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Dream About Beverage meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Tell me what my dream means?

I was walking down the hallway in my old school, ( this was in the middle school, 8th grade and now i'm in 9th) and I was on the way to gym when i saw my one classmate who i know and is nice, but i'm not really friends with her. Anyway i followed her around the corner, and appeared in this dark room, like a unfinished basement, with dirt walls and wooden furniture. A Japanese or korean or chinese guy was standing next to me and was like in charge of this "gang". In the room there were like smaller sections in the walls almost like cells, except there weren't bars. on this dirt platform, like a mini stage, but not as tall or long. Anyway my classmate was sitting at this wooden table drinking shots one by one. She was all dressed in black clothes, like gothic, black skinny jeans and a black skin tight t-shirt with fish netting sleeves. She was surrounded by huge guys who were also drinking and smoking pot. The asian guy was showing me around and telling me stuff, not like he wanted me to join them, but more like he wanted me to know. Earlier on when i got into this room and saw my friend i realized this was a place where they trained people to tolerate alcohol and more weed, like they were training to drink. Then there was like a police raid, and i never saw the police but everyone ran behind me, up the wooden stairs where i knew i had somehow entered but i didn't remember going down them. When my classmate saw me she grabbed me and we started towards the stairs. Then everything went all dark, like i was done dreaming, but then i was on the street with my classmate dressed normally with three other girls i can't remember, but one i do was a soccer teammate of mine. Anyway we were walking down a street near my house, and were talking about guys and stuff. Why i have no idea, i am not into guys at ALL. Anyway i live in the country, so there is only like two houses on this street, and we came to a tiny bar, like it was smaller than a garden shed. The fat old bald bartender was drinking shots, and my classmate saw him and her eyes bulged and we all ran in there. The bartender disappeared and my friends were grabbing the alcohol. We went outside and right next to the bar was a white pavilion like a garden one. We all went inside it and there was a table with chairs beside it. I sat at one end drinking nothing, my classmate was at the other end drinking shots, ( big surprise there.) the other 2 girls and my teammate sat on the sides drinking fruity alcohol beverages, like you get on vacations with all the decorations in the weird curvy tall glasses with the umbrellas. Anyway they were constantly sipping them while my friend was downing shots. Then when we got up we walked out of the pavilion and appeared in a wood that i have visited in other dreams, in fact every other dream i have had with woods in it. Any way we were walking down the hill, and the 2 girls and my teammate were all groaning that they shouldn't have drinking the whole drink in only a half an hour. I felt bad too, like i had had the fruity drink too, but i hadn't had a sip. My classmate was halfway down the hill,( the woods had a hill.) perfectly fine. Then 4 of like rottweiler mastiff mixes attacked my classmate. She was yelling looking up at us for help except she wasn't bleeding. I looked at the others, but they were all huddled together terrified, so i slid down the hill and the dogs all turned on me, but i talked to them calming them down, some reason i knew that their owner was abusing them. Anyway there were four big dogs and one younger one like half the size of the adults. he bit me right above my ankle but under my calf, and then i woke up, and it was right before my alarm goes off. Like a minute before. After the dogs turned on me though, i was still in the woods, but my friends, teammate, and classmate all disappeared.

Now if ANYONE can tell me what that means you are my new idol. I keep thinking about it, and it's been driving me nuts.

you are at the age when you are leaving your childhood behind you and are entering the adult world. the adult world includes alcohol and weed. you don't like that, because you prefer a healthy life and a clear mind. you are afraid that all your friends are going to give in to alcohol and that this could lead even to some kind of physical harassment, meaning that you are afraid of actually getting hurt in the adult world. I would say you are a cautious person with a well developed sense of observation -as your dream description shows- and that you can keep your integrity in the adult world as well - the way you did not drink. so i think you can relax about it and try not to judge too hard your friends, if they do try weed or alcohol - so that they won't judge you for not trying it.
Be happy!

Example: Pulled a plant out of my body in a dream? What does it mean?

I had a dream where I was eating a lunchable and inside the lunchable was a tiny pine tree like shrub. I guess I was supposed to plant it in my wrist and let it grow then pick it and eat it. So I put it in my wrist and waited what felt like 30 minutes. I went back and it had only grown a little so it seemed like it was faulty so I went to pull it out. When I pulled it out it had a super long root (up to my elbow) and I had to pull it all out. It felt disgusting. Then after awhile it was like branches were popping up out of the hole and I'd have to pull really long twig-like branches out. What does this mean? It really creeped me out.

Example: What does my dream mean?

So, I woke up crying from this weird dream...

to make it brief...
I was going to have dinner with my boyfriends family, my family, and some friends of both families. My boyfriend had been texting the whole night and had had a few alcoholic beverages. He was acting strange just texting on his cell phone, eventually we sat at the dinner table. The weird thing was he had been texting his cousin, who was at the dinner table next to me. I didnt understand why he would be texting a person who was in front of him in person. Then his cousin received a new text message that had a picture of one of my girlfriends and my boyfriend quietly asked his cousin, "So what do you think?" His cousin for some reason just smiled and showed me the message. I furiously grabbed the phone and stood up and yelled at him across the table and said "WTF is this?!" He was in shock and remained completely silent.
I walked away, and saw he followed, so I began to run away as fast as i could, and he stopped following.
Later my mom came to find me and i told her what had happened and she insisted that I didnt speak to him anymore.. I asked her to let me do what I wanted and I went to speak with him.

He had been trying to avoid me until i finally found a moment to ask him for an explanation. He came up with excuses saying it wasnt anything wrong, simply a picture his "cousin wanted." I kept repeating myself, wtf is this? whats going on?! and i told him that if it was nothing, why did i hear him ask his cousin what he thought.. that it didnt make sense and i didnt want lame excuses. At that point the look on his face was of guilt and shock and I could tell he just didnt know what to say anymore. I began to cry and told him i never wanted to see him again in my life... the dream went on me leaving etc.. i tried to wake up but couldnt for a while.. when i finally did i was crying and felt it as if it was real and kept crying till i fell asleep again..

what does this dream mean?

Example: Read my dream, know what it means?

When i woke up this morning, the only thing i can remember about my dream is drinking too much wine with a friend in my kitchen and then i think it went black but i cant remember who i was drinking with or anything about that i just know that in the dream i thought i was drinking too much wine, more than two bottles and i was getting really scared about dying :\

what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Let me give you some background info. I used to have an online friend who was very interested in drugs just like me. I wasn't sure if it was a boy or a girl, but I thought that they were about 20. Later, I found out it was a girl. Also, a girl named Brianna gets mentioned in the dream. Brianna is a girl in my school who isn't very nice. I am a 13 year old girl by the way. My sister is 10, and she is anti-drug and gets very annoyed when I talk about drugs.

So this is what happened in the dream. Every day for a few days, I have been walking home from school with a 20 year old guy who was interested in drugs just like me. I was worried about walking home with him; worried that he would kidnap me or something. One day, I got out of school and he was waiting for me outside and we started walking to my house together. He was carrying a bottle of an alcoholic beverage that was almost empty and he was wearing jeans, a black t shirt, and one of those collars with spikes on it. By the time we got to my house, he had turned into an 11 year old girl. Then I thought he was always like that and didn't notice any changes. I knocked on my door and my sister opened (I don't think my parents were home). My sister asked if the girl was Brianna, and I said no. Then, my sister said that the girl is beautiful.

Example: Could someone please interpret my dream, What does it mean when a vermin is attacking or biting your neck?

i have these dreams periodically. they REALLY freak me out.

i remember that (perhaps it was only a few years ago) that i was unable to move and the huge cockroach was using its antennas to feel my neck and its head was nestled right in my neck. i woke up in a cold sweat and quickly felt around my neck to see if it was there and quickly was relieved, know that it was only a dream.

Last night i had a dream that i was w/ a bunch of friends. We went in this elevator that went all the way down underground like in a cave/mine or something. I think we were in a country in Africa and we saw 2 people (one woman carrying a baby looking helpless and scared). i was shocked by this sight. and one of my friends replied this is how it is. this is how people live. Africa's tough. my friends said look at this carpet! (it was this rolled up oriental rug) this would be great for our place, this is why we're here.

the rug was located in the narrow passageway made of rock. half of it was covered by shadows. so they got the rug.

we turned around to get back on the elevator i was behind the 2 of them and all if a sudden a bat came from the narrow passage and clamped its teeth and curled up into my neck.

IT WAS SO GROSS! i remember trying to get it out. being afraid to touch it and its teeth were in my neck. it tickled and hurt IT FELT SO STRANGE! it had clamped itself down in was in my "nook" ugh!

needless to say my neck is VERY sensitive. its a very sensitive area of my body and needless to say it's my "spot" where boys kiss or talk softly when they want to "get me going". its so sensitive some times i cant even take it when someone talking to me and i can feel their voice vibrations on my neck. its overwhelming!

what does this mean, when a vermin or something disgusting is invading a sensitive area of my body? its reoccurring not every night, but periodically..

Example: What could my dream possibly mean?

For the past four nights I have been dreaming about a few things that puzzle me. For three nights in a row I had connecting dreams, like they go in a sequence. It starts and continue where it left off. The first dream it started with: I was in a renaissance type fair or it seems like it, it was the town square. It was colorful, had a bunch of tents, lights, candles, fires, lots of different stands with different items, people everywhere just walking around having a good time. Then it stopped. On the second day, the dream picks up and it was the same situation but then i realized i was a young child, maybe around 10 or 11. I was selling bibles for some weird reason, and i just so happened to be thinking of faith these past few days, anyways the bibles were different, because in each bible i had my notes and thoughts written in them and i i knew it was written on the right side of the pages because it had a note taking blank side. no one bought anything, but i didn't mind or it didn't seem to come to mind. All i focused on was the thoughts and notes in the bible. and i had a friend with me, he was around the same age. I didn't know who he was, nor do i know his name. all i know is that he was there. It also focused in on my clothes and it was rags, it looked like a decent brown clothe pants and a long brown shirt that almost seemed like a night gown, and then i realized the color of my skin, it was brown, and it just so happens that im brown lol, but i dont know why it was focusing on that. My dream stopped there. I also forgot to mention that i've been waking up sweating like crazy. My whole body would be drenched. It has been a restless sleep. I keep tossing and turning. I keep waking up really early and for some reason i would be angry, but i love the mornings and i dont really get angry in the mornings. Anyways, on the third night, the dream picked up where it left off. I started to notice the adults were going in the same direction, and there just happens to be a crowd of people in front of this club like thing, it was a house like structure, medium sized type of structure, the town didnt have concrete floors it was all dirt. dont know why thats relevant but it was noticeable. anyways a few children and myself decided to check it out. I heard music, people laughing and having a good time. it was well lit and people trying to get in and we pushed through but we werent allowed in, only adults were. i figured that its because they had alcoholic beverages, but it seemed to bother me that i was restricted. I hated nothing more, so then i walked off and continued with my books but still looking over there wondering whats inside and why these people cared so much about getting in. anyways my dream stopped there. I kept thinking about it all day yesterday wondering what my dreams was trying to say. but i just left it as is. Last night, i had a different dream. I was with two of my really good friends, which i really cherish them both. I consider both of them like my sisters. But the weird thing is I treat one of them differently in a sense that we have a ton in common and i feel like i can be myself around her no matter what. Not that long ago i started to feel for her more than a friendly way. I dont know why this feeling came over me but it worries me because i dont want to lose her at all. She's been talking to other people and she even told me she likes one of the guys she has been hanging out with at school. I hated it when she told me but i acted as if i was interested. anyways, sorry for the tangents but i figured the more info the better. So, I was walking down a busy street near my home and we stopped at a coffee shop that doesnt exist in my neighborhood but it was there in my dream, so i asked my other friend if she wants anything, not the one that i like more than a friend, she just happens to be standing starring off aimlessly. My friend then said she would like a bagel and we got it and a few things, it so happens that my friend and i get bagels together when we meet up, we have a special combo of things that go on it lol, anyways we happened to be carrying backpacks with stuff in them as well. We then left and we were walking to the train, and i knew that we were headed back to brooklyn. i think i was going to one of there houses. but as we were walking, my dream faded away once i saw the train station. I then woke up this morning feeling odd, not usually like myself to get up and play loud music. I usually just turn on the news and do my morning routine, turn on the coffee, brush my teeth, shower and what not. And now im just pondering of what this means. Sorry for the long winded story but i can use a helping hand with this one. thanks in advance, i truly appreciate your help.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Well I am currently unemployed and I had a dream that I was a Cashier at a grocery store, and I was screwing up a bit, by dropping things like drink beverages that I was dropping by accident. And it was weird cause as the items were coming as I had to beep them, they were already bagged. So that was weird so what does this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had this dream that I went to Mozambique as a class/school trip, there were these native dogs that were really small and wanted plants that our guide gathered to make a variety of alcoholic beverages. Then we sat on dirt and grass to watch a soccer game of our peers and natives. There were also some famous people that were my age when we sat on a like plateau with mountains in every direction and a chalk board that someone interpreted extremely fast...then I woke up

Example: Please help. What does my dream mean?

I have been having a lot of strange dreams recently, a little information about myself is that I'm an independant 19 year old, I work full-time during the night at Wal-Mart and mostly, I sleep during the day. But, the strangest dream, which I hope that someone could define for me, it's really bugging me. It was located at a gas station, in the small store where they sell food, beverages, where the cashier is, etc. It was during the night, and there was only one car parked outside, sitting there with two girls in the front. There was boy in the store in which I was talking to before the shot was fired, it missed my head and I looked up at the hole before shouted at him in disbelief, "Did they just shoot at me?!" Through-out the dream, the shots kept missing and I kept asking if they were trying to kill me or not. Eventually after the shots had died down, I had randomly found a gun of my own and emerged from the store, I shot the girl that had the gun, the girl in the passenger side and after, there was a boy running up to the car, that appeared to be their friend, I ended up shooting him too and that's all I remember then until I woke up. I really would like to know what this dream means, as I take the meaning of them seriously, I would really appreciate any sort of answer. Thank you.

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