pane. They were brightly coloured, well cared for, lively animals. With a large sweep of her hand the woman on the boat threw some seeds towards them. They ate them up and then flew over to the woman.
A man in a top hat with a mourning ribbon came down one of the small, narrow, steeply descending lanes which led to the harbour. He looked around him attentively. Everything upset him. He winced at the sight of some garbage in a corner. There were fruit peels on the steps of the monument. As he went by, he pushed them off with his cane. He knocked on the door of the house, while at the same time taking off his top hat with his black-gloved right hand. It was opened immediately, and about fifty small boys, lined up in two rows in a long corridor, bowed to him.
The helmsman came down the stairs, met the gentleman, and led him upstairs. On the first floor he accompanied him around the slight, delicately built balcony surrounding the courtyard, and, as the boys crowded behind them at a respectful distance, both men stepped into a large cool room at the back. From it one could not see a facing house, only a bare gray-black rock wall. Those who had carried the bier were busy setting up and lighting some long candles at its head. But these provided no light. They only made the previously still shadows jump and flicker across the walls. The shawl was pulled back off the bier. On it lay a man with wildly unkempt hair and beard and a brown skin—he looked rather like a hunter. He lay there motionless, apparently without breathing, his eyes closed, although his surroundings were the only the only thing indicating that it could be a corpse.
The gentleman stepped over to the bier, laid a hand on the forehead of the man lying there, then knelt down and prayed. The helmsman gave a sign to the bearers to leave the room. They went out, drove away the boys who had gathered outside, and shut the door. The gentleman, however, was apparently still not satisfied with this stillness. He looked at the helmsman. The latter understood and went through a side door into the next room. The man on the bier immediately opened his eyes, turned his face with a painful smile towards the gentleman, and said, “Who are you?” Without any surprise, the gentleman got up from his kneeling position and answered, “The burgomaster of Riva.”

The man on the bier nodded, pointed to a chair by stretching his arm out feebly, and then, after the burgomaster had accepted his invitation, said, “Yes, I knew that, Burgomaster, but when I first glance around I’ve always forgotten it all—everything is going in circles around me, and it’s better for me to ask, even when I know everything. You also presumably know that I am the hunter Gracchus.”

“Of course,” said the burgomaster. “I received the news today, during the night. We had been sleeping for some time. Then around midnight my wife called, ‘Salvatore’—that’s my name—‘look at the dove in the window!’ It was really a dove, but as large as a rooster. It flew up to my ear and said, ‘Tomorrow the dead hunter Gracchus is coming. Welcome him in the name of the city.”

The hunter nodded and pushed the tip of his tongue between his lips. “Yes, the doves fly here before me. But do you believe, Burgomaster, that I am to remain in Riva?”

“That I cannot yet say,” answered the burgomaster. “Are you dead?”

“Yes,” said the hunter, “as you see. Many years ago—it must have been a great many years ago—I fell from a rock in the Black Forest—that’s in Germany—as I was tracking a chamois. Since then I’ve been dead.”

“But you’re also alive,” said the burgomaster.

“To a certain extent,” said the hunter, “to a certain extent I am also alive. My death ship lost its way—a wrong turn of the helm, a moment when the helmsman was not paying attention, a distraction from my wonderful homeland—I don’t know what it was. I only know that I remain on the earth and that since that time my ship has journeyed over earthly waters. So I—who only wanted to live in my own mountains—travel on after my death through all the countries of the earth.”

“And have you no share in the world beyond?” asked the burgomaster wrinkling his brow.

The hunter answered, “I am always on the immense staircase leading up to it. I roam around on this infinitely wide flight of steps, sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes to the right, sometimes to the left, always in motion. From being a hunter I’ve become a butterfly. Don’t laugh.”

“I’m not laughing,” answered the burgomaster.

“That’s very considerate of you,” said the hunter. “I am always moving. But when I go through the greatest upward motion and the door is shining right above me, I wake up on my old ship, still drearily stranded in some earthly stretch of water. The basic mistake of my earlier death grins at me in my cabin. Julia, the wife of the helmsman, knocks and brings to me on the bier the morning drink of the country whose coast we are sailing by at the time. I lie on a wooden plank bed, wearing—I’m no delight to look at—a filthy shroud, my hair and beard, black and gray, are inextricably intertangled, my legs covered by a large silk women’s scarf, with a floral pattern and long fringes. At my head stands a church candle which illuminates me. On the wall opposite me is a small picture, evidently of a bushman aiming his spear at me and concealing himself as much as possible behind a splendidly painted shield. On board ship one comes across many stupid pictures, but this is one of the stupidest. Beyond that my wooden cage is completely empty. Through a hole in the side wall the warm air of the southern nights comes in, and I hear the water lapping against the old boat.

I have been lying here since the time when I—the still living hunter Gracchus—was pursuing a chamois to its home in the Black Forest and fell. Everything took place as it should. I followed, fell down, bled to death in a ravine, was dead, and this boat was supposed to carry me to the other side. I still remember how happily I stretched myself out here on the planking for the first time. The mountains have never heart me singing the way these four still shadowy walls did then.

I had been happy to be alive and was happy to be dead. Before I came on board, I gladly threw away my rag-tag collection of guns and bags, even the hunting rifle which I had always carried so proudly, and slipped into the shroud like a young girl into her wedding dress. There I lay down and waited. Then the accident happened.”

“A nasty fate,” said the burgomaster, raising his hand in a gesture of depreciation, “and you are not to blame for it in any way?”

“No,” said the hunter. “I was a hunter. Is there any blame in that? I was raised to be a hunter in the Black Forest, where at that time there were still wolves. I lay in wait, shot, hit the target, removed the skin—is there any blame in that? My work was blessed. ‘The great hunter of the Black Forest’—that’s what they called me. Is that something bad?”

“It not up to me to decide that,” said the burgomaster, “but it seems to me as well that there’s no blame there. But then who is to blame?”

“The boatman,” said the hunter. “No one will read what I write here, no one will come to help me. If people were assigned the task of helping me, all the doors of all the houses would remain closed, all the windows would be shut, they would all lie in bed, with sheets thrown over their heads, the entire earth would be a hostel for the night. And that makes good sense, for no one knows of me, and if he did, he would have no idea of where I was staying, and if he knew that, he would still not know how to keep me there, and so he would not know how to help me. The thought of wanting to help me is a sickness and has to be cured with bed rest.

“I know that, and so I do not cry out to summon help, even if at moments when I have no self-control, for example right now, I do think about that very seriously. But to get rid of such ideas I need only look around and recall where I am and where—and this I can assert with full confidence—I have lived for centuries.

“That’s extraordinary,” said the burgomaster, “extraordinary. And now are you intending to remain with us in Riva?”

“I have no intentions,” said the hunter with a smile and, to make up for his mocking tone, laid a hand on the burgomaster’s knee. “I am here. I don’t know any more than that. There’s nothing more I can do. My boat is without a helm—it journeys with the wind which blows in the deepest regions of death.”

Example: What does a man with no face holding a gun in dream mean?

I had a dream where a man came out of a lake and had no face. what's weird is he wanted me dead and tried to shoot me. He was shot in the process but did not die. My mother also did not have a face and shoved me away by my face.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well in my dream a man who could fly took hold of my hand and we went flying. Just wondered what it meant because its not like my normal dreams.

Example: What does it mean to dream i kissed my best friend?

Last night I had a dream that I was in this huge abandoned mansion with my mum and my sister. We lived there for some reason. There was a man who lived there too, he was old and wandered the halls every now and then and he would stare at me. There was a room above the room I was in and inside it was a little girl no older than 6. She would sing to herself and giggle to herself. They seemed like ghosts.
I wandered away from where me and my mum were and i ventured into a giant hall, inside it was my best guy friend and all of his friends from school. They were playing football like they do in school. I stopped my best friend and talked to him about something. One of his friends grabbed my bum and I threw him a dirty look and then thought nothing of it.
I returned to my mum and sister and they went into another big hall to a party. All of a sudden hundreds of people dressed for a ball walked in and started socialising. I left again and went to find my best friend. He was sat on his own and asked me to sit with him. We talked for what seemed like days and he got up, put his arms around me and kissed me.

I do not know what this dream means but I would like to know soon, it's starting to play on my mind.

Example: What does it mean to dream many men?

Last night I had a dream where supposedly i worked and many men there wanted to be with me. They asked me to dance, or kissed me out of nowhere and just stuff like flirting. I wasn't complaining about it in my dream. Many of those guys went to high school with me. I also dreamed that I was given a promotion in the job i had in my dream. I was some sort of social media marketing person. Im not even sure, what could this dream have meant? My husband was no where to be seen in my dream. I do remember having my wedding band on in my dream.

Example: What does it mean to dream about other men?

I am in a committed relationship with my boyfriend and we are planning to get married next year, although he is dragging his feet a little because he has been married before. I haven't and am very excited. In my dreams though there are sometimes other men . . . but not anyone that I know. The dreams are not usually sexual but are more just romantic interest.

Example: What does this dreaming of men mean?

Last year, I met this guy when I went on vacation and he worked at the pool area food stand and he was so hot. I was upset that I had to leave him because I would never see him again. The other night, I had a dream where I was at this area with two dirty pools that resembled the former outdoor pool area at my YMCA and I had to rush because this guy was leaving his shift and I had to rush to see him again. There was this thin walkway between the two pools and I kept on falling into a dirty pool. I was slowly trying to hold on to the wall and get by the end so I could meet this guy. I was disappointed when I finally got to where he was because the food stand where he worked was out of business so I wouldn't see him that day. Thanks for telling me the meaning of this dream.

Example: Famous man in dream means what?

This is embarrassing but i will say it anyway. I dreamt that Ty penington and I got closed. i felt loved by him and safe with him.
I've never had a good relationship in real life and now i dreamt what it feels like, i feel sad because I've never experienced it before.

I know there's a meaning...Everytime i dream of a man and me it always means someone i know gets a new boyfriend. I feel it's quite cruel really.

Do u think there's another meaning to it?

Example: I had a dream about a man. Meaning?

I live next to an abandoned house. At night it really creeps me out. Well the other night I had a dream that there was a man watching me from inside the house. He had a white mask on and the inside of his face is hollow ( like no mouth and no eyes). Then at the end of my dream, I was running from him. I ran to my husband and he held me and the man stopped chasing me. What does this dream mean? I've never had a dream like this?

I've also had dreams about my ex. One dream was i was cheating on him with my husband. They aren't sexual or anything like that but they are just weird and all of a sudden. Any ideas on this one? lol

Thank you for your help and taking time to read my questions.

Example: What does it mean to dream of chopping up men with an ax an snakes all around?

dreamed i was using a ax an stabbbing a man with it i could see the how deep the ax went into his body. he was just standing there , there were snakes all around us an trees. i saw different colored snakes but as long as i wasnt close to them i wasnt scared. i do remember this man was tall an wore a plain plad shirt i would swing the ax over an over onto him, then i woke up what could this mean?

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